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awww…. it’s a little piece of the old layout! *tears up* shhh… no one tell Danny! *winks*
On and off, 
the lovely AH (from Goodreads) and I 
discuss the awesomeness of Book Challenges
and why I am lame for not joining up.
While I am taking part in Goodreads’s 2011 Reading Challenge:

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge

cutie has

read 31 books toward her goal of 100 books.


Plus, by default, it would appear I am slowly but surely
knocking off debut authors for the Story Siren’s:

for cutie’s debut author list click here.
I have yet to venture further into the overwhelmingly
 plentiful realm of Book Challenges. 
We here on Bewitched have been hosting our own 
that I have yet to partake in! Shameful. For sure.
Truth be told: I’m-not-a-fan-of-audio-books.
There! I finally said it! 
*wipes sweat from brow*
I love the idea of audio-books but I just get flippin’ frustrated with them.
And now my durty lil secret is out…
*bites lip*
Where was I?
Oh yes.
Book Challenges.
With the Spring Semester winding down,
*fist pumps*
my Summer reading plans are starting to shape up.
 AH inspired me to pursue the webernet 
and look for some Book Challenges that would appeal to me.
Being that I can’t share them all, I’ve randomly selected,
you guest it, five to share.
They are as follows:

1. The Book Junkie’s Bookshelf:
Support Your Local Library Challenge

This one is a no brainer for me, my friends.
Last year alone I read 73 library books.
If you are interested in joining this challenge
the rules of the game are listed here
and ya linky here.
The rules are simple:

1. Read at least 30 library books in 2011.
2. Book must be rented (not bought) from the library.
4. The books can be any and all genera or formats (audio-book included).
5. All books must be read by December 31st 2011.

So go out there and Support Your Local Sheriff… err… Libraries!!

2. Team Challenge: Book Shelf Bingo
AH descried this challenge thusly:

The bingo challenge is fun. Each week we get a new genre to read that corresponds to a spot on a Bingo card. When all 8 team members have read the book and written a short review, we get a Bingo stamp. You end up meeting a lot of people on the site and adding way more books to your To-read pile then you could ever read in your lifetime.

I *heart* Bingo. 
And I heart book.
The fact that the two are combined is pure genus.
You can find the discussion board for this challange here on Goodreads.
But first, I’d check out the Getting Started page,
which will explain how the challenge works and what the monthly prizes are.
3. The Graphic Novels Challenge
This Challenge is hosted by Vasilly of Thoughts of an Eclectic Reader.
The rules are simple:

1. The challenge starts January 1, 2011 and ends December 31, 2011. You can start anytime you want to especially if you want to start early.
2. The level of participation: Beginner (3 comics or graphic novels), Intermediate (3-10 books), or Expert (10+)
3. Overlaps with other challenges is definitely okay
4. Re-reads count
5. Feel free to post your list at any time

To check out this challenge clickity click here 
and for a great description of what a graphic novel 
is check out this post at Chick with Books.
I’ve read 9 graphic novels this year so far!

4. Savvy Verse and Wit’s
Hosted by Blogger Serena,
this challenge simply wishes to inspire readers to give poetry a chance.
Thus, her rules are fantastically simple.
1.  2011 Fearless Poetry Reading Challenge will run from Jan. 1, 2011, through Dec. 31, 2011.
2.  Read 1+ books during the year and post a review.
3.  Leave a link to your review in the Mr. Linky.
 That’s right.
One book of poetry.
You can read her explanation here.
Poetry can be contemporary or classical.
Or if you wish, you can join in Serena’s poetry read-a-long 
which she shall be hosting sometime later this year.
As a lover of poetry,
I high recommend y’all give this challenge a go.

5. Stiletto Storytime’s

 I must admit that I do think it’s important we keep the classics alive.
*haz the nerd*
And so, I think Stiletto Storytime’s Classic Challenge is fabulous.
The goal is to at least read 5 classics this year.
There are higher levels to this challenge however.
The challenge will end December 31, 2011.
Prizes will be given throughout the contest.
For further details please go here.
While I’ve only read one classic this year,
I’ve got a pile I’m hoping to work my way through this summer.

