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Morning fellow bookworms.
I’m writing this post in between droppin’ 
the not so lil cuties off at school 
and shoving food down the face hole.
For those of you with stalker tendencies,
I’z be eatin’ Steel Cut Oatmeal with real maple syrup 
from the land of maple leaves.
epic awesomeness is sure to come.
In the last month,
I have only read one book.
Which book?
Anna Dressed in Blood.
Group Bookworms’ review to come.
So, that leaves me nothing bookish to talk about this am.
What shall I talk about instead?
Let’s see….
1. Matt & Kim = Win!
This song just makes me happy.
2. Aussies make me heart happy.
Watch this documentary on Netflix.
Go get yourself a juicer.
Join Reboot Your Life online.
Take a leap of faith and just do it.
The mister and I did!
And we give this two thumbs waaaay up.

3. Oh wait… I can talk about books!
My professor suggested I read this novel this semester.
I’ve barely cracked it open, 
but what I’ve read so far has been fantastic.
If you are interested in writing, 
or long to become a better reader,
this might just be the book for you.
4. Funniez from Yoda
My wonderful friend Ang makes me giggle.
She sends me funniez.
She is good for the soul.
You should check her out here.
5. Is it Winter Break yet?
In conclusion:
a. I’d like to read a million books today.
b. I can eat oatmeal, type a post, answer questions, and dress a toddler all at the same time.
c. My son is bored to death (direct quote). 
d. I miss you all. *sniffles*
e. yerp.
Until next time…
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