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Hey there Bookworms!
which got me pondering and wondering how many debut author books
I had read this year. According to the “rules,” the Siren has challenged us
all to read at least 12 books by authors that debuted this year.
Here’s my list of twelve.
cutie’s debut author list
  1. The Ghost and The Goth
  2. Shadow Hills
  3. The Replacement
  4. Beautiful Malice
  5. Girl Parts
  6. Vintage Veronica 
  7. Amy & Rogers Epic Detour
  8. You
  9. The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep And Never Had To
  10. The Body Finder
  11. Claire de Lune
  12. Almost To Die For
The following is my Top 5 favorites:
 *** All of these books would be a 4 or a 5 in my errr… book.***

1. You

cutie description: Kyle Chase is on the fast track to nowhere. He’s failing all his classes. He’s hanging out with the wrong crowd. Even his parents are tired of him. But how did he get here? How did all of this happen to him? 

cutie verdict: The story of Kyle Chase is hauntingly heartbreaking. Told in the second person POV (yes, the second person),Charles Benoit’s novel You is gripping. Kyle is an extremely flawed yet incredibly lovable character. There were so many times I wanted to pull him in for a hug, tell him how wonderful he truly was, and help him start over again.

I could not put this novel down. Truly, I’m blown away and don’t really know what to say, other than, I loved it.

2. The Body Finder

Full Bewitched review here.

A cutie description: Violet is your average teenage girl. She’s got a crush on her best friend, Jay and is worried about what she’s wear to the winter formal. Well… she almost normal, if you discount the fact that she can sense the dead. When a serial killer hits her small town, Violet is the key to taking him down, and she is determined to help catch the killer even if it means she could be his next victim. 

cutie verdict: Love, love, love, love, love this book.
I’ve already re-read a few parts and I’m gonna have to buy it asap so I can continue to do so.
Can’t wait for the second book. 

Yep, that’s what I’ve got.
Check out my full review of this book for a more coherent verdict.

3. Shadow Hills
A cutie description:
Since the death of her sister, Phe has felt empty, aimless, and lost, her world now turned upside-down with grief and regret. When she starts having strange dreams similar to ones her own sister had suffered from before her death, Phe searches for answers. Answers which she believes can be found at Devenish Prep in the small town of Shadow Hills, Massachusetts. Little does she know that this small town not only holds the key to her understanding herself and her sister, but it’s guarding its own dark and deadly secrets.
cutie starts to ramble on about the book:
I absolutely adored reading this novel! Let me ‘splain why!
1. The characters are fantastic. Phe is feisty and impulsive. Brave and fun. Witty and sweet. Yet, she shows good sense when it is needed. Zach is adorable, swoon-worthy, smart, yet protective and nommy. I definitely am crushing on him hard-core. Brody, Graham, Toy, and Adriana are a great supporting cast, not to mention, was a pleasure to meet and read about.
2. The premise is unique and awesome, in my humble opinion. I love the idea of two vastly differing “paranormal abilities” (for lack of a better term) melding together in one book. It’s Greek Mythology meets every SciFi geeks dream come true. I found it refreshing and a great twist.
3. I enjoyed Ms. Hopcus’s writing style. It was fresh, witty, fast-paced, and poetic at times. She drew me into the story and demanded my attention. Not only that, but her handling of not only two differing paranormal worlds, plus a suspense mystery story, plus a love story, PLUS the musings of a young girl who is trying to deal with the loss of her sister was well done. I tip my hat to her.
Things I am hoping for:
That this becomes a series. (I know right! I just totally typed that.)
A few little bitty issues with the book:
A few of the characters (specifically Graham, Toy, and Adriana) completely dropped off the face of the planet toward the end of the book. It made me sad that they suddenly disappeared from the story.
Annnnd, where were Phe’s parents? In all honesty, this was just a question that came to me once I had finished the story. I realized that at no point did she have any interaction with her parents.
Overall: I thought Shadow Hills was fan-freaking-awesomeness! Ms. Hopcus has gained a faithful fan, and I will be eagerly awaiting news of the next installment.
Did I mention Zach is wonderful? hm… *daydreams*
End ramble.

4.The Ghost and The Goth
The Ghost: Alona Dare. Blond. Cheerleader. Blunt. Mean. Perfect in every way. Well… if you can ignore the dead thing.
The Goth: William James Killian. Tortured. Unpopular. Just trying to scrap by. Oh yeah… and he can see dead people.
The premise: A young man with the ability to see and hear the dead begrudgingly befriends a dead cheerleader in an effort to teach her how to turn toward the light, while she helps him gain some peace and quiet. But a deadly ghost is out to kill the young man, and the two must try to get along long enough to figure out the mystery before his ghostly friend disappears for being a mean girl.
The theme: Never ever ever judge a book by its cover. Oh, and love can spring up in the most unlikely places.
A cutie verdict: I actually really loved this book, which I will confess, is sorta surprising in retrospect since for the first 50 pages I was struggling even to finish it. Both Alona and William grew on me over time, as the story-line’s pace picked up. The plot’s twists were unique and fun. The banter between the two main characters had me giggling. And by the end of the story, I really cared about Alona and William and totally wanted to know more about them and what happened next. Definitely don’t judge this one by its cover, my friends, and give it a chance. I am looking forward to more books by this author in the (hopefully) near future and wouldn’t be averse to reading a sequel to this book.
5. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour
For my full review of this book plus soundtrack
clickity click here.
cutie description: After the death of her father, sixteen year old Amy has felt like her life has fallen apart. Not only is her father gone, but her mother has decided to move the family (Amy and her twin brother Charlie) from sunny SoCal to Connecticut. Having lived for a month on her own while her brother is in rehab in NC and her mother sets up house in Connecticut, Amy feels alone, isolated, and guilt ridden, haunted by what was and what will never be.

Needing someone to drive the family car from California to the east coast, Amy’s mom devises a plan which includes Amy taking a pre-planned four day trip cross country with a family friend Roger (a college freshman) whom Amy hasn’t seen since they were both kids and hardly remembers. But things don’t go as smoothly as her mom planned when Roger and Amy decide to take a small detour and what had started out as a simple trip becomes one of self discovery and healing.

cutie thoughts: This novel is absolutely breathtaking. Ms. Matson’s writing style is seamlessly beautiful full of wit, wisdom, and charm. Amy’s struggle with the loss of her father and the emotional distance she feels from her mother and brother are heart-wrenching. Yet, it never weighs down the novel making if feel emotionally heavy or contrite. Her and Roger’s friendship blossoms right before the readers eyes in a touching way that stirs the heart. All the while, the author takes us on a journey through the United States reminding us how grand and beautiful this country truly is and how important it is to go out there and see it for ourselves. After reading this novel, I am already planning out our family vacation next year.

Amy & Roger is my favorite of all the debut books I read this year. 
Heck, it might be the best book I read this year!
Annnnnd that’s what I know, my friends!
Check out Danny’s post for the list of other debut author
books the rest of my fellow co-bloggers have read.
They’re a pretty fan-freaking-tastic group of ladies.
What new authors have you found this year?
Until next time—
Yours truly,

thePtotheS: Random thought – Next year this day shall be 11/11/11. Things like this just make my freaking day. The end.

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