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With summer just around the corner the lil cuties are full of excitement.
Visions of watermelons, swimming pools, homemade pies,
and sleeping in late fill their wonderful lil heads with joy.
Okay so they aren’t excited about sleeping in late.
Wishful thinking on my part.
As the mother of four kids,
ages ten, eight, six, and two respectively,
I am always looking for something to keep them occupied
while at the same time keeping them fresh for the next 3 months.
Reading is a huge part of our summer vacation!
We take countless trips to the library and B&N.
Not to mention the amount of time spent reading quietly and together.
With summer on my mind, today’s theme is children books.
The following post is all recommendations from my lil cuties.
We had a blast putting this one together!
Let’s get this party started.

1. the lil princess – age two
My youngest lil cutie loves to read both with us and on her own.
She enjoys books with strong rhymes and funny story-lines.
Her favorite is:

Smallest lil cutie laughs out loud due to all the llama drama
while at the same time she gives a huge “uh-oh”
when llama yells for his llama mama and throws a huge fit.
We happen to adore reading this book to her along
with Mrs. Dewdney’s other two llama books
Llama Llama Mad At Mama
Llama Llama Misses Mama.
We think these books are great for ages 5 & under.

2. son of Mr. Cutie – age six
Our son isn’t all that patient when it comes to reading.
He does love it but he’s normally too busy running around
at full speed to take the time to sit down and enjoy a book.
So we have to find books that are not only age appropriate and 
challenging, but also filled with fun and are fast paced.
Robot Zot was just the right book for him.
Filled with great pics not to mention a hilarious story-line
son of Mr. Cutie couldn’t stop laughing as the aggressive
yet tiny Robot Zot wagged war on a toaster. 
Son of Mr. Cutie says this book is “AWESOME!!
The artwork is done by one of our favorite authors
David Shannon who wrote the No, David! series along with
one of my all time favorite children books Alice the Fairy.
For older kids he wrote A Bad Case of the Stripes.
We think Robot Zot is for ages 7 & under.
Having said that, I beg the lil cuties to let me read
all the aforementioned books weekly.

3. the lil sweetie – age eight
At the beginning of this school year
our lil sweetie was struggled with reading.
In an effort to help her not only become a better reader,
but find it enjoyable, we strove to find books featuring 
things she loves. Mainly pink things or furry things.
And I am happy to report that we were successful! 
Recently she has been reading through 
Daisy Meadow’s Rainbow Magic Series
Vivian French’s The Tiara Club Series.
But her favorite series is The Puppy Place Series.

These starter chapter books are adorable
and help transition a young reader
from picture books to chapter books.
What attracted lil sweetie to these books?
In her words, “The colorful covers made them look fun.
I thought they looked like books that would
be soooo interesting and lovable.”
We think these books would be great for ages 9 & under.

4. oldest lil cutie – age ten –  pick # 1
Oldest lil cutie is a ravenous reader.
She will tell anyone who is willing to listen
that she is a book lover, just like her mom.
 *eyes well up*
When I asked her to pick a favorite book
her mind seemed to implode trying to pick just one.
Her first pick:

When I asked her why she stated:
I think this book is really cool.
It’s about twin sisters who never knew about one another.
When they do meet they switch places.
But there is something about Ivy that shocks
Olivia when she finds out!
The book was full of a lot of really great moments
both funny and a little romantic.
I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!
We think these books would be good for ages 9 & up.

5. oldest lil cutie – age ten – pick #2

Oldest lil cutie’s second pick is a favorite of mine as well.
A Wrinkle in Time is a classic!
I bought it for myself and was pleased when she picked it up to read.
Why is she picking this one:
This book is full of adventure.
I really like how they visit different kinds of worlds.
I loved meeting the Murry family.
And really liked the relationship between Meg & Calvin.
It you like adventure, romance, and the fourth dimension
you will LOVE this book!
We think these books would be good for 10 & up.

And what shall I be reading this summer?


I’ll be re-reading Eclipse with Annie over at The Danger Magnet
during her awesome-sauce discussion. This week it’s from kg
my bloggy partner in crime. kg even let me muck up her post
and breakdown ch 13! Check it out if you get a chance.

Pleasey Cheesey.

In closing:
While the summer months can be challenging with four kids running amok,
I must be honest and admit I’m a glutton for punishment, I love having
them home all day long with me. However, I’ll be begging for the fall
in about two weeks time. *winks* 
Do you have any favorite children books? 
What do you do to get your kids reading during the summer?
Happy Reading y’all!
Until next time – 
Yours truly,

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