Impostor by Susanne Winnacker – Series: Variants #1 – Giveaway

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Impostor by Susanne Winnacker – Series: Variants #1 – GiveawayImpostor by Susanne Winnacker
Published by Penguin, Razorbill on May 28th 2013
Genres: Mystery and Suspense, Paranormal, Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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5 Stars

Can Tessa pose as Madison . . . and stop a killer before it’s too late?

Tessa is a Variant, able to absorb the DNA of anyone she touches and mimic their appearance. Shunned by her family, she’s spent the last two years training with the Forces with Extraordinary Abilities, a secret branch of the FBI. When a serial killer rocks a small town in Oregon, Tessa is given a mission: she must impersonate Madison, a local teen, to find the killer before he strikes again.

Tessa hates everything about being an impostor—the stress, the danger, the deceit—but loves playing the role of a normal girl. As Madison, she finds friends, romance, and the kind of loving family she’d do anything to keep. Amid action, suspense, and a ticking clock, this super-human comes to a very human conclusion: even a girl who can look like anyone struggles the most with being herself.

Sometimes, when you start a book you know after 5 minutes that are you are going to love it! This totally happened with Impostor, een though I must admit, that Jenny from Supernatural Snark already told me how awesome this book is, so I was absolutely certain I’d love it…


Paranormal, Murder, Mystery and … so much.. more!

The Variants are genetically mutated people who show interesting gift such as Mind reading, incredible strength etetc.. Think X-Man and you are right here! All these people are trained and taken care of by the government, where they can learn to push the boundaries of their talents and of course… they are also trained to solve crimes at some point.

Tessa is super special as she can shape shift into any other human! What a unique and interesting ability! When a small town has to face a murder series, Tessa need to take the form of the latest 16 year old victim and like this has to find the murderer!

So even though this story sounds like an X-Man murder story, it is so much more!! It’s about friendships and family and relationships! I loved the way Susanne Winnacker gave us human deepness wrapped in a thrilling murder story!

Tessa! So strong yet so lost…

I absolutely adored Tessa! Her ability makes her so unique to the government and also to the other Variants, yet her own mother was afraid of her and was just happy when Tessa was moving into the compound where these kids are trained. Inside, Tessa was longing for relationships, warmth and family which made it even harder to take over the dead girls life. Suddenly, she felt wonderful being surrounded by loving parents, a wonderful brother and amazing friends. Everything she wished for was suddenly there, yet it was not her own life and it was hard not to get lost in this beauty. It broke my heart seeing Tessa like this and I wanted to hug her and give her everything she wants.

But, Tessa is also strong when she needs to be and I loved that about her!

Oh butterfly romance and swoon worthy boy Alec..

I am in love! Yep, I am in love with Alec! He’s Tessa’s best friend and super strong and Tessa is in love with him since she arrived at the compound 2 years ago. But.. there were only ever been friends and now Alec is together with the horrible Kate. (I hate her btw, just in case you wondered!!) the weird thing is, we always felt like also Alec has hidden feelings about Tessa, but why the heck is he together with this horrible person?

This was a question that drove me nuts!!! I desperately wanted Alec to just dump her and at the same time we got the distinct feeling that there is something about their relationship that feels off. It’s yet another mystery to discover!!


Bewitched Rating

Bottom Line

Impostor was filled amazing y beautiful characters, a thrilling and compelling plot full of X-Menery awesomeness and explores the deepness of family bonds, friendship and romance! I cannot stress enough how awesome this story was!!! I’ am so very much in love with this story!  Seriously, don#t miss out and pick up a copy!!



Additional Info

Thanks to Razorbill, I have one copy for you to win and .. truly, you want to win! Trust me!! The Giveaway is US only. Simply enter the Rafflecopter below!
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33 Responses to “Impostor by Susanne Winnacker – Series: Variants #1 – Giveaway”

  1. This sounds like a perfect thriller!! I LOVE YA Thrillers, but they often don’t have deep characters with heart I’m so happy this one explores relationships:))

    I’d love to read it 🙂 It’s such a unique concept:)

    Thank you:)

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  2. Danny I’ve been looking forward to reading Impostor and yes to be honest the first thing that gripped me about the book was it’s stunning cover! Then I conversed with Suzanne and she was just wonderful so I wanted to read it even more. I absolutely loved your review and envious that you were able to read it sooner than me!!! LOL JK

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  3. Ashley Rogers

    I love the cover of this book! It is absolutely gorgeous! I have already added this to my TBR pile and hope to get my hands on this one really soon. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! Got to love you some mutated people (;! Thanks again!

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  4. YESSSSSSSSSSS DANNY!!!! We’ve talked about this book a lot so you know all my thoughts, I’m just so excited you loved it as much as I did. Why, oh why, must we wait a full year for book 2? That pains me. I need more Alec and Tessa in my hands immediately. LOVED!

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  5. This book sounds amaaaazing!! It’s been on my wishlist for ages and I’m so happy it was as good as it sounds. Also, I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I get that feeling too where i know in the first 5 minutes that I will love it!

    Great review, I can’t wait to read this book!!!

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  6. Atalia M.

    I’m so excited this book is finally coming out!! 🙂 Its been on my TBR list for a while. I want to read this book because I love a book with a great combination of romance and mystery.

    Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

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  7. Kai W.

    Tess has the ability to mimic people and their abilities. That power is so neat. I love the book description and Tess’ longing to be normal for a little while. I would love to read this book. Thanks for the book review and the giveaway.

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  8. Kristin

    The concept sounds very interesting and I’m really curious to find out how, since she finds romance looking like someone else, that storyline ends. I think it’d be pretty weird for the guy she’s seeing!

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  9. Jaime Lester

    I am looking forward to reading this one because the concept behind it is crazy, and I love it. I imagine, and hope that I am right, that there will be tons of suspense and action and drama. A little romance thrown in. I hope it is as good as I think it will be!

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