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Today I am happy to say I have a co-writer with me.
The one. The only.
*the crowd goes wild*
Take a bow, my friend.
*giggles* glad you invited me today! 
So what’s so special about today that two Bookworms 
are joining forces (much like the Avengers) to tackle 
a silly little cutie’s corner post?!
Welllll, here’s the facts as we know them:
1. Danny’s worried that we tend to only blog about the “cherry picks” here on Bewitched.
*Danny nods furiously*
To put it more bluntly, in her words, she quote “thinks it’s crap.”
Side note: I love hearing her say things are crap.
It makes me giggle.
 Really really.
*hugs Danny*
Moving on.
2. Recently, I posted a “negative” review of a book on Goodreads
and the extremely awesome Darkfallen….
You should follow her on Goodreads.
*Danny nods furiously*
Seriously, we’ll wait whilst you do so.
*Jeopardy music*
You back? Okay. Where were we?
Ah yes.
Darkfallen had this to say:
I agree. I hate having to write a bad review, but sometimes you just don’t have much of a choice. However, there are some reviews out there that are down right mean.
For me, reading one of those is even worse than reading a bad book. I have learned that when a book gets a nasty review to try and give it a shot and every time it ends up being a book that I heart.
A well written bad review, like yours, is a helpful one. But the people who basically just bully the author…. is so irritating. I wish these people would realize how mean they are. They need to realize that to an author, a book is like a child. You can tell someone that their child is struggling and needs improvement, but you cannot tell someone their child/book is a worthless piece of crap!

Sry I just had to get that out. *takes a cleansing breath*

 After reading this comment, I immediately thought of Danny’s feelings.
See we here on Bewitched want to keep things on the positive side.
We agree with Darkfallen, these books aren’t just merely piece of paper
but babies. Beautiful little bundles of joy that made it into this world.
And while they might not be the perfect fit for us, 
we respect the authors nonetheless.
We would never ever want to hurt someone.
Or act as though we were better!
But at the same time, it’s our duty to state the so called facts as we see them
and recommend to you the books we think are good and
share with you the books we didn’t find all that appealing.
*stands up and claps*
And with that thought in mind, 
Danny and I have decide to share 5 books that just didn’t jive with us.
As harsh as it seems, as jerky as we feel,
we know it’s the right thing to do.
Ready. Steady. Let’s go.
1. Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin
cutie’s thoughts: Between the protagonist who frankly irritated me and the slow story line with a rushed ending, I just wasn’t a fan. I really enjoyed the premise, but I had a hard time feeling badly for Phoebe the sweet, push-over, rich girl who felt ordinary. The ending clinched my meh feelings about this novel as it was both drawn out and abrupt all at once. And that, my friends, is an achievement in my book. Also, I felt the writing was overly and forced “artist” at time, to the point of being extremely distracting.

On a good note: The descriptions were beautiful. While I thought the story dragged the premise was interesting enough, and I enjoyed the world Ms. Werlin created, I just felt it lacked magic and fell short.

Overall, this wasn’t a terrible book, I just wasn’t blown away and I’d like to read other books by this author in the future. I’m just not rushing out to pick them up, if that makes sense.

Danny’s thoughts: The book was ..weird?.. I don’t know how to describe it differently …. The ending was rushed and honestly it didn’t felt right for me… I picked it up with high hopes, I do love Faeries and I do love the cover, but I couldn’t get into this story. Phoebe was too easy to manipulate it made me cringe! Of course she developed throughout the story but she lost me during that process.

Also, I hated the end – it would have been a better ending without this HEA to be honest. Don’t get me wrong normally I’m totally pro HEA but this one would have been better with a bitter-sweet one.. (and this is just hard to explain without spoiling the book…). 

