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cutie and danny get real real

Today I am happy to say I have a co-writer with me. The one. The only. Danny!! *the crowd goes wild* Take a bow, my friend.*giggles* glad you invited me today!  So what’s so special about today that two Bookworms  are joining forces (much like the Avengers) to tackle  a silly little cutie’s corner post?! […]

Posted 10 March, 2011 by Danny in / 21 Comments

This and That – by Uhyesplease

Have you ever wandered the library with nothing available on your hold list and not a single name of an author in your head to look up? I was wandering the YA section and decided to go completely on the recc’s by the library staff and being superficial as I am, also by picking out […]

Posted 9 August, 2010 by Danny in / 7 Comments