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What a cute day today…

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Today is a special day, one of our Bookworms is celebrating her XXth Birthday today! Which is why all the text today is centered, because this is how our beloved cutie formats all her post! All the Bookworms wish you a wonderful and beautiful Birthday today. We collected some special wishes: One Push Fox Cutie! […]

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I’m With Stupid

 I’m a sucker. That’s the only explanation I have.*shrugs helplessly* What for? For the amount of money I am willing to spend on book series. Harry Potter? I own them all. Percy Jackson? But of course. What of Twilight? Hell to the yeah. I hate them whilst I can’t live without them.I long for the […]

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Once Upon A Time…

 When I was a little girl I wanted to be a secretary.Romantic, no?Something about staplers, White-Out, andmy own filing cabinet soundedfar too freaking wonderful.Dork much? Wellll…Now that I’m a little older,those dreams have passed and in their placeanother fantasy has taken hold of me. I long to be in a fairy tale.I don’t care if […]

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Short But Sweet

 Hey Bewitched Bookworms!My name is cutie.Some of you may know me from my blogSuper Secret Twilight Blog (or SSTB for short)where I pretty much blog about everythingbut Twilight. Not to mention it’s notmuch of a secret, truth be told.I like irony.What can I say?As for my name, which inspires thoughts of tweeners,I must admit I’m […]

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Read Across The World DayPart 2

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!!!! Welcome to the… Oh, dear reader, how I do love you! You and my fellow bloggers came through to honor Dr. Seuss and celebrate literacy. Without further ado, I’ll give you the recap. The lovely Gisela, who blogs at Adventures in Babymaking (which just makes me smirk every time […]

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My name is Ang, some call me cutie, and I’m a bookaholic. From Machiavelli’s The Prince to David Shannon’s Alice the Fairy, I love ’em all! As C.S. Lewis would say, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” I’m a stay at home mother […]

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