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In My Mailbox — a cutie edition

In My Mailbox

Weekly meme from The Story Siren The idea is to post the books you got this week, whether you bought them, got them as a gift, from the library, or received them to review.This week’s blogger is cutie. That’s right, folks. No need to do a double take. cutie (if you even remember who I […]

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kg to the rescue…

Greetings fellow Bookworms! kg here. cutie is currently fighting for her sanity whilst enduring the semester from hell.  so I am here to entertain you and curb your appetite for rambling shenanigans until she emerges  from what I can only imagine is a mountain of homework with laundry and 4 kids all mixed in. the […]

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Book Boys That Make Us Melt

The following post is filled with a wee bit of fan-girl squee-ing, some good natured & borderline inappropriate banter, and some purdy darn fine lookin’ boys. You have been warned, this post is silliness at its purest, nothin’ more. The following post is co-authored by cutie and her bestie kg of A City Girl in […]

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cutie & kg’s epic soundtrack

SURPRISE!I’m bustin’ out of my normally scheduled program to do the following post.The shenanigans that follow are for the one and only Pushy,from the boss and meself.Lubs you lady! Back in the day, um… all of two years ago, I started a little segment on my blog sstb called My Twilight Soundtrack. The basic idea […]

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the lil cuties have spoken

With summer just around the corner the lil cuties are full of excitement.Visions of watermelons, swimming pools, homemade pies,and sleeping in late fill their wonderful lil heads with joy.Okay so they aren’t excited about sleeping in late.Wishful thinking on my part.As the mother of four kids,ages ten, eight, six, and two respectively,I am always looking […]

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I Wanna Live Forever!

Hey there beloved Bookworms! cutie here with my bloggy partner in crime kg.*cutie dramatically sweeps arm towards Bewitched*kg this is Bewitched.*kg peeks head out from behind cutie’s back and waves at everyone**cutie dramatically sweeps arm towards you* Bookworms this is my bloggy bestie kg.*insert your response* Some of you might know kg from her blogi […]

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