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Happy Saturday!

I admit, I am a “phase” reader. There are times when all I read is a certain genre. It’s all I want to pick up and it’s all I’m excited about. Before I started with the Bookworms all I read was Mystery and Thrillers. Then I had a big phase when I only read historical fiction.


The years after Twilight was filled with Young Adult Paranormal! I wouldn’t even consider something else. It didn’t matter if it was Angels or Vampires or Fairies or whatever!  Truly, this was a pretty long phase, I would even say the longest I had.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love this genre! One of my most anticipated books of 2013 involve Demons – Sweet Peril (Sequel to Sweet Evil),  Mermen – Of Trition (Sequel of Of Poseidon) and more.. It will be most likely a genre I will always love!

But lately I found myself picking up more and more Contemporary books and … right now, I love them to pieces! Contemporary was something I would have never picked up a year ago.. What?! No Vampires? No paranormal element whatsoever? Nope.. not for me.

I tried to pingpoint when this started and I think it was when I read “From What I Remember… which was in April last year.  This book opened my eyes! It was so smart, witty, funny and sexy that I barely slept when I read it! Then I read such fantastic books like Meant To Be and “Catching Jordan” and I was hooked!


After this I picked up more and more Contemporaries until I found my love for New Adult books with “Beautiful Disaster“. This was finally the moment where nearly all I picked up was contemporary books.

So here I am completely and utterly hooked. I love the intensity of emotions and the genuine feelings. I love the troubles and the real life issues, problems and disasters. They are often filled with so many emotions and I didn’t realize until now how strong and powerful this genre is!

Right now, I feel comfortable in my phase but I’m sure at some point I might find myself into yet another phase!

So, what about you? Do you read all kind of books or are you such a phase-reader just like me? And, if so what kind of genere you dig now the most? 

Paranormal, Dystopian, Contemporary, Historical. Mysteries, Horror? 

Much Love,

danny Siggy

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24 Responses to “Discussed! Genre Obsession and Phase Readers…”

  1. I’m a bit of a phase reader, but mostly I find it just introduces me to new genres and I like to mix and match. Looking through my TBR on Goodreads, though, I can see what my phases were very distinctly (which, funnily enough, I was doing just earlier tonight and thinking how funny it is to see my taste in books evolve).

    I’m really into contemporary fiction and romance right now, too…especially “new adult” books. I like to intersperse them with all the other genres, though (mostly because of my blog, I don’t want to overwhelm my readers with a lot of one thing). I find myself drawn to them more often, though.
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  2. While I have favorite go to genres, like dystopian, urban fantasy, small town series and historical romance, I am constantly adding genres..like New Adult. I like to mix things up and never read the same genre back to back or even a series for that matter..I like to cleanse my pallet so to speak. Just look at my reviews for the past month I have everything from police crime to contemporary romance and everything in between.
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  3. Candace

    I’m not a phase reader really, I read eclectically all the time. But I do go through periods where I read more of a particular genre cause its just what I’m in the mood for.
    I am always open for trying new things though and have seen my reading taste really change and evolve as I read more genres I would normally not be so fond of.
    I don’t read much for horror or thriller or much chick lit either, but I have made some exceptions and found some I do enjoy.
    Great choice for a discussion!
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  4. Growing up, I was always strictly contemporary or historical fiction. Now I mix between paranormal, high fantasy, contemp, historical fiction, and romance.

    I’m curious – as a non-American, do you find contemp to be more difficult to read? I mean this more in a cultural sense than in a language sense. Are there some thing that are implied in books that Americans would automatically understand but you find confusing? I would think contemp would be more likely to have issues with this than paranormal or fantasy.

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  5. I used to be a phase reader but over the last few years I have been challenging myself to read outside of my comfort zone, so to speak, and now I find I get in a bit of a reading slump if I don’t mix it up.

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  6. I’m quite the opposite actually. I don’t like reading too many books of the same genre consecutively. I switch it up immediately. If I read too many books of the same genre, I’ve found that the uniqueness and the novelty of the books just goes out the window. It all starts sounding the same and I end up not enjoying something I otherwise would’ve if only I read it some other time. It’s both for my sake and the sake of the book itself.

    As for contemporaries, I love it to bits. It’s my favourite genre but even I don’t read back to back contemps.
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  7. I think I am kind of a “phase reader”. I was reading cozy mysteries casually for a while and then I actually kind of jumped into YA because I found The Hunger Games and heard about this “dystopian” genre and I HAD to have more… Then I found Delirium and Matched and things escalated from there! I read dystopians for a long time before I started getting into contemporaries and found out what a joy they are to read. I think I’m still in the contemporary phase a little! Always excited to see where it goes next 🙂
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  8. HMM, I used to have phases now I just about read anythinga and everything in sight. I have even ventured out of the YA a bit. That is shocking for me. I think in the last couple of months, contemporary or suspense/thrill (serial killer) books have made my read list frequently.