Bookworm Rating:

3. House of Night Series by P.C. and Kristin Cast 

Danny’s thoughts: I so so so desperately wanted to like these books! First because the covers look so amazing, second it’s about Vampires (wohooo) and third they were already a decent amount of books out in the series (and I LOVE being able to read one after the other…). While the first one was still OK, the second was already seriously annoying and finally I stopped after the third.
The main character Zoey seems way too powerful although she’s only a few weeks at this school and starts to discover her new gifts as a Vampire. This was a way to fast. Plus, her friends just adore her so much that they’d do anything she asks for, way over the top for me. But then in book 3 the all too powerful heroine is playing with three boyfriends??? Not just the normal two , no three! This was way too much. I know she has to pay for it, but I truly didn’t like the way she handled it.
I know that lot of people are big fans of this series but I never really got the hype…Chosen was the very first book that got a 1 star from me…

Bookworm rating:

3.Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Danny’s thoughts: Laurel learns that she is a Faerie which is why she always felt so different. And here comes one of my major problems with the book, I couldn’t connect with her and believe me I tried hard! In the beginning I was just confused by her eating habits which sounds like she had an eating disorder, which is not true since she’s a Faery and needs a special kind of food. Then, she was home-schooled and didn’t want to connect with other teenagers when her mother wants her to go to a public school.
Both David (normal boy) and Tamani (Faerie) are in love with Laurel, the question is who will she choose in the end? For me it is definitely easy to be Team Tamani since I really don’t find my connection with David. I truly didn’t like at all how Laurel treats him, or even how she treats Tamani for that matter. Although I’m pretty sure this wasn’t intended, it felt like Laurel was playing with the boys.
Sadly I give only two books. It has some sparkle moments but most magic was missing in the book. I found the world she created interesting but also a bit too far from what I picture a Faery world. But I truly appreciate the unique and creative ideas Mrs Pike has! But, mostly I had problems connecting with the characters, which is why I can only give 2 stars.
Bookworm rating:

& Early to Death, Early to Rise by Kim Harrison
cutie’s thoughts: I really really really wanted to like this series. Mainly because I really enjoyed the author’s writing style. It’s this quirky fast paced style that I really enjoyed reading. However, I wasn’t all that fond of the main character Madison. I did like the secondary characters for the most part. But I think the biggest issue I had was I just didn’t “get” what was going on. It seemed like way too much plot and not enough book. At times, I felt like I was caught up in a whirlwind that was whipping me around and everything was just rushing at me. I was unable to catch it all. Overall, I thought the book was cute, yet confusing. And when I picked up the second book of the series, I didn’t even make it a 100 pages into the book before I decided while it was funny, it wasn’t witty enough to keep me reading. Sadly, this series just wasn’t for me.

Bookworm rating:

5. Claire de Lune by Christine Johnson
cutie thoughts: I didn’t hate this novel. I didn’t love it either. And I’m not sure that I liked it. I think my feelings were pretty much neutral. It wasn’t that the author wasn’t creative nor that the premise of the story wasn’t interesting. It was mainly that it lacked… oh for lack of a better word: magic. It was lackluster at best and devoid of any real passion. Everything seemed to be overly explained through dialogue. I never felt I connected with the main character, Claire. And while I thought Matthew was a sweetie, I never got any tingles when the two (Claire and Matthew) were together.

Also, the novel’s “getting going point” is a bit harsh. From the get go the reader is asked to accept a world in which werewolves are a fact and that everyone in the world knows about them. There is no really explanation or set up of this. And frankly, I was just never sold on it.

After all that, I have this to say: I didn’t hate this novel, personal it just didn’t trill me. I will be checking out other novels by this author and maybe even try out the sequel to Claire de Lune. I think the author shows promise which is exciting. I just think this story was poorly executed. It could have been so much better

Bookworm rating:

That’s what we’ve got.
I sorta feel durty,
but honesty is the best policy, right?
*bites lip*

What’s your take on so called negative reviews?
Do you find them informative?

Or could you do with out them?

Until next time.
Keep your finger nails clean
and your noses firmly placed in a book.
Lovers you truly.
Your friendly neighborhood Bookworms,

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21 Responses to “cutie and danny get real real”

  1. I don't mind negative reviews at all. It's still your opinion after all and I want an honest opinion in a review, nothing sugarcoated.
    I know it must be hard for an author to read negative reviews but if they can't handle it, they shouldn't read it. If I really really enjoyed a book I usually skip negative reviews, too because I don't want anyone to talk badly about that book. I read reviews on my free will, so I can choose what opinions I want to hear about.
    Personally I kind of enjoy writing negative reviews. I mean, I try to be objective and not be mean but some books are just so bad or stupid or whatever and it's much easier to complain about something a review and point out what was wrong with it than to praise it for 5 paragraphs (not saying I'm especially looking for bad points in good books).

