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Discussed: Movie Love vs. Book Love

Happy Saturday, loves!!!!!! It’s Pushy here this week, filling in for the ever lovely, never replaceable, Danny who is (as we speak/read/roam around our houses in jams with a steaming cup of coffee) lounging in glamorous, sultry Thailand on an extremely well deserved vacation!! But fear not!  A Saturday discussion topic has been selected! And […]

Posted 23 November, 2013 by Pushy in Blog, Discussion, Featured, Pushy / 9 Comments

Discussed! Why do we seek ARC’s ?

Saturday means Discussion time here at the Bookworms. And since we are right now running our PubLove Feature I thought it would be great to talk about why we want to seek ARC’s in the first place! I don’t want to discuss this topics only with Book Bloggers, but also with readers, so awesome readers who are […]

Posted 13 April, 2013 by Danny in Blog, Danny, Discussion / 45 Comments

Discussed! by Pushy….Rut or Groove?

Good Morning, Happy Saturday and Happy Spring! Today, we have another topic to be .. In the Groove… You know that perfect moment when all the pieces come together and you have that oh-my-goodness-I-love-this-genre-so-much-I-want to marry it moment?  Or when you realize, “Holy Cow!..this is, by far, my go-to book genre?  Well, we’re here to talk about […]

Posted 30 March, 2013 by Pushy in Blog, Bookworms, Featured, Meme, Pushy / 21 Comments