Discussed! The Blogger behind the scenes… 10 Random Facts about Danny.

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Last week we had an amazing discussion about Blog Design. One point that came up and was mentioned also a few times int he comments was that a  Blog needs personality and then in turn also distinkt voice which is easily recognized.

So I got to think.

We are three Girls here blogging and with a Group Blog it’s always a little harder to develop a face for a blog, a voice and a personality. It’s easier when you are blogging alone because it#s all just you. But Heather, Pushy and me have been blogging together since the beginning and we are super happy the way it is.

Still, it makes it a little harder to develop a voice – a personality. Of course, each of us has a different review style. (Mine is always easily recognized by grammar and typo occurrence. Then again, I’m German so I hope everyone cuts me a little slack here…)


Anyway, I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce me a little more and tell you 10 Random Facts about me. Just, you know, to get the know each other a little better!


  •  34 – (turning 35 soooonish – which sucks! I mean … I’m in my mid 30s now!!)
  • married since 10 years – no kids (and no plans either)
  • PhD in Biology
  • Teaching Bachelor and Master Students at University – which I LOVE!
  • German – living in Germany!


That’s me! *waves* 


1. I’m a crybaby.

I cry so easily! Like a baby – seriously! It doesn’t even have to be sad, often I cry when something is super touching. Like someone confessing their love. Do you know this Marry Me video, from this guy who proposed to his girlfriend?(Seriously watch it if you haven’t! alreadyy)  This, I cannot watch without my eyes watering. Same goes for books! Give me some wonderful moments and there I sit crying over the pages!

2. I’m super afraid of Horror

When I was 12, my friend and me went to the neighbors kid and ask for some “scary” movies. Needless to say a 12 year old had a different definition of scary than a 16 year old. We ended up with Gremlins (that was more or less okish) and … Freddy Krueger – Nightmare in Elm street. *shivers*

I had nightmares for month afterwards. I was never that scared again in my life. And my parents thought I’d making this up just because I was jealous of my kid-brother. I just told them recently about this again and they were a slightly surprised that it was a real traumatic for me.

So, no Horror Movies for me!

3. I have a Tattoo

.. with numbers in Thai on my arm. I got this  in Chicago when I was visiting Pushy for the very first time to watch Eclipse together with a bunch of girls we meet during our Twiobssesion time!

These numbers are the dates my brother died when he was 10 and when my first big love died when he was 20. Obviously it means a lot to me!

4. I want another tattoo – so bad!

.. but I’m afraid my hubs would kill me. 🙂

5. I love rain and bad weather

There is nothing that makes me more happy than rain outside. Of course  only when I’m home – I hate rain when I have to go out. But, when I’m home I love rain and bad weather. It means I can curl up on the couch with my computer and my Kindle and just read!

6. I cannot write!

When I was younger (and honestly even know) I wish I would be talented and be an author. I would love to do research for a new book and just be an author. Sadly, I have no efffing talent, so – not going to happen!

7. I have a Scarf Addiction

I loooove scarfs and when it’s not blazingly hot outside, I always always wear a scarf. I have more than 30 scarfs all in different colors, designs and materials. When I go shopping nad there is a matching scarf to shirt I’m buying, I also get the scarf. Again .. hubs doesn’t get that I need scarfs just as other women need shoes!

8. I’m a classic Couch-Potato

photo 4

Oh totally, if you would look up the definition of a Couch Potato you would find me as an example. I love my home and I love being at home and I love my couch. I do all my blogging work here and also reading and of course watching TV. If I do not need to go out of the house, I won’t. Of course, I leave my home every day since I’m actually working – daily…


9. I’m spoiled

This totally gives my hubs a big headache sometimes. He blames my parents. They blame him. I blame both! I have amazing parents who always got me what I wanted – to a certain degree of course. Now, I am very spoiled, which makes it not so easy to travel with me for instance. Hotel rooms must be awesome, stylish and luxury. But it’s not just hotels but also clothes, bags, computers (please only Apples for me! ). Yep – I am spoiled.

Oh this also includes that I like to get my way – I hate when things do not go the way I want them to.

10. My name

Well, my full name is Daniela, which I hate and no one calls me this. So the usual nickname would e Dani. However when I was younger I thought it would be cool to write it like this: “Danny” …  and it stuck with me! So because I wanted to be cool as a Teen I am not stuck with a boy’s name!


 11. I haven’t read a single German book in 4 years

.. people keep asking me if I have read certain german books and I always have to say “No, I haven’t rea a singly German book in 4 years! ” I mean there are some German authors who have been translated into english – but I only heard about them when they came out in english. Like Ruby Red. The last German book I’ve read was Twilight – this is when I switched to english and here I am!

12. I need Romance in a book

Love.Kissing.Swooing.Falling in Love.Butterflies

A book with no romance is nothing for me – I know I will close the book and I know I’d miss something!

13. I was obsessed with Twilight and the Fever Series

I read those two series more than 5 times! In a row… there was a time when all I read was Twilight, close the last book, start with the first one again. Then this happened again with the Fever Series from Karen Marie Moning. I can become easily obsessed with books that make me feel so much!


So do you maybe have a better idea about my person now? What do you think about Group Blogs, do they have it more difficult to establish a “voice”?  And I’d love if you’d tell me something random about yourself, as I’d love to get to know you better too! 

Much Love, yours…

danny Siggy


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25 Responses to “Discussed! The Blogger behind the scenes… 10 Random Facts about Danny.”

