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You might know.. I think we mentioned it once or twice that it’s the Month of the All Male Challenge! So, I decided to talk about Types of  Boys in YA literature today with you guys! And I have a wonderful guest today! I invited Missie from the Unread Reader today!


Best Friend – loyal to the core, cute

Do we not love them? For this type, two boys immediately jump into my mind. Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss and Jay from The Body Finder! Both are the absolutely adorable and they start as being the best friends. The boy you can always count on. They are basically the perfect boy next door and the true and real love interest any girl can find!

Missie: This is a great category to introduce first, Danny. I love romances that start from friendships. To me, they are more meaningful and authentic than the instalove we are often forced to believe is real. But just like a deeper relationships can form between best friends, others are left to watch from a distance, but these are guys that we still can’t help cheer for because they’ve enduring themselves to us. Like Simon’s feelings for Clary. He really loves her, and that doesn’t stop just because she falls in love with someone else.

Examples: Etienne – Anna and the French Kiss | Jay  – The Body Finder | Ethan – Beautiful Creatures | Tucker – Unearthly | Puck – The Iron Fey

Aaron Johnson Etienne  

here my choices for Etienne (Aaron Johnson) and for Jay ( Max Irons) 


High School Quaterback – hottest boy in school

There are tons of boys like this out there in YA literature. Often to be found in Contemporary stories. What I love most about them is, that you have to discover their true awesomeness because often their true value is hidden. But deep inside, they are just intriguing boys, that offer more than just good looks!

Missie: Yup, I couldn’t agree more, Danny. My thoughts go to Archer Cross  of Hex Hall series. He was definitely the hottest guy at school, but he was keeping some secrets! Then you didn’t know if he was good or bad or what. Either way, I couldn’t help swooning over him.

Examples: Max – From What I Remember | Jason – Meant To Be | Brendan – Spellbound | Nash – SoulScreamers | Jonah Griggs – Jellicoe Roads


Jared-Padalecki Max  From What I Remember

my choice for Max ( the young Jared Padalecki) 

Soulful Artist

Missie: I don’t know what it is about painters or musicians, but boy do they make me melt! They are usually the silent, introspective type. But they do amazing things like write songs for their girl, or paint her portrait. And every time, it’s the best song or work of art on the planet! And sometimes, they aren’t even artists, but they can still whip up something spontaneous that totally blows your mind. Like  Ryan from Raw Blue. When Ryan showed Carly the type of tattoo he’d get, I lost my sh*t! It was an amazing moment for all of us.

Danny: Oh what a great categorry! Glad you mentioned these! I admit not having read too many books with artist apart from “Amplified” but I definitely need ro read more! 

Examples: Shadow – Graffiti Moon | Adam – If I Stay, Where She Went | Luke – Forgotten | Tom Mackee – The Piper’s Son


The Charmer:

Missie: They are either super hot, with looks that are too perfect to be real or they are super adorkable, with looks that are familiar and comfortable. But the main quality that these guys got going on for them is that they can charm the pants off of anyone. They’re smart, and always have quick, witty comebacks for any situation. What’s frustrating about these guys is that they are such naturals at getting what they want, all they have to do is flash their lopped-sided smile to kill you!

Danny: Oh the Charmer!!!!! I love them – always there for a witty retord and they drive you nuts! But, it’s easy to fall for them isn’t it?

Examples: Simon – The Summer of Skinny Dipping | W.W. Hale the fifth – Heist Society series | Wesley Rush – The DUFF | Chris – Love and Other Perishable Items


The Gentleman:

Missie: Unlike the bad boys, these guys mind their manners, and they are especially thoughtful around their leading ladies. They are considerate and shy, and tooth ache sweet! And they may not be as vocal as their counterparts, but they speak in other ways, often with grand gestures that totally steal the show. And they also know how to play hero at exactly the right time.

