15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 2 – Bedtime Reading Routines & Day 1 Blogger Confessions!

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Late to the party, but yesterday I saw all the great posts from so many people joining the

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge

from April, Good Books and Good Wine.



I loved reading those posts so much that I decided to join and jumping right in with my Bedtime Routines..

Day 2 – Bedtime Reading Routines

My bed is by far my favorite place to read! I have a super cozy waterbed with tons of pillows and lots of place to feel wonderfully compfy. I must – must read before sleeping. So I go to the bath, do all the girly stuff like pampering my face with Night Cremes and such (in the hope to wake up one day with the best skin ever..) and then it’s time to read!

My husband was incredibly excited when I got an iPad and finally a Kindle Paperwhite. With this, I do not have to disturb him while he sleeps. Sometimes, when I have a really good book, I tempt to go to bed earlier to get more reading done. And.. during wintertime, I always take a cup of tee with me!


But then, Saturday and Sunday mornings are my favorites times of the day to do Bed time Reading. As hubs usually sleeps much longer, I absolutely LOVE the time on Saturday and Sunday mornings to get up, make a hot steaming coffee and crawl back to bed – reading! Best.Time.Ever and I miss something when I cannot do this! Sometimes being an early bird has its advantages.


And since I didn’t know about this until yesterday lat, I decided to add the 15 Blogger Confessions now..

Day 1: Make 15 book-related confessions.

  1. I need Romance: If there is a book that has no love and romance whatsoever, the book won’t ever get a 5 star rating from me.
  2. I love eCopies over Paperback anytime! When I got my Kindle 4 years ago I was hesitant but now I do not even look at paperbacks anymore. I love eReaders so.bad!
  3. Bad Cover? I won’t buy or read it! I don’t care that the cover is not even fully showing on my Kindle, but a cover is a must! There is one book out there from Simon and Schuster everyone loves so much. The cover however looks so plain and boring that I’m not reading the book. Of course, it’s worse with Indie Authors. When I get an email, the first look is at the cover and then I decide if the book is interesting or not.
  4. I love the mysterious bad boys! If there is a mysterious bad boy in the synopsis, I am all sold for the book!
  5. I cry – a lot and often while reading! I’m a crybaby and a heavily emotional person, so I easily cry when something is touching or moving or sad.
  6. I have a hard time reading out of my comfort zone! I wish I would be more adventurous and read a few books that do not fall into my usual genres. I know I will be surprised, yet I can’t force myself doing it.
  7. I’m character driven! Most of the times when I DNF a book, it’s the character I cannot connect to. Maybe it’s a weird dialogue, something the character said or thought!
  8. I’m a genre “bincher”! (Is that a word? Mary taught me this word, so I am not sure I used it correctly) What I want to say is that when I like to read books in a certain genre after each other. I had a phase where all I read was Vampire related story. It actually comes from the wish to relive an exciting book and find something that I will love equally .
  9. Needed: Happy Ending! I hate books with open ends and I hate books with a bittersweet ending! I need the happily ever after as cliché and cheesy it might be!
  10. I used to judge a book by it page count! Before I started blogging, I used to read books based on their page views, the more the better! I wanted huge books – books I can spend lots of time with the characters. Thin books didn’t appeal to me at all and were always left behind!
  11. I have no clue about pages anymore! With the introduction of eReaders I often have no effing clue if it’s a big book or a small book. Often when I see the paperback I’m actually surprised.
  12. Vampires will always be my favorites! I love Vampire stories and I did love them already before sparkling Edward came along. But I just love these creatures and they will always be ma favorites!
  13. I hate Ghost stories! In my book (pun intended) there is just nothing sexy about a ghost so I usually step away when a ghost is involved!
  14. Same goes for Witches! Unless it’s Harry Potter I do not like Witch books.
  15. I love Epic! Well, who doesn’t. But I do love epic all-consuming book series that suck me in and do not let me go. That make me re-read these books untill I know sequences by heart. This can be an epic plot or even an epic Love story! I’m pretty open to the epic aspect…

Happy Tuesday! and happy Blogging!

danny Siggy

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18 Responses to “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 2 – Bedtime Reading Routines & Day 1 Blogger Confessions!”

