Blog Hopedihop and Weekly Round up!!

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Again Friday? It’s unbelievable right? The weeks pass in such a blur… So yep, it’s again Friday, which means time for a weekly Round up and a Blog HopediHop!! I love this feature, I found so many wonderful blogs I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Plus, all your lovely faces that show up and decide the Bewitched Bookworms might be a place to hang out!

How does it work? Go over to Jen at Crazy for Books and look at the list of awesome blogs to discover. Make new friends. Don’t have a blog yourself? Just go visit some new blogs and leave some love.

So, lovely people let me take the opportunity to show what was up at the Bewitched Bookworms this week:

  • Beginning of the week our beloved pushy wrote an great review about Paper Daughter. Never heard of the book before? Well, me neither but go and read the review because then you will definitely put it on your TBR list!! Pushy gave it 5 books which only means that this book must be awesome!!
  • We found winners for our Summer Book contest. Gosh, how I always love contests! We had ( at least I think!!) great prizes and Pushy also threw in some mystery prizes… Check them out..
  • Every two weeks we have our lovely feature “cutie’s corner” where Cutie always picks 5 books, this week she picked 5 books she calls “Old Friends”, books she desperately want to read again. Check them out, haven’t read some of them myself.
Ok and now I have the most awesome thing to tell. You might (or might not) know that I’m German which also means I have never met my lovely friends here from the Bookworms. We only talk in gChat every morning (or afternoon for me) I wait for Heather and Pushy to wake up and join the chat so that we can talk for a while. But, we’ve never seen each other!
Monday, I will pack my stuff and head over to Chicago to meet those lovely ladies! Apart from Annie and Cutie the whole Bewitched Bookworms crew will be there, plus some other girls we know from Twitter!
Truly, isn’t THAT awesome!!!
I can’t hold back me immense excitement and I feel like a little girl before Christmas. I can finally hug those girls I spent the last year with on the virtual world! And, apart form the excitement about meeting my girls, we gonna watch Eclipse together (yes, you might not know it, but we are a bunch of Twihard girls *giggles*)
May I *squeee* a bit??
Now I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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  1. A Bewitched Bookworms party and I'm not invited! *pouts*

    LOL! Congrats Danny! I can tell you that it is very exciting to meet web-friends. I just met up with a few of my girls for the second time in NOLA! We had a blast!

    Be safe on your travels!
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