Danny: Admittedly, if you’d have asked me for examples here, I’d have no idea…

Examples: EvanDrink, Slay, Love | Finn Belastra – Born Wicked | Ky – Matched series | Marcello – River of Time series


The Tragedies

Missie: These guys have no hope. They’ve messed up so bad, that there is no redemption for them, but along the way, they still managed to worm their way into your heart, mostly because they wear their hearts on their sleeve.

Danny: Those just make me cry and tear up so badly. But, yes I admit I easily fall in love with those boys..

Examples: Lochan – Forbidden | Ty – Stolen


Bad Boys

Now, we get to my favorite type of boys! The Bad Boys Section! but, while thinking about them I realized there are several subtypes of bad boys and since I love them so much and they are the most abundant types of boys, they all deserve single sections!

Missie: Yay! Bring on the Bad Boys!

Bad Boys subtype: brooding, sometimes angry, can be bad- ass

This type of boy is often tattooed, which adds to the incredible hottness in my mind. They are broken, often very angry and brooding. It’s not easy to get to them because at first they push you away before they’ll let you in. But, those kind of boys are the most interesting ones because you need to get below the surface to understand this boy. And often times, they break your heart.

Missie: Yeah, these guys are definitely heartbreakers, but it’s only because they are so dang stubborn, and they think know best! All three Fuentes brothers (Perfect Chemistry series by Simone Elkeles) come to mind immediately. Not only were these brothers bad-asses, they were also smart-asses! Cool and funny, but tough when they needed to be. And boy, did they know how to get into trouble.

Examples: Noah – Pushing The Limits | Gabriel – Spark (Elementals series) | Jace – Mortal Instruments | Akiva – Daughter of Smoke & Bone | Daniel – Fallen series | Ash – The Iron Fey


Jace  - Alex Pettyer  Ash - Ben Barnes

classic choices for Jace ( Alex Pettyer) and Ash (Ben Barnes) 

Bad Boys subtype: mysterious, dominant, possessive, bad-ass

definitely my favorite type!! I love the mystery surrounding them, I love to figure out the secrets they have!  In addition, they are often very strong, even dominant and most of them a very possessive! There is just something undeniable sexy about this kind of boys and out of the head my favorite books had a dark mysterious boy I desperately wanted to figure out! Often, those kind of boys are often very cocky, always have a fast verbal comeback and love the snark! In addition, there is nothing more complex than those and there is nothing more exciting to see when they fall in love!  Here I have tons of examples, woot!

Missie: These type of guys end up being either a hit or miss for me. I know, I’m weird. I mean, I’m all for a good amount of possessiveness, but when it get’s creepy, that’s my cut off. But then again, when Ash threatened to kill Megan, I swooned all over the place!

Examples: Patch – hush,hush | Kaidan – Sweet Evil | Galen – Of Poseidon | Daemon – Obsidian | Lucas – Night Falls series | Ash – The Iron Fey


Dean Geyer - Galen, Of Poseidon  Kaidan - Sweet Evil - Zac Efron

Galen ( Dean Geyer) and .. Kaiden ( Zac Efron with black hair) 

So tell me girls, which category did we miss? What is your favorite type of boy and … who did we forget?

Much  love!


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33 Responses to “Discussed! by Danny & Missie – Let’s talk Boys!”

  1. This is awesome ! 🙂
    I don’t even think I can pick a favorite. It’s so difficult. 🙂
    However, I do think I’m more of a best friend ( *cough* Etienne *cough*) type. Then again, I have a soft spot for some bad boys too. Oh and I adore the artistic type too !
    See how difficult that is ? >.<
    Great compilations girls ! 🙂

    Reply »

    Danny 7/22/2012

    Hehe!!! I know it’s tough and I love them all too!!! However, I feel drawn to the bad boys most!
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  2. Ahhh, I LOVE this post. I agree with everyone that you’ve mentioned (that I’ve read). Especially Tucker, Etienne, Jonah (!), Hale, Ty, and Noah. Sigh…I would also suggest Noah Shaw for bad boys…and charmer. He’s everything, really. 🙂 And Marcus Flutie from the Jessica Darling series is a fantastic soulful artist type. Great post, ladies!
    Lori recently posted..Saturday Situation! Link up your reviews & giveawaysMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 7/22/2012

