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 Hey there.
*grins sheepishly*
Did you know today is Thursday?
Annnd that it just so happens to be the second Thursday of the month?
Yeah, *shuffles feet* I sorta didn’t realize that, chalk it up to
a busy week, a massive headache, and all that boring jazz.
Or, better yet, it’s my true flaky nature coming to light.
Either way, whilst walking around the library with the kids today,
lighting struck and I realized I had absolutely nothing for today’s cutie’s
corner. Since I know y’all are teeming to read my oh-so-inspiring
pulitzer-prize-winning  posts, I’m here now with this lame excuse
of a blog post. This week’s theme: the books I just picked up from the library.
Ground braking stuff here. As you can tell I really use my imagination to
come up with post ideas. *rolls eyes at self*
blah blah blah, how about I stop rambling and do this!
Let us begin:

1. Gone

Recently I read Wake and Fade.
I thought they were fun reads so I put
Gone on hold about a month ago. This is
the book I shall be reading tonight for sure.
And whilst I’m a little worried that Janie’s whining
might get out of control, I am excited about
getting caught up in her story once again and
reading about the oh so nommy Cabel.
Cause let’s be honest, ladies, a female protagaonist
can be the most annoying person the world has ever know,
but if her man is dreamy, she’s slightly less annoying…
or easier to put up with. *winks*

2. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Truly, the buzz surrounding this book is monumental!
I’ve been on the waiting list at the library for months now.
Yep, that’s what I’ve got to say about it.

3. Gregor the Overlander

I love love love LOVE The Hunger Games.
So when I found out about this series by Ms. Collins
I decided it was a must read. Plus it sounds like a lot of fun.
I’m just hoppin’ there’s a littttttle less maiming involved.

4. Anne of Green Gables the Movies

Every year I need my Anne fix.
It’s not a desire but a physical need.
I know this is not a book,
but Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care.
Plus, don’t ya see man, I am pullin’ this post out of my *beeeeep*.

5. Peeps

I adore Scott Westerfeld.
Ever novel I’ve read of his I have fallen head over heels madly in love with! 
This is his vampy novel. And I’m all a twitter about reading it.

The Secrets of Droon
by Tony Abbott

The lil cuties had a ton of fun this morning looking at books.
My lil sweetie picked up the first ten books in The Secrets of Droon
series. She’s already read a few chapters and she loves it so far!

In conclusion:
I, cutie, do so solemnly swear that next time I will try to be more prepared.
Try being the operative word.
Soooo, what’s on your to read list?
I think I just heard a few brains explode!
Until next time —
Yours truly,

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6 Responses to “alllley-OPPS”

  1. Ok the post could have been much more worse cause honestly I like the whole here's what I got at the library today thing. I like it when it's blunt and to the point I haven't read any of those books so my want for a Kindle grows

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  2. My dearest cutie, I love your post even wrote in a rush! I told you yesterday on Twitter that is totally fine to miss a scheduled post once in a while. Pushy, Heather and me missed 2 post while I was in Chicago hanging out with them. I can say it's Eclipse fault – but in the end it doesn't matter!
    Love you and your post and I'm always excited for the next cutie's corner post!

    I haven't read the Wake series but there are on my list ( like sooo many others) but at the moment I'm rereading some of the books that were so awesome that I read them in such a blur and I missed important parts. I wish I could read even more… and more!
    Could someone pay me for reading books? I could get rich …

    My recent post Giveawayyyy Time- Win a Twilight Cafe Press Shirt

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  3. I just watched the first series last night, next is the sequel, however I may have already watched the ending…. “I just want you….” *cutie melts* Too bad they didn’t do a close up or give us just.a.little.more at the end. Hm…. I’m thinkin’ I need to look up some Anne fanfic today…iyaknowwhatimean.

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  4. Its such a bad post. And there are so many errors. But everytime I try to fix them Bloggers freaks out on my flippin’ post! *sighs*
    I like to the point posts as well. I’ve really been trying to be more harsh when I edit myself of late. Trim the fat if you will.

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