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… or a series I should have picked up earlier! Again, this is one of those series that keeps popping up in my recommendations but I never really picked them up. I think I was afraid after starting the House of Night series that I didn’t really liked, but then one day I just did it and bought the first book: Glass Houses.
Glass Houses
by Rachel Caine
available as eBook version
published October 2006

Well, and after reading the first book, I directly jumped into the next ones…

Again a Story about Vampires?
Why, yes! But it takes a different turn. The Vampires from Morganville rule the city and sort of hide in Morganville. The normal people there know about the Vamps but cannot leave the town, because the Vamps keep them from leaving. The Vamps are kind of not so really nice, although they sort of live in a grey zone of Niceness. Meaning, there are some you would consider being not truly evil – just … well Vamps that think that are superior.
What about the characters that drive the story?
Oh this is the highlight in those books. The Main Character is Clair a 16 year old girl that is so smart that she can go earlier to College, and from all Colleges she choose the one in Morganville. This will change her live, forever! No turning back. She is often too smart for her own good, but she’s absolutely loyal to her friends, sweet and brave. A girl you like easily.
She moves in with Michael, Eve and Shane who are all 18 and live in Morganville since ever. They take Clair under their “wings” and they become friends, really good friend. Oh and one of them becomes Clairs first love..
Romance? Much?
Yes there is Romance and it’s sweet innocent and lovely, but it’s not too much, it doesnt’t drive the story but it’s there!
Actually, I enjoyed most the growing friendship between the 4 and all the conflicts they have. Honestly I would say that this Friendship is the most important part in those books and I truly love how those 4 kids are taking care of each other and become a family in between all those happenings.
Book 6: Carpe Corpus
Book 7: Fade Out
But what about the plot?
The story circles around our 4 kids and their interaction with the ruling Vampires in town. They get drawn in the Vampire politics. Specially Claire’s smart brain is of interest, everyone wants to use her and she finds herself always in between and in the middle of everything. The Plot moves very quick and fast forward in those books and each books end with a dreadful cliffhanger. You grow with Clair and her friends during those books and you find yourself absolutely intrigued by all the things that are hanging in the air.

Book 8: Kiss of Death is the latest book
published April 2010
Who would enjoy those books?
Oh I think all people that enjoy a light, funny and quick Vampire story mixed with lot’s of friendship and sweet innocent romance, plus strong and developing characters! Like Vamp stories ? Then go ahead and pick them up!
Each book is a very fast read since the books are not big, so they are easily read in between and I highly enjoyed the series and definitely will read the next books!
Danny’s bewitched Rating

I give the whole series 4 bewitched Books. I absolutely enjoyed them and I will
definitely read the next book:
Ghost Town,
Release Date: October 2010 ( next month!! wohoo)
Now my questions for you:
Did you read this series?
Who is your favorite Character?
If you didn’t like it, why?

Have all a wonderful start in the week and thanks for stepping by!

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24 Responses to “The Morganville Vampires…”

  1. I am a huge huge fan of MV series!!I love every single one of the books and I adore Caine's writing!
    My favourite character is Myrnin, hands down!He is gorgeous, crazy, mysterious, funny, everything that I could want in a character!My 2nd favourite is Shane and Michael because of the hilarious bro-mance and because their conversations always crack me up!

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  2. trillian711

    I've only read the first of this series so far as I've been waiting forever for the second one on order from the library. I was the same way regarding the House of Night books before Glass Houses. I think the thing I liked most was the vampires are actually bad which seems to be a rarity in books these days lol.
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  3. Hm so you didn't like the House of Night series either? I read 4 books in this series and it just didn't do it for me. But the Morganville books are different, I truly enjoyed them and love them!

    And I totally agree, lately all the Vampires in the books are all good and just misunderstood, I like it when they are displayed a bit more evil!
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  4. trillian711

    I got to around book 4 or 5 of the House of Night books (I don't even remember lol) before I just couldn't take it any more. To me they weren't actually vampires in the usual sense and I repeatedly wanted to punch the characters. 😀 Vampires definitely need to at least have the capability of being evil when they want to be.
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  5. Do I like this series: Hell Yes!, Do I own all the books: Hell Yes, Can't wait for October: Hell Yes…b/c I didn't know there were going to be anymore lol. I can't believe you hadn't read these Danny. I honestly love all the characters they are very rounded and rich but if I had to pick the one above the rest it would be Eve. She rocks my socks!
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