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Saturday means Discussion time here at the Bookworms. And since we’re headed off to BEA we have a couple of topics we wanted to go over with you guys!

First off, as many of you know Divergent is beginning to film here in Chicago! Heather and Pushy were discussing how neat it was, as Heather works only a few blocks from where they will be filming this weekend. Now Heather’s not normally a set lurker. Don’t get us wrong, she loves a good movie but she’s got a lot of other things going on (like actual work) and can’t just hang out watching the movie crew construct sets. Still, Pushy really enjoyed Divergent so a challenge was issued:

Get some pictures from the set!

Heather may not be a lurker but she’s not one to shy away from a challenge (or the convenient excuse to get a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino from Starbucks, which happens to be a half a block away from where they’re building the set). So on her lunch break, off she went to see just what there was to see on the mean streets of Divergent-Chicago…..


Well, not a whole lot! (as per usual in the South Loop every weekday) LOL!! Still, you can see from the pictures that they’re building out the train tracks that play such a big roll in all the books. It’ll be exciting to see how much footage of Chicago winds up being used as most of the first book takes place within the Dauntless compound.


divergent lights 1

divergent tracks 1


What does this have to do with BEA?

Good question!

As you may also know, we’re running a BEA2U event here at the Bookworms where we’ll be sharing BEA with everyone who can’t go. One of the things we think is the hardest to share is just the craziness that the whole event entales! There are so many wonderful moments of randomness that occur and we’ve been wondering how to share that with you.

Well, we Bookworms love a challenge and we thought…let’s make this a challenge!

Challenge Us!!!

So here’s how it will go. You and Heather will be the Charlie to Danny and Pushy’s Angels. (Or the M to their Bond or whatever…). Tell us what crazy things you want to see Pushy and Danny do (WITHIN REASON!!!) and if Heather thinks it’s good, she’ll challenge us!

Want us to interview folks waiting in line on the first day before they go in? Challenge us!

Want to see Pushy and Danny hugging a pirate? Challenge us!

Want to know just WHAT goes on inside the mysterious press lounge? (Spoiler alert…it’s not like in the Superman movies….) Challenge us!

Give us your fun, your witty, your strange challenges burning to be done in the comments and Heather will (kindly) choose. Heather has several of her own to pick from as well, especially since she’s been to BEA in the past and knows just how strange, hectic, and crazy it can get. Then check back in next week as Danny and Pushy record their shenanigans for your enjoyment!!

So, CHALLENGE US in the comments below!

And don’t forget to enter the give-away to have your choice of a book from BEA! Pushy loved this challenge last year and she’s RRRRAAAAARRRRRRRing to go again!


Much Love and … get the challenges rolling in!!


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5 Responses to “Discussed! Books, Movies and Challenges!”

  1. I think a fun challenge could be to ask people in line to name as many books as possible in sixty seconds. I’m just a silly little girl with a tumblr sideblog, so I wont be there, but I still think it would be fun. 😀

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  2. Bobbi

    I just came across this looking for something else. I know your post is a bit old but if you are still looking for a challenge I have one! I am reading the Divergent series & I am not familiar with Chicago. (I only spent a few hours there almost 12 years ago.)
    So what I would love to see is pictures of some of the different places that are discussed in the books.
    It would be fun to be able to read the book and have pictures to look at for a reference!
    If you know of someone who has already done this a link would be appreciated too!

    I just started the 3rd book so if they actually go into Indianapolis and talk about any specific places I can get you those pics of you want!

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