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Review: Wake, Fade and Gone by Lisa McMann

Wake Author: Lisa McMannPublished: March 4, 2008Links: Goodreads, The Book Cellar, Anderson’s Bookshop (my local indies),Amazon (available as Kindle edition)Borrowed from library by reviewers Description: Ever since she was eight years old, high school student Janie Hannagan has been uncontrollably drawn into other people’s dreams, but it is not until she befriends an elderly nursing […]

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cutie’s epic detour

Have you ever read a novel that stole your breath away?And not because it was full of super-natural twists and turns,but merely due to the pureness… the realness of the story.A story that makes you tear up, laugh out loud, and simply feelgood inside. One that you wished would never end becausethe characters become apart […]

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Adventures in Reading

I remember the book that made me fall in love with reading. I was visiting my Grandma back east for the summer. As I was packing up to head home she handed me a paper back novel. I can recall the moment so vividly. The book was The Secret by Julie Garwood. She described it […]

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 Hey there. *grins sheepishly*Did you know today is Thursday?Annnd that it just so happens to be the second Thursday of the month?Yeah, *shuffles feet* I sorta didn’t realize that, chalk it up toa busy week, a massive headache, and all that boring jazz.Or, better yet, it’s my true flaky nature coming to light.Either way, whilst […]

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flights of fancy

There are times when I run across an author who’s style and imagination floor me leaving me in total awe. Recently, I read two novels by the author Laura Whitcomb The Fetch and A Certain Slant of Light. I was enthralled not only with the stories but with the author’s beautiful voice and style.This post […]

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Old Friends

Today’s post made me think of this song. Enjoy: My old friends who sit upon my bookshelves  have been whispering to me of late. They plead “Read me again, cutie. Come on,” they beseech me. “Don’t you remember how divine it was the first time we met?” How can I refuse their siren call!?! How […]

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A Monster & A Graceling

There are a lot of reasons to love a novel.A sweeping setting that sucks you right in.A lovable cast of characters that you just click with.A gripping plot-line that you have to figure out.When these three combined in just the right way it’s pure magic.Let’s be honest, finding all three of these in a novel […]

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Let Me Count The Ways

I just finished reading a fantastic book! Upon reflection, I think what I loved the most was how refreshing it was.The book is The Body Finder.The author is Kimberly Derting.And the following are five reasons I adored it sofa king much. A blurp about the book: 1. The Girl With The Morbid Ability (pic taken […]

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the lil cuties have spoken

With summer just around the corner the lil cuties are full of excitement.Visions of watermelons, swimming pools, homemade pies,and sleeping in late fill their wonderful lil heads with joy.Okay so they aren’t excited about sleeping in late.Wishful thinking on my part.As the mother of four kids,ages ten, eight, six, and two respectively,I am always looking […]

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I Wanna Live Forever!

Hey there beloved Bookworms! cutie here with my bloggy partner in crime kg.*cutie dramatically sweeps arm towards Bewitched*kg this is Bewitched.*kg peeks head out from behind cutie’s back and waves at everyone**cutie dramatically sweeps arm towards you* Bookworms this is my bloggy bestie kg.*insert your response* Some of you might know kg from her blogi […]

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Let’s Hear It For The Boys

Isn’t it lovely! Mrs. V made it for me. *blushes* I have my own little corner here… *verklempt* Alright, enough about me.*wipes nose on sleeve*Let’s get to some books, shall we?!*rubs hands together excitedly* Today’s post has a little song dedication attached to it. Wanna hear it? Here it goes: *dances wildly about Bewitched*Can you […]

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A Curse, A Girl, & A Grave

The following post went up on my blog (super secret twilight blog) on Thursday, January 7, 2010. In honor of the Caster’s Chronicles International Book Tour, we Bookworms have decided to post this review of Beautiful Creatures here. Tour dates and locations are: May 2010 May 6-8th – FranceMay 7th @ 6:30 pm -The Virgin […]

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cutie’s lament

Maggie Stiefvater has my soul. It’s true she does. Just look in her back pocket and you will find it there. Why is cutie’s soul in her possession?Why is cutie speaking of herself in third person!?Trouble times, my friends.Troubled times indeed.But before we get to all that melodrama,let me tell you about a few books […]

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