cutie’s ideals of grandeur (or epic fail?)

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I *heart* the meme post In My Mailbox
which is hosted by the lovely Story Siren.
I do not like what it has made me realize about myself.
I am a book hoarder.
It would appear I like to buy and/or rent a ton of books,
put them on my bookshelves, and then read something else.
Why do I do this?
I didn’t even know I had started.
Truth be told, I didn’t realize the insanity until
I started doing the IMM posts.
Then I had to come face to book cover with my disease.
And here it is in all its glory:

This week was a lite week at the library.
And this stack does not include the books waiting for me to pick them
up at said library, not to mention the books on their way to my
house from B&N as we speak. (Can anyone say Beautiful Darkness?)
The big question is what am I going to do with this
newly acquired knowledge?
Do I keep hoarding books?
Or do I end the cycle now with some insane plan,
made in the middle of the night,
as I throw together a last minute cutie’s corner post,
because the two super secret ones are still in the works,
all whilst the bestie (who is proof reading this madness)
and her sushi baby get to know their new ukulele?!
*takes a deep calming breath*
*ponders dilemma*
*light bulb goes off*
And the best part, I’ve already started it!
So here’s the list:

And to keep things honest, here is the list of books that are waiting at/requested from the library and/or are on their way from B&N (this does not include all pre-orders… Dear sweet baby Jesus, why am I insane!).

That, my friends, is a grand total of 62 64 books.
(I think.)
Since making this list on Sunday
(when the truth of my illness hit me after posting this),
I have already knocked out 5 books!
My goal?
Have them all read before the end of this year.
With 79 days left in the year, that would mean I’d need to read… 
*calculates how many books in a week need to be read*
Oh… Who am I kidding? I’m a wanna be English major
not some insanely smart mad scientist/smarty pants
college degree holding, beautifully brained lovely!
*slyly points at Heather and Danny and uhyesplease and Pushy*
(I am the weakest link, truth be told.)
Basically, I need a book attached to my hip at all times.
Soooo… nothing out of the norm.
Do I so solemnly swear to stop buying books?
Renting books?
What good does any of this planning do if
I’m not going to change my behavior
and said list is going to keep growing out of control?
um…  hmmm….
It made for a good rambling blog post!
*gets back on track*
(Was I even on a track? Run away train much?) 
Can she do it?
Can cutie whittle down her current list to
nothing before the end of the year?
*dramatic pause*
Probably not.
But she sure as hell is gonna give it her all.
*fist pumps*
(Why am I talking about myself in third person?)
*hangs head in shame*
Check back in January to see if this plan was of the win
or an EPIC FAIL!
With that.
Until next time–
Happy Reading!
Yours forever truly,

The postscript: My thoughts are a maelstrom of madness.

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