In Conclusion:
While I don’t feel I need to challenge myself to read more books,
it is fun to get involved with other book fanatics and discuss our thoughts.
And when I’m stuck in a reading rut (aka reading the same stuff over and over again)
Book Challenges do offer a chance to change things up and try something new.

What are your thoughts on Book Challenges?
And are you a member of any book groups online or in the “real world”?

As always,
tis what I know and what I’ve got.
Until next time:
Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind.
Say what?
Yours truly,

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14 Responses to “All the Pretty Challenges”

  1. (i like the new layout. very prettay!)

    i suck at reading… as in i have piles of books but no motivation to read them. sometimes i pick them up and swoon over there pretty covers and then put them right back on the shelf. so even if i did join a book challenge, i would without a doubt end up failing miserably. so to keep the failure to a minimum, i just don't. but i seriously admire anyone who does. yep. ramble over and out.
    My recent post The circus rolled into town- and I was the main attraction

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  2. ahfromgoodreads

    Cutie, you've got to join the Bookshelf Bingo Challenge next time it starts! So much fun! My team is well on its way to 4 in a row now, only one more for BINGO! We have some really neat categories too, like – favorite series, vampires, time travel, shifters, dragons, paranormal, and many more! The hardest part is choosing a book – there are so many to choose from!

    I must admit that since I've started book challenges, I've read books I never thought I would read. One of my favorite challenges was the I Spy challenge where we had to find titles with a number, a body part, something that grows, a metal, etc. Part of the fun was finding the books.

    Hope to see you on the challenges, Cutie. A

    A little birdie said it was your birthday this week. Happy Birthday!

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  3. Epic blogger fail. I joined the Debut Author Challenge and have been slacking hardcore! Normally I get really competitive with challenges (even if it's only with myself) and I get motivated to do whatever is necessary to complete the challenge, but I've failed on this count. So many great challenges out there though!
    My recent post Review Giveaway- Abandon

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  4. Darkfallen

    Ahhhhh Cutie how I love your rambles so, let me count the ways!! 😉 LOLZ of course that couldn't possible have to do with the fact that they rival my own now could it? *grins* Nope! He he
    I'm also doing the2011 GR book challenge mostly bc it is a no brained and brainless just happens to be my specialty I think I'm at a whopping 39 *fist pumps* Oh YAY *channels my inner what's his name from Dispicable Me?*
    Want to challenge yourself to read some ummm *bites finger* adult smexy content? Well your in luck! Hop on over and enter to win some lustiness!

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  5. cutie

    Hush your mouth beautiful! The new layout is beyond beautiful and I adore it. For once, I embraced the change (fancy that). I did however get a tad verklempt when I saw my banner. What can I say? We've got some great memories around here! And you take your time changing the banner. I know how busy you are and I love cutie's corner's banner! *hugs*

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  6. cutie

    I need to send you some books PLUS start a bestie's book challenge this summer!! We can discuss the books on one of our silent hang outs. 😉 Bwahahahahhahah

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  7. cutie

    I lubs you sooooo much! Truly!!! Thanks for inspiring this post. And I definitely plan on checking out the Bingo Challenge. I might need some help understanding it! LOL When do they start?

    THANK YOU for the birthday wishes!! =)

    Reply »

  8. cutie

    I was going for "different' with this post. It was easy to find Paranormal, Romance, and YA challenges. There are a lot of great ones out there. But I wanted to find something…. errrr… different! LOL I"m glad you liked the post. I had so much fun putting it together!!

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  9. cutie

    Truth be told, I'm failing when it comes to reading this year as well. Darn school and kids are getting in the way! So my goals this year are lower than normal but it's still fun. And really I think the point of these is to get involved even if you don't get it totally done, ya know? I am the QUEEN of crazy challenges unfinished. Like my goal last year to read 60 books in less than two months… *headdesk* LOL

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  10. cutie

    DUDE my computers keyboard just had an EPIC meltdown whist I was typing a response to you…. Now I am completely lost as to what wonderment was going to come out of my finger tips!! *fail whale*

    Just know it was a) sassy pants b) epic c) rambly wonderment. The end. 😉

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