    So, all in all, I'd say don't worry about writing/publishing negative reviews. It's your opinion that counts and what makes people read this blog. You wrote it for you and for your readers, not for the author.
    My recent post Rezension Wither – Lauren DeStefano

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  2. AHfromGoodreads

    Don't feel bad that you need to write a negative review. Sometimes a book will not grab you and that's OK. As long as you are professional in your review and explain your reasons for not liking the book coherently, you should not feel bad.

    I actually find it easier to write a negative review. When you dislike a book, it pulls at your emotions. It is much more difficult for me to write a positive review without gushing about the book.

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  3. Darkfallen

    I totally agree. While I don't look forward to writing a bad review, or reading a bad book for that instance, I DO write them. In fact I took a vow, to myself, that I write a review on EVERY book I read. That way I keep myself fair and honest. When it comes to life there is the good, the bad, and the ugly. Books are no different. Of course i dream of a land with only epics on the shelves, and maybe a vamp in my bed ;), thats just not realistic. I get it I do.

    But have you ever stummbled across a review that was so violently mean it made you instantle disgust by the reviewer? I'm talking degrading and at time literally cussing the author out? I have on more than one occassion. Both on goodreads and on amazon. For the record none of those reviewers are amongst my friends list..lolz

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  4. Darkfallen

    I am one of those people if you dare me not to do something than it becomes a top priority. Thusly I ran out and grabbed these books. When i was done reading them MOST of them I heart now. Which makes me even more mad about that horrible lashing of a review I read about it.

    I do respect a well written review. Even if that review is on a 1 star book. And i try really hard to keep my "bad" reviews informative. You can write a great review of a bad boo, i absolutely heart that, and I hope I do that. Ummm but the jerks that just write bad/mean REVIEWS, to you I say "GOOD DAY, I said good day!" *sticks out tongue*

    yep yep thats right I channeled my inner Fez;)

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  5. Darkfallen

    Cutie and Danny you are toooo sweet! Thanx again for allowing me to inspire you. I tend to get a rant from time to time…..or should we say ALOT of the time. Funny thing I am actually always worried what peeps are going to think about what I say but then I open my mouth anyways. lolz I guess that makes me the most outspoke, shy person ever! hehehe

    Let me know if you need some more "inspiration" i's sure there is a couple issues I could come up with far ya;)

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  6. I don't mind negative reviews if they are about the book itself and gives reasons why the reviewer didn't like it and not just "it sucks, don't read it." I need proof as it was. Also reading is subjective so it is important to keep that in mind.

    That being said, I am happy to see Wings on your list because I thought I was the only one who didn't like it. I never connected with it and really have no desire to read any more of the series.
    My recent post Happy Mardi Gras!

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  7. gravesok

    I too hate giving bad reviews. I try to be positive, but really not all books are for all people. I did have an author that wasn't too happy with the review I gave her. I thought I was being pretty generous with the review I gave! ha! Publishers are wanting honest reviews. If you are an author you need to expect the good with the bad.

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  8. Small_Review

    I cringe every time I write a negative review. I feel awful. What if the author sees it? I don't want to hurt their feelings!

    But then I think about myself as a reader and I know I always value negative reviews. I'm not going to avoid a book just because some reviewer didn't like it, but I do look for their reasons and base on decision on those reasons. If someone says a book was really, really slowly paced, then that's really just not a book for me. I don't do slow pacing well at all. I appreciate knowing these things.

    The way I figure it is everyone is happier when the right book and the right reader match up. No one wins if a reader is duped into reading a book that isn't for them.

    On the flip side, negative reviews that are explained well are still helpful in getting a book exposure. I've reviewed a few books that people hadn't heard about and ended up adding to their TBRs. I reviewed them negatively, but my reasons for disliking the book didn't bother some of my readers. I love connecting readers with books!