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  9. I LOVE this topic! I am definitely a phase reader. For the longest time I would ONLY read fantasy. That’s it. Try to give me anything else and I’d turn my nose up. Then I transitioned to dystopian/sci-fi. I was hooked. Addicted. Then I read Pushing the Limits and Beautiful Disaster.. now it seems that all I want is contemporary! These books are so brimming with emotion and relateability (is that a word? LOL), that it’s hard to want to read anything else. There are still some dystopian/paranormal books that I love, but I’m finding that it’s harder and harder for me to enjoy them and give them high ratings. I just can’t connect to the characters as well, and the romances aren’t as swoony!
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  10. Twilight brought back my love for reading and for awhile I read everything I could get my hands on with regards to paranormal. Now, I literally cringe when I see a vampire or werewolf book. 🙁

    Edgy contemporary is what I look for now. Angst, heartbreak, real-life issues. I also have started to like the NA genre more than YA. Just as soon as everyone realizes it’s really a genre. 🙂
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  11. Eclectic reader, always!

    Paranormal especially romances have always been my most heavily preferred genre. The books on my shelves reflect this as the genre is over 90% of what I have to read.

    You did not put UF up there, or Sci-Fi but they are among my fun fantasy reads when in a series that I have followed for a while or when find a stand alone book by an author new to me that sounds interesting.

    Dystopian in the Young Adult category is one of my newer favorites after falling in love with Enclave and Hunger Games.

    Contemporary used to turn me off, it was “too” realistic and “too” dramatic but these days has once again become something I enjoy thanks to all the newer authors who are releasing works in this genre.

    Historical of all types are always fun to me, especially those with Highlanders as love everything Scottish!

    Mysteries that include Crime Drama, Romantic Suspense Thrillers and Murder mysteries are still in my reading library but they are more along the way of comfort reads most times rather than a steady “diet”.

    Horror such as those by Stephen King and Dean Koontz once upon a time made up my steady reading diet, now I steer totally away from the genre.
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  12. I am not a phase reader. I rarely read two books within the same genre in a row. Right now I’m reading a dystopian and a contemporary issue book. Before that I read an adult contemporary novel and a YA supernatural book. Before that, a non-fiction book about science! I prefer to mix things up a bit. I have a lot of routine in my life already, so I don’t really want that creeping into my reading habits as well.

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  13. kim

    I totally understand the idea of being genre obsessed. Sometimes, I even get stuck on the exact same book and have to read it over and over before I look at anything else. I’ve always like paranormal romance but am loving contemporary and new adult romance.
    books rock!

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  14. I’m a serious genre reader and right now I’m obsessed with all things urban fantasy/paranormal romance. Yay for there being a ton of those books on the market right now! Of ourse, I do mix it up with a lot of YA stuff as well as some travel and humor and romance but I tend to gorge myself on a genre before getting full and moving on.
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  15. Hi Danny,

    I love your discussion posts! I am a phase reader too. I’m into New Adult contemporaries right now. It’s difficult to read other books for review, when all I want to read is these. Last year, I was into Dystopian reads, and Paranormal reads. I’ve never been one to seek out Contemporary reads, but Easy by Tamarra Webber changed that for me 🙂 Now they are some of my favorite books, and Colleen Hoover is my favorite author.
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    Danny 2/4/2013

    Just visited your blog! Love your layout! Thanks for stopping by and I’m happy I found your blog!

    And YAY for NA Contemporaries.. I am so hooked right now. And I LOVED Hopeless! so freaking much!
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  16. I almost always read in phases. I get hooked on one genre and then I read a ton of it until I get sick of it and move onto something else. I mainly switch between dystopian and contemporary because those are my two favorite genres. I have been getting better at this, though, since I’ve been getting most of my books at the library. I put a lot of books on hold so I pretty much have to read what comes in instead of being super choosy.
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  17. Definitely depends on the book. I have favourites from all genres and I try really hard to read from all of them because I get sick of one genre if it’s all a read. Right now I have only read so much dystopian because most of the themes are all the same. Someone write a utopian, like The Giver!

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  18. I have a very eclectic taste so I pick whatever book I fancy that day however there are times that I do encounter this phase. Right now, I read more YA but with the recurring theme, rehashed plots and other issues I have with reading so many YA I wanted to read another book that is not YA. It’s hard but it helps me rediscover genres that I love or discover new genres that I actually like.
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