    Glad you like it Lori :)) OoOoo you mean Noah from Mara dyer?? YES how could I forget him! I truly have to check out this series from Jessica Darlin you mentioned!
    Danny recently posted..Celebrate Jenny Pox 2nd Anniversary with JL Bryan and a GiveawayMy Profile

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  3. Wow it looks like most of my favourite book boyfriends have landed in the bad boys category… I’m not surprised! 😉 I do love reading about a typical bad boy, but then I also find myself drawn to the best friends and soulful artists! I agree with Missie about the best friend category. It always feels more genuine and deep-rooted when best friends fall in love as they already know each other so well. I love reading about that too! 🙂
    Sam @ Realm of Fiction recently posted..Review: The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose ClarkeMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 7/22/2012

    Hehe I am not surprised myself… Oh the bad boys steal my heart so easily!
    Interesting is that you find the Best Friend Boy mostly in Contemporary stories and the bad boys seem to be the most abundant type in Paranormal ones.
    Danny recently posted..Celebrate Jenny Pox 2nd Anniversary with JL Bryan and a GiveawayMy Profile

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  4. Ohh, while I love them all… I’m all for the bad boys when it comes to the heroes in books! It’s funny that I’m all for the nice guys in real life (they can be nice and a little protective ;), but when it comes to books–bring on the bad guys! I can’t help it. I love their mystery too and just how they seem to fall so hard for that one, special, girl. *sigh* I honestly almost rooted for Marcus in the Blade TV series, because I had a crush on him… LOL.

    Love the post!
    Rebecca (Kindle Fever) recently posted..Your Fate in Fiction: Hogwarts HousesMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 7/22/2012

    ROFL I was also thinking about this the other day. That I love bad boys in books so much, but in real life the good boys always win the hearts of the girls!
    Danny recently posted..Celebrate Jenny Pox 2nd Anniversary with JL Bryan and a GiveawayMy Profile

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  5. YEEEEEEEEES! LET’S GET HORNY! I LOVE THIS!! =9 huhuhuhuhuhu!!

    But Hey!! you totally forgot to mention my Dimitri Belikov! But that’s okay, after all he’s in a category all by his own. Walking-sex category maybe? which is kind of an hybrid between badboy/charmer/hottest-dude XDDD I know… Belikov is one of a kind so yeah, categories overlap when it comes to him XDDDDD

    Dude, I totally love the pictures you got! I do visualize Ash as Ben Barnes (actually, I visualize almost every fictional dude like him lol!) but for me, he’s the perfect DImitri XDD I know!! Im just so obsessed with! Im his wife after all. How could I not? XDDDDDDD LOL!

    ANyways, excellent discussion my dears! =D totally love it ^___^ what a gorgeous way to start the day! and totally hot XDD Yay!!
    Natalia Belikov recently posted..Happy 1st Blogoversary to Dazzling Reads!!! 🙂My Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 7/22/2012

    OOOo YES of course! Dimitri!! And yes he’s hard to put into a category… I would say badboy, mysterious sometimes angry. Specially when he couldn’t be with Rose and of course when he changed… But he’s hard to put into a category!

    Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂
    Danny recently posted..Celebrate Jenny Pox 2nd Anniversary with JL Bryan and a GiveawayMy Profile

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    Missie, The Unread Reader 7/22/2012

    Walking-sex category! Hahaha! LOVES IT!

    Reply »

  6. I think I’m more swayed by the pictures than anything when choosing a favorite but I was sweating it out on the bad boys until I finally saw my beloved Patch’s name there!

    Looks like you covered all the bases. Are there ever any average Joes? I guess they all have something special about them, don’t they!

    Fun post!
    hrose2931 recently posted..Knee Deep by Jolene Perry Tribute Blog Tour StopMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 7/22/2012

    As if I would forget Patch!!?! He’s the perfect Bad Boy!!! I love him, and I will never forget this scene in the kitchen in the first book!

