Book Boys That Make Us Melt

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The following post is filled with a wee bit of fan-girl squee-ing, some good natured & borderline inappropriate banter, and some purdy darn fine lookin’ boys. You have been warned, this post is silliness at its purest, nothin’ more.

The following post is co-authored by cutie and her bestie kg of A City Girl in Rural Alaska.
You can also find her on Goodreads & the tweet tweet.

kg: oh the boys of fiction.
if they didn’t exist, we probably wouldn’t read.
cutie: word
kg: Twilight? Admit it, we all read that hot mess for the Edward.
cutie: *mouths the Edward*
I’m sorry… were we doing something?
kg: *slaps self* Oh right, we were talking about our other book boys.
cutie: Righty you are, best.
Shall we cut the insanely funny banter and get down to bizness?
kg: We (the collected brain trust that is cutie & kg)
have chosen five of our favorite book boyfriends to share,
along with the actors we dream of being cast to play them.

1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
goodreads b&n amazon
character: Peeta Mellark
our pick: Hunter Parrish

cutie: kg, what say you of Josh Hutcherson as Peeta? He’s a cutie.

kg: cute, yes. drool inducing? not so much.
This is my Peeta…

kg: BOOM!
cutie: *bows down to kg’s greatness*
 kg: he can put a bun in my oven…ifyouknowwhati’msayin’andithinkyoudo.
cutie: *giggles*

2. Matched by Ally Condie
goodreads b&n amazon
character: Ky Markham
our pick: Chace Crawford
kg: don’t be a sadpanda, let’s snuggle. *caresses computer screen*
cutie: I shall put him in my pocket and keep him safe and warm.
kg: *whispers* will you be my match?
cutie: I think he just said yes.

3. The Host by Stephenie Meyer
goodreads b&n amazon
character:  Ian O’Shea
our pick: Ian Somerhalder

kg: seriously? seriously. how is it legal to be that hot? his jawline is outta control!
cutie: this movie need be made and this boy need be in it.
my will hath been spoken.
let it be done.
kg: who wouldn’t want to live underground with that? I mean, really?
cutie: stupid people. the end.

4. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
goodreads b&n amazon
character:  Roger Sullivan
our pick: Cory Monteith

kg: this pic makes me squee. *thud*
cutie: I’m sorry… were you saying something?
smirky smirkersons distracted me with his adorableness.
kg: is it wrong that i wanna dirty that white tee?
and play with his hair? and maybe squeeze his *ahem* bicep.
cutie: yeah… *blushes* his bicep…
kg: *want*

5. Deadly Little Secret (Touch Series) by Laurie Faria Stolarz
goodreads b&n amazon
character: Ben Carter
our pick: Johnny Pacar

cutie: if you lean in real close you can hear his thoughts.
kg: he says he wants to touch us. *nods head* yes.
cutie: he’s singin’ “touch-a-touch-a-touch-a touch me, I wanna be durty!”
kg: Oooo!! me me!
cutie: What’s he sayin’ in this one?

[Edited for indecent content]
kg: I would lay down on a train track with him any day.
cutie: fo’sho’
kg: I’d lay down anywhere with him.
cutie: *giggles* fo’tothesho’
kg: I’d like to undo some of his buttons…
cutie: does he want to be durty, kg?
kg: *muffled innuendos*
cutie: *hands kg a fan*
Mayhaps you need to cool off a bit there?
kg: mayhap….

This is dedicated to the ones we lubs.
cutie: *clears throat dramatically*
Annnnnd now for a wee bit of music.
kg: we dedicate this song to all those book boys out there who make use swoon and drool.
cutie: this one is for you.

in conclusion:
kg: we love boys, men folk, guys, what have you.
honestly, this post could have been way longer…
cutie: for realz, but we didn’t want to overwhelm you.
kg: I think I ruined my keyboard. cutie, pass me a shamwow.
*catches cutie staring at Cory*
cutie: Annnnnnnnnnd I’m spent.

Who are your favorite book boyfriends, and
who do you see when you’re reading? 
*with the brilliant help of one kg
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16 Responses to “Book Boys That Make Us Melt”

  1. Lisa Harwood

    I <3 Dimitri Belikov and when I think of him I see Ben Barnes *swoon* <3
    I also love Jace Wayland and I picture him as Alex Pettyfer…….Oh and I love Ash from the Iron Fey series and I picture Gaspard Ulliel as him xD
    To be completely honest, I have too many fave book boyfriends 😉

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  2. I would have to agree with all the boys Lisa said, I'd also have to add in Sam from Shiver, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Lend from Paranormalcy, and soooo many more!

    Omg that song cracks me up *falls off couch from laughing so hard*

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  3. Wooo I love this post! *swoon* I like kg's Peeta better too! And Chace Crawford is such a cutie (I guess I should read Matched asap)
    OMG Ian! Definitely it's not legal to be so hot! *dies* I sooo love him! Those eyes… *stares* Actually, he's one of the reasons I watch Vampire Diaries and I'd just love to see him as Ian O’Shea. *praying silently* And Johnny Pacar!!! He's so hot! Please, hand me a fan too! *melts*
    Awesome post, ladies! 🙂 Way to end my crappy day! 😀 *dreamy sigh*

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  4. cutie

    Alex Pettyfer is a great Jace…. He's just a great anything, truth be told. I MUST read the Iron Fey series, this Ash sounds delightful. =)
    And there is no way this is my complete list. These are just the ones kg and I have both read about… the list, my friend, goes on and on and on, deliciously so.

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  5. cutie

    *hands you a block of ice* Here this might work better. *winks*

    YAY!! That's what we wanted to do, turn your frown upside down. Nothin' like some good lookin' boys to take care of that!! And I know kg is obsessed with Vampire Diaries, I NEED to get in on that!! And Johnny Pacar…. that's all kg. She finds the nommy and I drool. She loves me, what can I say?

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  6. hrose2931

    Okay, this is by far my most favorite post I've ever read!! The icing on the cake was the video! Before listening I asked my son if he had heard of it and he said yes and died that I was going to listen to it. I thought it was hilarious!!
    Thanks for the laughs!

    My recent post Ripple by Mandy Hubbard

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    Current book boyfriend: Dean from The Iron Thorn by Caitlin Kittredge. C:
    And Cassel from White Cat by Holly Black. YESSS. And Ash from The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa. I see Gaspard Ulliel for him…seriously, those dimples…
    My recent post A Time to Be Free in July

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