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science fiction (oh oh oh) double feature

Doctor X  [oh oh oh] will build a creature. Meet androids fighting Brad annnnnnd…. Oh hey. Didn’t see ya there. Hm. What was I supposed to be doing?Oh yeah. I like me some good Science Fiction.How about you? And since this semester I just.so.happen to be studying a lil Science [Astronomy to be precise] I […]

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cutie’s back in the saddle again

Let’s be frank.I’ve been of the lame when it comes to reviewing book lately.I’m gonna blame:1. the not so lil cuties2. schooling3. Mr. Whedon (creator of the wonderment)4. pie5. pure unadulterated lazinessNow some of you might have missed me.Most of you are wondering who the heckles I am and what’s up with the darned-able: Let me […]

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