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Let’s be frank.
I’ve been of the lame when it comes to reviewing book lately.
I’m gonna blame:

1. the not so lil cuties
2. schooling
3. Mr. Whedon (creator of the wonderment)
4. pie
5. pure unadulterated laziness

Now some of you might have missed me.
Most of you are wondering who the heckles I am 
and what’s up with the darned-able:

Let me ‘splain… Better yet, let me sum up:

1. I read a looooot. 
2. I am terrible at scheduling things on the
 Bewitched posting calendar.
3. I ramble.
4. I like the number five. 
I couldn’t tell you why.
5. I’m an insane mix of ocd and out of control disorder.
I’m like the yin and yang of chaos and organization. 
My brain brain has been studied a few times and baffled the higher ups.
What does this have to do with anything?
Oh yeah.
I like set schedules.
Did I mention I ramble?

From all this nonsense comes this one fact:
On the second and fourth Thursday of each month,
I review five books in one post.
Sometimes there’s a theme.
Sometimes I come up with insane challenges.
Sometimes I review one book.
Hell, sometimes I do none of the above.
One can never tell what will come out of these fingers of mine.
But they can bet their bottom dollar that it will occur
on the second and fourth Thursday of the month 
and that the number five will be involved somehow.

Got it? Got it. Good.
How about I talk about a few books I recently read?

1. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Washington Irving

cutie description: Do I really need to?

rambling thoughts: LOVE LOVE LOVE this story.
This was a rereading for me.
I read this book when I was ten and thought it was okay.
Lesson learned:
Always reread the books you hated when you were a kid for being
“boring, slow, and hard to read.”
I highly recommend you read this tale
then curl up on the couch and watch 
Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow.
The end.
cutie’s Bewitched rating:

2.  Paranormalcy 
Kiersten White

cutie description:

Evie just wants to be a normal girl.
Unfortunately, seeing the paranormal makes life anything but.
And when a shape-shifting hottie shows up, her world and what
she’d always believed about herself is challenged.
rambling thoughts: I had a  blast reading this book!
It’s snarky, girly, fun, and mysterious.
The premise is solid.
The writing is well done.
The background information and mythology was intricate,
yet not too hard to follow.
And the characters where likable.
In fact, I found my self falling in love with Evie.
If you are looking for a new world to slip into,
one that will make you laugh out loud and keep you guessing,
Paranormalcy is the book for you.
cutie’s Bewitched rating: 

3. On Writing
Stephen King

cutie description: Famed author Stephen King shares

the ups and downs of his life long career as a writer and gives
aspiring writers tips on how to hone their craft.
rambling thoughts: Truth be told,
I have never been a fan of Stephen King.
I read a few of his books back in high school,
and they just weren’t for me. Not because I don’t like 
horror novels or sci-fi, but I just didn’t get into his stories.
So, when my writing teacher assigned this book last semester
I was leery at best and not looking forward to reading a bunch 
of pretentious bullshit.
This is what I have to report:
Is this book arrogant: Yep.
Is this book self-indulgent at times: Yep. 
Do I think Stephen King is the be all end all authority on writing: Nope.
Did I fall head over heels in love with this book? HELL YES!
Truly, if you are an inspiring writer or you just love to read, 
I HIGHLY recommend you read this book.
Not only did I feel reading this book improved my “skills of a writer,”
but it also made me a better reader.
Yep. Yep. Yep.
Read it. 
What are you waiting for?
cutie’s Bewitched rating:

4. Black Hole Sun
David Macinnis Gill

cutie description: Durango is an outcast.

Brand a trader, he’s just trying to get buy in life.
When a group of miners beg him to protect them against a rising
evil, Durango feels honor bound to help them,
even if it means a certain death.
rambling thoughts: Firstly, I loved the premise and setting of this story:
Mars circa centuries from now is always a good place to start a story.
Add a rich back history, compelling characters,
and a ton of mystery surrounding the plot and I should have been hooked,
and yet…
I wasn’t.
There was just something off about this book.
Lack of “magic” maybe? 
Maybe the plot was too rushed?
I don’t know.
I haven’t been able to put my finger on it.
Maybe it was my expectations.
Maybe it was some holes in the plot line.
Or maybe it was that I never full connect with Durango,
nor truly understood his grief.
Whatever it was, something left me wanting.
If you are a fan of Sci-Fi and into dystopian literature,
I recommend you give this book a whirl.
cutie’s Bewitched rating:

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Season Eight:
The Long Way Home

cutie description: It’s Buffy doing what The Buff does best.
rambling thoughts: Having just completed my second viewing of 
seasons 5-7, I decided it was time to jump into Season Eight of Buffy.
The comic picks up right where season seven ended.
And for all those who adored the show for it’s 
wit, style, and fantastically rich story line,
the comic books live up to the series,
and, in some ways, surpasses it.
The art work is fun, 
a mixture of playful and realistic.
The script is easy to follow and
the action is fun and

the laughs they are a plenty.
Overall, this gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from me!
cutie’s Bewitched rating:

Alright, kiddies.
That was comics, classics, sci-fi, non-fiction, and paranormal.
Randomness: It’s the spice of life.
Until next time-
Stay classy, Bookworms.
Yours truly,

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