How To Kick Those BEA Blues

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So, let’s be frank, friends.
Not all of us are sashaying our way through New York City,
self-proclaimed greatest city on the whole freakin’ planet,
basking in a wealth of advanced reader copies, meeting awesome authors,
and hobnobbing with bloggy besties over espressos and lappys.
If you are like me, you could neither afford the trip (which is a pretty penny)
nor the time away from the so called “real world” to make it to this year’s BEA.
Maybe it was only one of the above.
Maybe you really really wanted to go but couldn’t find someone to go with.
Maybe you didn’t know what the heck BEA was and now feel all confuzzoled
and sorta left out as Twitter feeds and blogs exploded with pics and praises.
What’s a book fanatic to do when the seemingly biggest event in books is taking place
and they just aren’t there?!
Well, never you fret!!
cutie is here to save the day.
For the answer is clearly simple:
Why, we pretend to be there, of course!
How you ask?!
Has the cuters lost her damn mind?
Here’s my top five list of ways you can participate in BEA from the comfort of your own home.
1. When in doubt: Gleek out!
It’s almost as if the Glee kids knew we’d need a little somethang somethang this week.
Glee’s tribute to New York made my heart smile.
What’s that you say?
You don’t watch Glee.
It’s all good!
When I’m in a New York state of mind, I turn to Old Blue Eyes.
Just put this tune on a loop, close your eyes,
and you shall instantly be transported to the Big Apple.
2. Do as the New Yorkers do:
Shove Pie Down Your Face Hole!
Heros, Pies (of the pizza variety of course), Black & Whites (cookies), 
Chinese Take Out, Donuts, Funny Bones(!!!!)…. Oh.My.Good.Lord.
The first thing I do when I go to NY is shove as much food down my face hole as possible.
You wanna feel like your in the city that never sleeps?
Get yourself some good food.
And when I say good, I mean GOOD FOOD.
Large hero from a local deli (preferably Jewish or Italian owned).
A massive thin crust pie with everything on top.
And an assortment of  baker fresh cookies.
Now that’s some good eat!

3. Walk This Way

So two of the biggest complaints at these big conventions are as follows:
a. Long lines.
b. Sore feet from all the walkin’.
Here’s how I see it.

1. Google Map bookstores in your neighborhood.
2. Find one that’s say…. oh…. a mile or two from your casa.
3. Strap on your most comfy walking shoes, grab a water bottle, some snacks,

your phone (with a camera), and a canvas bag.
4. Take pictures of your trip highlighting your favorite moments. 
(Tweet them, of course.)
5. Walk proudly into said bookstore.
6. Grab a book you’ve been DYING to read.
7. Stand in line. If need be let others go in front of you so you can really wait for it.
8. Once done buying said book, ask the checker to autograph it
and if they will take a picture with you.
9. Call a friend to pick your tired arse up.
The end.

Insane, you say?
You wouldn’t be caught dead doing such a silly thing?!

hey. hEY. HEY!
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Don’t go knockin’ the plan, my friends.
It’s foolproof.

4. It’s All About The ARC’s, baby.

And what of those free books?
Get yourself on NetGalley and start requesting like there’s no tomorrow.
But seriously.
NetGalley is a great service for book reviewers, bloggers, and lovers alike.
With big publishers like Penguin USA, Disney, Harper, and Harlequin on board
NetGalley is offering some fantastic opportunities.
Read them on your e-Reader, computer, iPad, or phone.
Review them on Goodreads or heckles start up your own blog!
And while the bigger names do have request criteria
there are a lot of publishers who don’t have requirements.
Example: Dark Horse Comics who has recently joined NetGalley
and is offering some fabulous comics for review without the hoops.

5. A Happy Heart

In the end, (and after all my whiney jesting)
the best thing we home bound book lovers can do is
be happy for our fellow book lovers who get to be there,
bask in their awesome loot,
and soak in all their tweets, video blogs, podcasts, and more.
Because there will be some amazing giveaways,
fantastical news (who doesn’t love the new Clockwork Prince cover?!),
and bloggy wonderment to come.
Case in point.
My fellow Bookworms have already spoiled me rotten:
That be a copy of Goliath by Scott frackin’ Westerfeld all for me.
And I could totes feel that kiss all the way here in the middle of the desert!
And if all those options just don’t appeal to you then my advice?
Start planning today to save money so you can attend next year.
It’s a win-win for sure!
The to the end.
In conclusion:
This Bookworm is sofa king excited and happy for her fellow bloggers
who get to go to BEA this year.
And I wish you all a wonderful, book-filled last two days.
I know. Somewhere my Spanish professor just died of shame.

Yours forever truly,

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18 Responses to “How To Kick Those BEA Blues”

  1. Oh honey!!!!!! Your post is a wonderment!! I so love this post and I was giggeling the whole time! The best part is, walk into a bookstore and get the book signed by the cashier!! You make me laugh so soooo much!

    We do have a few other things for you, but Goliath we had to tell you right away!

    I love you the most! *hugs and tooonsss of kisses*
    My recent post How To Kick Those BEA Blues

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  2. CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hug* Thank you for writing such a wonderful post!!! This week has been so fun and wicked crazy but I'm glad you're happy about Goliath. I almost cried when I found out it was ticketed and I HAD. NO. TICKET. *crazy sad* But Danny is wonderment and she of course came through. Looking forward to sharing so much more BEA largess not only with my bookworms but with all of our followers (who else thinks this whole experience needs a MASSIVE give-away to close it out right????). *hugs*
    My recent post How To Kick Those BEA Blues

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  3. yay! such a fun post! I fall in the "what the eff is BEA" because i live under a rock called Iowa where we don't know those sort of things. But seeing how much fun the girls are having now I wish I was less clueless!

    Thanks for making me laugh in my coffee and getting wackadoo looks from the baby! <3 you!

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  4. I loved loved loved this post! You are hysterical! I almost would prefer your method of celebrating BEA, but I am assured by a friend that I must go. We want to go next year, but I might be one of those "I can't afford it" people. New York is EXPENSIVE! Looks like your fellow Bookworms are going to spoil you rotten when they get home with all their goodies! Can't wait to see what they collected!
    My recent post Sequins- Secrets and Silver Linings by Sophia Bennett

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  5. LMAO I just about died when I read the one about walking to the bookstore and getting it signed…I seriously laughed out loud. This post is too funny and made me feel a little better about missing BEA!

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