    Ha, yes the average boy is not among those because in the end they are all something else, like charming, or funny or something else:)
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  7. Caitlin

    I love all the pictures for these guys. I am all about the bad boy. Jace will always be favorite(yay for putting Alex as Jace) but I love them all. Yum Kaidan lol. The bad boy in the book I’m reading now is Beck from The Demon Trappers series.

    Reply »

    Kristin 7/21/2012

    Totally agree about AP as Jace, I would’ve LOVED for him to be in the movie.

    Reply »

    Danny 7/22/2012

    don’t get me started that Alex is NOT Jace… it broke my heart!!
    Danny recently posted..Celebrate Jenny Pox 2nd Anniversary with JL Bryan and a GiveawayMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 7/22/2012

    Yes Jace will always be Alex in my mind and I am sill heartbroken he’s not the one playing him in the movies..
    Danny recently posted..Celebrate Jenny Pox 2nd Anniversary with JL Bryan and a GiveawayMy Profile

    Reply »

    Caitlin 7/24/2012

    I just hope The Power of Six gets made into a movie. I love Alex as Four and they can’t stop at just one movie. That would be mean.

    Reply »

  8. Wow all of the pictures are great lol; thanks for sharing this :)! I just found your blog and will definitely be following it from now on! I recently added some summer reading lists to my new blog if you want to take a look: http://heartisinthewriteplace.blogspot.com/
    Thanks again!
    Christine recently posted..Two Great ReadsMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 7/22/2012

    Thanks for following :)) Hope you’ll enjoy it here:)
    Danny recently posted..Celebrate Jenny Pox 2nd Anniversary with JL Bryan and a GiveawayMy Profile

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  9. Kristin

    Fun post!

    Yeah, I have to go for the bad boy. There’s a reason that, want to or not, everyone loves one.

    For the best friend, even though I haven’t finished the last book in the series, I’d have to say Graves from the Strange Angels series and Aspen from The Selection; any of Alyxandra Harvey’s Drake boys would fit into the charmer category as would Rob from Scarlet; Linden from the Chemical Garden series could be in either the best friend or gentleman category; I’m not sure where to put Caleb from Elkeles’ Paradise duology, he acts like a bad ass and a bit of a smart ass, but is a totally loyal sweetheart.

    I also kinda feel like there should be a hot smart asses category. Sam from Hold Me Closer Necromancer would fit here nicely, as would Cassel from the Curse Workers series, with Shane from the Morganville Vampires series as the poster boy. Hmm, maybe if this was a category it’d be my favorite type of guy!

    Reply »

    Danny 7/22/2012

    OMG yes Graves is the PERFECT for best friends category! Btw, did you finish the series? Were you as sad and disappointed as I was about the ending??

    I would put Caleb in the bad boy – brooding category. Specially in the beginning he was really sad and nearly broken but never got rid of his bad boy issues. Yes, inside his heart he was awesome!

    I love the hot smart ass category!!!! Totally need to add this, if just for Shane! I LOVE Shane!!
    Danny recently posted..Celebrate Jenny Pox 2nd Anniversary with JL Bryan and a GiveawayMy Profile

    Reply »

    Kristin 7/22/2012

    *shutting eyes, covering ears with hands and humming loudly*

    No, I haven’t started it yet and was looking forward to reading it with a bit of mild trepidation (my sister just finished it and I asked her not to tell me if she liked or loved it, just if she didn’t hate it. She said she didn’t hate it.) but now I’m worried. Guess I’ll have to pick it up soon to find out what happens.

    Reply »

  10. KM

    Ahhh!!! Great post! You definitely hit on all of them, I think, except maybe the “funny guy.” But this could be a subcategory of the best friend or the charmer.

    I think my favorite type is the charmer, one that can make me laugh. I actually would put Jason from MEANT TO BE in this category, I think. But I also love a friend-to-lover relationship, so that one’s another fav. 🙂
    KM recently posted..2012: The Year of the Contemporary NovelMy Profile

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