Old Friends

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Today’s post made me think of this song. Enjoy:

My old friends who sit upon my bookshelves 
have been whispering to me of late. They plead
“Read me again, cutie. Come on,” they beseech me.
“Don’t you remember how divine it was the first time we met?”
How can I refuse their siren call!?!
How they bewitch and ensnare me…
Here are five books who have been calling my name.
We met December 25th, 2008.
We spent a heart-wrenching 24 hours together.
And then we spent the next two weeks reliving
specific moments again. Dear Host, I adore you…

Pretty much any Julie Garwood book is
perfection in my mind. Smexy male leads,
strong female characters, a side of suspense, and,
most importantly, over-the-top heart-fluttering romance.
Heartbreaker has it all and then some.
And Nick makes me swoon.

Dear Patch,
I cannot say this enough,
I want you.
The end.
Read this book and
join me on sstb next month
whilst we discuss it
This is all.

I adore me some Jane Austen.
Northanger Abbey often flirts with being
my favorite Austen novel.
Then suddenly I’ll remember Pride and Prejudice…
and thennnnn I’ll ponder the wonderment of Persuasions….
annnnnnnd then I’lllllll….
Me thinks you get the picture.

Historical wonderment.
A strong cast of characters.
Poetic writing and over-all just
a heartwarming story, Years
causes me to tear up no
matter how many times
I’ve read it.
So many books, so little time.
I know we can all relate to this statement.
And when it comes to new books they are piling up all around me!
One that’s been waiting on me to pick it up for a year now:
 I will read this one before the end of the summer,
come hell or high water.

In conclusion:
Tis what I know annnnd, you guessed it, what I’ve got.
I hope y’all are having a wonderful summer reading!
Until next time —
Yours truly,

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11 Responses to “Old Friends”

  1. I so second your message for Patch and I'm so excited for the discussion. Still have to work on my part though…. But I'm happy this will be the opportunity to read it again! I always wanted to pick it up again but then I thought better to wait until the discussion!

    Haven't read the other books apart from The Host and this I only read once, but it didn't crap me as much as other books…
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  2. I've been holding off re-read hush, hush as well. I'm thinking the week after Eclipse!! I lubers The Host a lot but I feel like I am in the small minority with this love.

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  3. Oh you must finish it. The first half is good in my opinion but a looooot of people felt it dragged (and I can see why). However, the last half is AWESOME and the love story just gets sooooofa king good! I'm so glad you liked my list. It's for sure a few of my go to books.

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  4. Oh Cutie, how I do adore you!!! The Host was fabulous, wasn't it?? I should read that again. And Years? I LOVED that story! One of Ms. Spenser's best (although I still have a seriously soft spot for Vows….cowboys and strong women, *sigh*).

    And have I mentioned how stoked I am about reading hush, hush with you guys???? Because I can't wait to meet these characters you've all been raving about. This will be AWESOMESAUCE!!!
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  5. Spencer is truly wonderful. I also love The Gamble, Morning Glory, and November of the Heart. Truly, I own all her books and reread them all randomly throughout the year.

    I hope you love Patch and Nora too!!! =)

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  6. *sighs sadly* I totally commented back Jillian and I hope you can see it because sadly I can't… =( It was witty… wittiness I can't get back. *rolls eyes at self*

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