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Weekly meme from The Story Siren
The idea is to post the Books you got this week, either you
bought them, got them as a gift, from the library or received them to review.
Make sure to visit other participating sites.

Our first IMM!!!
Woohoo and we got some pretty good stuff!
Yes, you see right it’s a Crescendo ARC (*dances around and makes a foul out of myself*) we got this from Big Honcho Media which are working together with Simon&Schuster. They were wonderful enough to give us two copies so that pushy could send one over to Germany, where it arrived yesterday (*dances around again*) and guess what.. I read it already!! I curled up all day on the couch devoting this book…
Then we got Mieradome from Kate Hegarty, which seems like a beautiful Faery Story. Pushy and me both are going to read and review it. Kate was nice enough to provide me a eCopy of the Book!
Some time ago but (I still want to mention it) we got eCopies from HP Mallory’s two Debut Urban Fantasy Novels.
To Kill A Warlock on goodreads
Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble on goodreads
I can tell those are super fun reads and we are about to review them soon ( well, as soon as pushy finishes ..) and we will have an interview with HP Mallory here.
Then I got Clockwork Angels which I was dying to get my hands on!!!

Those who read and loved Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments know about her incredible writing style and specially her intriguing characters.

Well, Clockwork Angel didn’t disappoint.I started it the minute I had time!

I also bought Soul Fire from R.F. Long because I found it on the Samhain Publishing and I fel in love with the cover! Plus, I love the Warning Addons from Samhain Publishing:

Warning: Contains enchantments, danger, some very scary monsters, a trip to the dark side and hot, soul-transforming sex with an immortal prince

OOoOooo and then, I had something in my mailbox that I awaited anxiously since I ordered it!
My New Kindle 3 *squeeee*

I traded my old Kindle 2 against the new Version and I was one month without my Kindle! Now, finally I have it hear and I love it soooo soo much! The contrats is even better and
I love the grey color.
The first thing I did was load all the wonderful books I’ve bough the last month!

Ok, tell me what did you get in Your Mailbox??

Which one is the one you are most excited to read?
Btw: If you love our Buttons, you can grab them but please link back to the Bookworms, that’s all I’m asking…

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25 Responses to “In My Mailbox”

  1. Greta is Erikasbuddy

    ooooh!! I wish I got stuff like that in my mailbox!! Ni-yi-ce!!!! So, I've been hearing all this blah blah blah about the clockwork angel and I have a question… is it a new series? (yeah… I'm so not in the loop lolz) Uber jealous that you got (GASP!!) Crecendo and hahahas! I love that you tagged this "I wanna do naughty things to Patch". HAHAS! Awesome!! Welpers… I think I'm gonna go check my mail. Maybe I'll have some interesting coupons in there lolz!

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  2. Gosh yes I know! This are pretty cool books and I have to say I read Crescendo and Clockwork Angel already hehe. It was a rainy weekend and so all I had to do was curling up on the couch having tons of coffee and reading. It was wonderful!

    Thanks for stepping by girls!

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  3. OMG! Ahhhh! I am hoping to buy me a kindle soon. I set aside 300 for an ereader. Your kindle is gorgeous and I am syre you will make great use of it. As for your books- Soulfire has one hell of a warning- i would TBR it on that alone and it will be among my first kindle purchases!! The Crescendo- AHHHH . And you have CA- AHHHH! And the HP Mallory books- Triple AHHH!

    Okay I am officially jealous!
    Enjoy your reads and your ereader- I know I would.

    In case you want to check out my IMM:

    Btw, I am your newest follower! Love your book tastes!

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  4. Danny! I love the button!!

    So we can trade in our Kindles? Is that through Amazon? Why do I not know this???

    The cover for Soul Fire is amazing! I can't wait to see what you think! Great books this week! Enjoy!
    My recent post In My Mailbox 6

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  5. Mrs. Andersen

    First, I really like the design for your blog! Second, I posted my first IMM too 🙂 I hope you enjoy Crescendo; I'd be dancing if I had a copy as well!

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  6. I love those "warnings" from Samhain publishing, they are fun and make you want to read the book, plus they have gorgeous covers!

    *giggles* glad you're liking my choice of books and I can tell they are all most awesome!

    About the eReader, the new Kindle is not even expensive so you wouldn't even need 300 $ unless you want to buy the DX.
    My recent post What makes this girl happy next week

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  7. YOU hit the JACKPOT! Like the look of Soul Fire and congrats on your new kindle 3. Will have to get in gear and buy myself an e reader someday… but I'm love with pages and the feel of a book in my hand….

    Enjoy the read and WOW again 🙂

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