science fiction (oh oh oh) double feature

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Doctor X 
[oh oh oh]
will build a creature.
Meet androids fighting Brad annnnnnd….
Oh hey.
Didn’t see ya there.
What was I supposed to be doing?
Oh yeah.
I like me some good Science Fiction.
How about you?
And since this semester I to be studying a lil Science
[Astronomy to be precise]
I thought what the heck let’s talk some Sci-Fi.
From comics to books
to those crazy awesome made for TV movies on the SyFy channel,
I’m a sucker for any story whose
We’re getting all technical here.
Go ole Wiki ftw.
Ready. Steady. Beam me up Scotty!
(Excuse me while I nerd all over the place.)
It just seemed right to start with a classic.
And while the list is long and filled with awesome
I just had to go with Ray Bradbury’s dystopian Sci-Fi classic Fahrenheit 451.
It’s got book burning, crazy futuristic toys and gadgets,
a tyrannical government with complete control,
and a protagonist who is awakened by the most unlikely of characters.
Truly this book is a must read (in my mind) for not only lovers of the 
Sci-Fi genre but readers in general. Check it out.
My Bewitched Rating:

Since Heather already did an awesome review of this book,
I’m going to keep mine simple.
I saw this book months ago and immediately fell in love with not only the cover
but the premise of the story. And I am here to report that it did not disappoint!
Across the Universe is the type of novel I am always dying to read.
The setting is amazing.
The characters are real.
The plot twists and turns in unexpected and satisfying ways.
The dialogue is organic.
The story’s pacing is not too fast, not too slow, but
And the ending of the novel leaves the reader wanting more.
I want to know more about Elder.
I want to know more about the future of the ship Goodspeed and it’s people.
I want to know how they will all deal with the outcome of book one.
And overall, I just want to submerge myself in this story once again!

Definitely one of the best reading experiences I’ve had in a long time.
I will be anxiously awaiting the sequel.

My Bewitched Rating:

For the sake of fairness, and because Danny is worried
we give too many good reviews on Bewitched, I’ve decide to share with 
you all a book I don’t really care for. And that would be this lil gem
I Am Number Four.

 Let’s talk cons:

1. The story dragged. As in, for most of the book I just kept wishing something would happen and by the time it started to “happen” I just didn’t care.
2. The characters were completely one dimensional. They did not pop out of the page and make me care about them whatsoever.
3. The way the book was written often caused me to disconnect with the story.
4. The back story was over produced and trying to hard.
5. Plain and simple, this book just lacked magic in my humble opinion.

Now I will attempt some pros:

The premise was interesting.

That’s about all I got.

My suggestion: I say pass on this novel and maybe rent the movie when it comes out on DVD so that you can see the actor who is rumored to be playing Jace in the City of Bones movie.

To keep things well rounded.
She gave the book a 4 1/2 to my generous 2.

And there you have.
Okay. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Meyer.
What isn’t a well known fact among the masses
is that I just might like The Host more than
that other little series she wrote.
I know….. I know.
What I liked about The Host was not only the depth of the characters 
but the richness of the setting and the message Meyer was trying to get across.
A message about the beauty of the human race even in light of all its failings. 
I feel in love with Wander and her little band of humans.
And that is why I have been DYING for any and all information 
about a new book in the series. 
So I’m gonna take a moment to write a note to our good friend, Stephenie Meyer.
Dear Ms. Meyer.
Hey there. What up?  Um… When we gettin’ a sequel to The Host. Hell, any book as a matter of fact. I mean I don’t wanna pry but it has been a bit of time since your last release (not counting Bree, which in all honesty, I don’t count). Somethin’ like… I don’t know… 3 years give or take. All I know is that the infant I held whilst reading The Host is now talking and walking and, in general, a lil person. Soooo… some time has passed.
Anyway. If you could take a moment to get back to your fans about any new writing adventures and when we could potentially hold them in our hands that would be divine. Ya know just a little note. We’d appearciate it. 
Thanks much. 
Your impatient humble fan.
The end.
*bows dramatically*
My Bewitched Rating:
(aka Firefly)
I saved my newest Sci-Fi obsession for last!
Firefly was the most amazing Science Fiction show to EVER
grace TV-land (oh. I went there.).
When it was pulled the wonder that is Whedon didn’t leave his fans in the lurch.
He penned three comic to fill in the gap between the TV show and the movie.
They are Serenity Vol 1-2 and The Shepard’s Story.
From lazerguns to cowboy hats.
To blue handed villains and crazy man eating humans.
Serenity is everything you hope an epic Sci-Fi story will be and then some.
Dear World,
Jump on the Serenity Bandwagon and get it back on the air.
Thanks much.
My Bewitched Rating:

As always,
tis what I know and what I’ve got.
Do you like the Sci-Fi genre or could you do without it?
And if you likey, what’s a few of your favorite Sci-Fi books?
Until next time —
Yours truly,

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10 Responses to “science fiction (oh oh oh) double feature”

  1. yes! can you just tack on my name at the end of your letter to Stephenie? maybe we could even get a little info on The Host movie, and when that's gonna happen. cause that needs to happen like… yesterday.

    awesome reviews, and (please no one throw a book at me) but I haven't read Fahrenheit 451. fail. I will add that to my ever expanding list of books to read. and while i'm at it, i might just have to take I Am Number Four off the list. i trust you, jelly.
    My recent post Funny Girls

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  2. I looooooove sci-fi. Some of my favorites are Evolutions Darling by Scott Westerfel, Old Man's War by John Scalzi, A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, the graphic novel series Y the Last Man, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, and Boneshaker by Cherie Priest.

    I love the reviews! All of these are books I've read or own and have yet to read. πŸ™‚

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  3. Small_Review

    Yay for Bradbury! He's one of my favorite sci-fi authors ever.

    Firefly as most amazing? Hm, I'm definitely feeling that but with my undying love for Captain Picard I'll have to make this a tie. πŸ™‚ Why oh why can't there be more seasons of Firefly??
    My recent post How to Make Colored Boxes

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  4. cutie

    Yes. Your name shall be added best! I'm thinkin' this little ditty needs to move over to the place of secret wherest we will ask the young lady in question wtf is going on!? =)

    Annnnd you know my thoughts about the rest cause we've already discussed this comment! Bwahahahah

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  5. cutie

    Firstly, you're blog is super awesome! The mister is very impressed with your movie list!

    Secondly, I *heart* Westerfled! I need to read Evolution Darling. And I've always wanted to read A Clockwork Orange. OooooO annnnd I've just remembered the H.G. Wells books I've got sitting on my bookshelves and what about Orwell! There are just far too many fantastic Sci-Fi books!

    Lastly, I'm so glad you liked the post! Thanks for the comment. =)

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  6. cutie

    Bradbury is fantastic. I've read a few of his short stories. He gets me every time!

    Yeah… That was a pretty bold statement. Picard does rock. And we're watching Doctor Who right now and it's pretty fan-freaking-tastmic… I just want everyone to go crazy over Firefly so it will get back on the air. Ya know? πŸ˜‰

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  7. cutie

    I think I read The Host and Across the Universe at just the right moment. If that makes any sense. I totally think there is a time and a place when every book (well almost every book) has the potential to be the best darn book in the universe. =) And that's my words of wisdom for the day! lulz Hope you continue to enjoy the book.

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  8. cutie

    I am working on something super secret with the my bloggy bestie. This will be addressed and taken care of soon. Fear not. We'll get what we want! DAMN THE MAN!!!

    Sorry… sometimes I get a little excitable.

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