I Wanna Live Forever!

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Hey there beloved Bookworms!
cutie here with my bloggy partner in crime kg.
*cutie dramatically sweeps arm towards Bewitched*
kg this is Bewitched.
*kg peeks head out from behind cutie’s back and waves at everyone*
*cutie dramatically sweeps arm towards you*
Bookworms this is my bloggy bestie kg.
*insert your response*
Some of you might know kg from her blog
i heart mythical creature
or her monthly posts on super secret twilight blog
about fanfic and other fun times things.
A few weeks ago, kg and I freaked out like tweeners when we
were asked if we wanted an early copy of Bluewater Production’s
FAME: Robert Pattinson.
kg: *snorts* like they even needed to ask us.
cutie: I know, right?
After spending some quality time with the comic
kg and I wrote up a pretty good review of it over at sstb.
kg: A pretty kick-ass review of it!
*cutie chuckles sheepishly*
We wanted to share it with you our lovely friends here on Bewitched.
Now before I get into the deets and give you the link to the review
let me say a few things:
1. Don’t knock what you don’t know.
I know a Robert Pattinson comic book is easy to write off as a 
ploy to make money on the Twi-craze right now but in this
case I’ve got to say it’s not. Kimberly Sherman who wrote
the comic is not only a wonderful friend to Twilighters 
but a long time Twi-blogger and Examiner.
She shared with me once when she heard about this project
she HAD to do it in an effort to make sure it was done right.
kg: she nailed it!
2. You are NEVER to young for a comic book.
[says the pseudo comic book geek]
Ramble ramble ENOUGH ALREADY
tell us about the freaking comic!
The Down-low:

Writer: Kimberly Sherman
Pencils: Nathaniel Ooten
Release date: Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Pre-order: B&N & Amazon
Excerpt from review:
This is not a biography about Edward Cullen. Don’t get me wrong, we love Edward, but Robert Pattinson has stolen our hearts. Kimberly makes it known through her writing, that there is more to Robert than a sparkly vampire romance. Pattinson has melted us into puddles of goo with his shy yet charming personality, and has captivated us with the emotional depth he exudes in each of his onscreen characters.

You can find our full review by clicking here.
Pleasey cheesey give it a read?
*cutie bats eyelashes cutely*
kg: I pity the fool who doesn’t read our review!
cutie: It would be a sadness, for sure.
 So, what ya waiting for?!
Head over to sstb (super secret twilight blog)
and tell us what you think!
For now —
Peace out brussel sprouts!
Yours truly,

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