  1. Your bed looks divine!

    I LOVE morning reading on the weekend as well! It just starts the day off right, doesn’t it?
    The Crazy Bookworm recently posted..15 Day Blogger Challenge: Day 2!My Profile

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    Angelica @ Paperback Princess 7/10/2013

    My main concern with morning reading in bed is that I may not get out of bed for the whole day, because I get the “just another chapter” syndrome LOL
    Angelica @ Paperback Princess recently posted..Release Day Book Blitz ~ Breaking Glass by Lisa AmowitzMy Profile

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  2. WOW. We are so much alike, based on your confessions! I NEED romance – otherwise, forget about it. I genre binge too – a lot. Vampires are my all-time favorite (hello – favorite series are Night Huntress and Chicagoland Vampires!). I don’t do ghost stories (how can there be a good romance??). Almost every book I’ve ever DNFd, it was because I hated the main character(s) – I’m VERY character-driven. I’m an emo girlie-girl. I cry all the time when I read. And, I have abandoned series halfway through for fear they wouldn’t have a happy ending. I need that HEA.

    I need to jump on this challenge bandwagon – this is so cool!!

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  3. Your bed looks so cozy! I love all the wood 🙂

    Also jealous you can drink tea right before bed. I have to stop like 5 hours before sleeping. That little bit of caffeine keeps me awake!!

    I cry a lot when reading too. Can result in puffy eyes + headache.

    I UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN over ebooks & page numbers. This has resulted in some serious disappointments in endings because I thought I still had 15 pages more to go, forgetting about acknowledgements, authors bio, etc.

    Oh no I love ghost and witch stories!! But I won’t hold it against you 😉
    Rachelia (Bookish Comforts) recently posted..15 Day Book Blogger Challenge {Day 2} Bedtime Reading RitualMy Profile

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  4. I think its ‘binger’ is the word you were going for. Like binge eating! I do that with ice cream. Hehe. I try to avoid reading one genre too much back to back because I used to do that and then I just get sick of that sort of story…which then makes me sad cause I might miss something great!

    I can’t believe you don’t like ghost stories! haha. So then did you not read Anna Dressed in Blood? haha.

    The kindle paper white is spectacular!!!!
    Pabkins recently posted..Review: The Silent Wife by A.S.A. HarrisonMy Profile

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  5. My husband was overjoyed when I got my e reading devices. I have a special bedside lamp for the nights I need light for reading or writing, but now since I got the e-reading devices he thinks the lamp is “too bright” *SMH* Once he is asleep-asleep I switch the light on 🙂 lolz
    Early morning-reading in bed is the BEST ever! I did it all the time as a kid/teen and still do it now. We had a HUGE blizzard this year and with 7ft of snow on the ground we were trapped. I dug a path for the doggies to do their business & then it was back in the bed with cocoa or hot latte, doggies on their blankets, shades up to see the snow, and reading.
    Bella’s Shelf recently posted..Scandalous Bedtime Reading RitualsMy Profile

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  6. I absolutely have to have my happy ending, too! If it’s a book in a series I’m a little more flexible on my need of that happy ending, because I know it’s not really over. I just cross my fingers that when the series does end, I do get it.

    However, if it’s a standalone book and it’s that bittersweet – or just plain bitter – ending I scream, I cry, and I curse the heavens. Okay, perhaps not so extreme, but I’m not exactly a happy camper.

    ~Andrea @ ​Beauty but a Funny Girl
    Andrea @ Beauty but a Funny Girl recently posted..15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Bedtime Reading RitualMy Profile

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  7. Oh I love the early morning read. I typically wake up at 7 and can get a good few hours in. It’s the perfect time to read. Of course on weekdays it’s sad because I’m forced to set the book down to go to work, even when I want nothing more than to keep reading.

    I love romance in my reads! It’s not a must though. Though gut-twisty angst or sob-worthy heartbreak are what I need to give it that off-the-menu rating for me.

    Oh yay for your love of eReaders and your hatred of bad book covers! 🙂 And oh yeah epic is the WTG! Love epic books. And totally agree almost always ghosts are not sexy, they’re just creepy or sad.
    Rachel recently posted..15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 2My Profile

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  8. Danny thanks for introducing me to this challenge, it’s fantastic and I love the idea! Your list is fantastic and so original LOL

    Genre bincher? Love it! I think I’m slightly a genre bincher too for my personal reading anyway but not always for review books.

    I absolutely love your Day 2 Challenge post, your routine, especially on the weekend sounds so divine! I love simple daily pleasures like these…ahhh….

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