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a cutie’s corner

Howdy fellow Bookworms. cutie here. And it be 2012. We cuters still have our Christmas Tree up and I religiously have myself a cup of warm cider every-darn-day. Judge me! I care not. I like a slow easy start to my years. Ya know what I’m talkin’ ’bout? A little reflection. A little relaxation. A […]

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kg to the rescue…

Greetings fellow Bookworms! kg here. cutie is currently fighting for her sanity whilst enduring the semester from hell.  so I am here to entertain you and curb your appetite for rambling shenanigans until she emerges  from what I can only imagine is a mountain of homework with laundry and 4 kids all mixed in. the […]

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some cutie thoughts

Morning fellow bookworms. I’m writing this post in between droppin’  the not so lil cuties off at school  and shoving food down the face hole. For those of you with stalker tendencies, I’z be eatin’ Steel Cut Oatmeal with real maple syrup  from the land of maple leaves. Clearly, epic awesomeness is sure to come. […]

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cutie’s corner: the long pause

With the summer winding down to a close  and the temperatures rising (115 today? really?!),  we cuties are preparing for a strenuous fall semester. To say I have already checked out of school is putting it mildly. The next few weeks cannot go by quickly enough.  Here’s a little preview of what lies ahead for the […]

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a wing & a prayer: cutie’s corner

Well hello there. I must confess I have no idea what to blog about. To say I’m wingin’ this post is putting it lightly.[edited for incoherent rambling] Where was I? Oh yes.  This post is going to be a mess. In fact, I’m purdy darn sure there will not be a single book review included […]

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Book Boys That Make Us Melt

The following post is filled with a wee bit of fan-girl squee-ing, some good natured & borderline inappropriate banter, and some purdy darn fine lookin’ boys. You have been warned, this post is silliness at its purest, nothin’ more. The following post is co-authored by cutie and her bestie kg of A City Girl in […]

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Summer Lovin’

Oh Summer.Your seemingly endless days of sun and funhave introduced me to some of the most delightful stories.Most specifically, the romance novel.And oh.how.I. adore thee.Here are a few romances I am dying to sink my teeth into this summer. 1. Love Story *want want want* Release Date: July 18th, 2011  Goodreads synopsis: She’s writing about […]

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cutie can haz read- take deuce

I read. You read. We all read for ice cream!! Wouldn’t that be peachy?! Every time you finished a book a person/thing/whathaveyou would magically appear next to you and hand you a delightful ice cream cone? Heavenly. What am I doing?Oh, yes, I’m reviewing. So last time on cutie’s corner, I shared my summer reading […]

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cutie can haz read

Since the end of the Spring Semester, I’ve been on a reading bender. And outside of History Channel documentaries (America: The Story of Us & The Revolution) I have been single minded in my reading pursuits. My goal: Five books a week this summer. So far I’m on track.Another goal?To stop buying/renting/requesting/whathaveyounew books and getting […]

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How To Kick Those BEA Blues

So, let’s be frank, friends.Not all of us are sashaying our way through New York City,self-proclaimed greatest city on the whole freakin’ planet,basking in a wealth of advanced reader copies, meeting awesome authors,and hobnobbing with bloggy besties over espressos and lappys.If you are like me, you could neither afford the trip (which is a pretty […]

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All the Pretty Challenges

awww…. it’s a little piece of the old layout! *tears up* shhh… no one tell Danny! *winks* On and off,  the lovely AH (from Goodreads) and I  discuss the awesomeness of Book Challenges and why I am lame for not joining up. While I am taking part in Goodreads’s 2011 Reading Challenge: 2011 Reading Challenge […]

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cutie & kg’s epic soundtrack

SURPRISE!I’m bustin’ out of my normally scheduled program to do the following post.The shenanigans that follow are for the one and only Pushy,from the boss and meself.Lubs you lady! Back in the day, um… all of two years ago, I started a little segment on my blog sstb called My Twilight Soundtrack. The basic idea […]

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