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How To Kick Those BEA Blues

So, let’s be frank, friends.Not all of us are sashaying our way through New York City,self-proclaimed greatest city on the whole freakin’ planet,basking in a wealth of advanced reader copies, meeting awesome authors,and hobnobbing with bloggy besties over espressos and lappys.If you are like me, you could neither afford the trip (which is a pretty […]

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Let’s All Go To The Movies

I often ponder if there is anything better in life then seeing the imagines we pictured in our heads whilst reading come to life on the big screen. Taking the good with the bad, 9 times out of 10, my little heart will pound with an. tici. a…… pation when I hear about a book […]

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cutie and danny get real real

Today I am happy to say I have a co-writer with me. The one. The only. Danny!! *the crowd goes wild* Take a bow, my friend.*giggles* glad you invited me today!  So what’s so special about today that two Bookworms  are joining forces (much like the Avengers) to tackle  a silly little cutie’s corner post?! […]

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