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Discussed! Turning down Review Requests


It’s Saturday! *sigh* Weekend and… Discussion time here at the Bookworms! In our last Discussion post Lindy suggested to talk about Turning Down Review Requests. So, that’s what we are doing! Some time ago a Discussed! Post about how to request reviews in the first place, so we are not going to touch this subject […]

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Discussed! – Review Request…

Well hello and a wonderful Saturday morning! Time for a Discussion post. Some of you might be blogging for years, some of you might just blog for a few month. But I figured that every one of us Book Bloggers faces the same issues and problems when it comes to “Review Request”.  Requests can go […]

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Discussed! – Obsessed with Stats …

I admit – I am obsessed. I am obsessed with numbers and it drives me crazy sometimes. PageViews, Visitors, Subscribers, Email Subscribers. Followers… Good thing? I know about my obsession and I try my best to handle it. Even though I sometimes look a few times a day at my WP app on my iPhone to track my stats! […]

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Discussed! by Danny – Monetize a blog

Happy Saturday! Topics for these discussion posts come to me out of the blue.Today I would like to talk about a slightly controversial topic! So be prepared! I want to talk about monetizing your blog. Before I go on, please let’s be respectful towards each other.  When I started blogging I refused to think about […]

Posted 23 June, 2012 by Danny in Blog / 25 Comments