    So, basically what I'm saying with my monster long rambling (sorry!) is THANK YOU!! Negative reviews are uncomfortable to write, but I think the fact that you are feeling uncomfortable is a good thing. It shows you're probably writing a good review because you're taking into account the author's feelings as well as your readers' needs.
    My recent post Waiting on Wednesday 14

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  9. You are right, I also want an honest Review. And yes I'm always thinking about the author since I clearly have no intention to hurt their feelings, but we are here to talk about books we like and also dislike…

    I tempt to do the same, I skip negative reviews once I read and love the book, specially when I read a negativ one about a book I'm truly enthusiastic!
    My recent post cutie and danny get real real

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  10. No I really didn't enjoy Wings at all, and although I wanted to read the next book I never did. I really never cared enough for the characters to be honest.

    I agree with you, a negative Review needs to be even better written than a good one. Subjective.. which is why it makes it even harder talking about a book many people seemed to clearly like…
    My recent post cutie and danny get real real

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  11. Suz

    I know it's hard to write a negative book review but I think if you do it in a constructive way, the reader can then determine if they want to read it or not. I try to look at it from the point of view that most readers purchase their books. Isn't nice to know what the general consensus is on a book before you spend your hard earned money? Considering some of the less known authors–their paperback books can be quite expensive.
    Separately, I think writing reviews are a work in progress. I find myself improving each time I review a book, just simply from the practice of critiquing.
    It's hard to say something negative about some else's work but I think you gals do a wonderful job at being truthful and honest about your thoughts and that's all you can offer your followers.

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  12. Wohoo that is clearly not professional! As much as it must hurt an author to read a bad Review they have to keep their distance and not start arguing with you. I don't mind having an author comment on our Reviews – and if I'm honest I always feel super excited when I see an author has comment. But, at the same time we try to write an honest Review, the author has to respect that – as hard as it is!
    My recent post cutie and danny get real real

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  13. You know, that is the very fine line in being an Book Blogger. Of course we know that some others read our blog and as I said above I'm always super super excited when an author comment on out blog. It makes me jump up and down.. well maybe not literally but.. you get the picture!

    On the other site, we blog and write the reviews for our readers in the first place. They need to trust your opinion. What light would that shine on you if you'd rate every book 4-5 stars? One wouldn't believe this blogger anymore…

    Yes it is a very fine line…
    My recent post cutie and danny get real real

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  14. cutie

    I completely agree! Over time, I have noticed that it's getting a little easier to review books and that I can find a way to "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative…" or at least find a "Mr. In-Between." hehehe Why am I so lame at times? The big thing, I think, is knowing when you are being spiteful and when you are being objectively critical. And I get that "bad" reviews are fun to read and write, but I don't take any pleasure out of telling someone their life's work sucks. I've tasted a little bit of what that's like… and frankly it's heart breaking.

    P.S. You, your blog, and your reviews ROCK. The end. *hugs*

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  15. RaShell

    I'm "nodding my head furiously" on 2 of these with you, ladies (the others I luckily haven't even attempted to read". The House of Night is so dreadful I couldn't even get through 1 book (pretty covers none-withstanding and same sentiments about a series with many books available). Wings I "kinda" liked, but the second book went all the way down the hill… Well, there are always some winners and some losers…

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  16. LisaKilgariff

    What a great, honest post! I know a lot of people would prefer to just sweep the books they didn't like under the carpet and pretend they never happened but I think every book deserves an explanation why the relationship just isn't going to work! And it helps your readers figure out if a book might work for them. I think that there just has to be a careful balance of honesty and truth without being mean, when I write not so positive reviews I always try to point out something that I liked and I can almost always find it!

    I've been staring at Wings in the store and have been dithering over whether to buy it or not, I shall wait until I see it on sale now.
    My recent post New Releases!

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  17. I am so scared to read the House of Night books because of what everyone has said about them. I just got a bunch from and am hoping that I didn’t waste money on these books….
    Marleigh recently posted..Random NewsMy Profile

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