  1. I totally get you, I loved Twilight but I only read it once. I love my bed, it’s so comfy. I have a sleep number bed idk if you know what that is, you could change the firmness of it. I’m also a cryer and I also love romance. I think we would get along great.

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    Danny 6/29/2013

    Yes I think I know what kind of bed you have. I beleive I was sleeping in one of those in a Raddisson hotel! They are awesome!
    We have a waterbed and I swear I sleep nowhere as good as in my own bed. I think everyone says that :))

    And yes it does sounds like we would get along pretty well:)))
    Danny recently posted..Discussed! The Blogger behind the scenes… 10 Random Facts about Danny.My Profile

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  2. I feel you on the horror front. My brothers played a bad joke on me when I was little, it involved Freddy Kruger (the 80’s were horrible!) and safe to say, I will never watch a horror film, ever! And there is nothing wrong with being a little spoiled….you have a valid point on hotel rooms, those, you really need to get as nice as you can. 🙂 When Twilight came out, I read it many times in a row.
    Katie recently posted..Kid Favorite FridayMy Profile

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    Danny 6/29/2013

    OH NO! Isn’t Freddy Krueger the most horrible thing in TV? and yes the 80s were horrible that way and I will never forget a few scenes even though it’s been years this happend!!

    Thank you for stopping by today!
    Danny recently posted..Discussed! The Blogger behind the scenes… 10 Random Facts about Danny.My Profile

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    Katie 6/30/2013

    He is the worst! There is just something about those movies, that they will embed into your mind. I’m sorry you were traumatized too!
    Katie recently posted..Super Six SundayMy Profile

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  3. This was such a fun and insightful post! I really enjoyed reading about you! I watch the Marry Me video… OMG! That was so freakin’ romantic! It’s nice to know guys like the one in the video exist in real life and not just in romance novels 🙂 I am absolutely obsessed with rain. I remember last year there was a horrible rain storm (during the summer, so it was hot outside but raining terribly) and I was that one random person who wasn;t running… I was just strolling happily along. I’m sure people thought I was insane, but I can’t help it… I really love the rain (sans the effect it does to my hair -_-). Also, twilight got me into reading so I was extremely obsessed with it for a while!

    Loved this post! I definitely know you better now!
    Shae @ Understanding Shae’s Story

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    Danny 6/29/2013

    Gosh this Marry Me video always makes me tear up and that was exactly what I though too! That there is real romance out there!

    Oh and I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who loves rain so much!
    So glad you liked me little insight post and thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!
    Danny recently posted..Discussed! The Blogger behind the scenes… 10 Random Facts about Danny.My Profile

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  4. LOVE YOU!! And don’t worry about turning 35. Seriously, I still feel like I’m 25 and do my best to ignore the fact that I’m not.

    I want another tattoo, too! Something with a book and quill or something but I also want one that’s a Celtic symbol to celebrate my heritage. I think I’d have a lot more tats than the one I have but my friends & family aren’t fans and I tend to cave to peer pressure. *sigh*
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..Blog Tour Stop and Giveaway: DEMANDING RANSOM by Megan SquiresMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 6/29/2013

    And I LOVE YOU!!!! Arg.. I know it’s actually not a big deal – it’s just I do not feel like I’m 35 and feel more like 25, so I can’t really believe it!

    I actually didn’t know you had one! You must show me next time! and Jenny just suggested to get one next time we are in NYC! woot :)) We just need to find a place where our family does not see it directly!
    Danny recently posted..Discussed! The Blogger behind the scenes… 10 Random Facts about Danny.My Profile

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    Mary @ BookSwarm 6/29/2013

    Sounds like a plan to me!
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..Blog Tour Stop and Giveaway: DEMANDING RANSOM by Megan SquiresMy Profile

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  5. Okay. This is going to sound creepy but I don’t even care because you know i love you. That picture of you in your Darkling shirt? I want it. YOU ARE SO CUTE AND YOU MAKE ME HAPPY! You’re just glowing and that picture and it makes me feel like you’re not so far away:)

    You know I’m with you on Romance! Yes to kissing and swooning and hot boys. And more kissing. A big no to horror as well, just not for me! Also, I don’t have a tattoo but I’m definitely thinking of getting one. Maybe we can go together in NYC 😉

    Reply »

    Danny 6/29/2013

    Can I love you anymore? This comment touched me and I’m tearing a little up.. yes I know I’m way too emotional sometimes! And you can say things like that anytime, no creepfactor just big lovefactor!

    And YES about getting something in NYC next time!! I truly and badly want another one!

    I love you!
    Danny recently posted..Discussed! The Blogger behind the scenes… 10 Random Facts about Danny.My Profile

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  6. Danny that was so much fun! I was also obsessed with Twilight when it first came out. I still claim to be one of the first people to “discover” the book before it really caught on.

    I’m dying to get a tattoo! But I’m scared. I love that your tattoos have a very special and personal meaning for you.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Tammy recently posted..Stacking the Shelves (33)My Profile

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  7. Danny that was fun! I’m a couch potato too, but I go back and forth between my bed and the couch. And I love rainy days unless I have to go out in them too. I love the second book in the Twilight series, I love the way she wrote the months of her depression just a month on a page. Love that series. I always will.

    You’re a baby at 35. Besides age is just a number. Don’t let it slow you down! I’m with you, a book with romance is always better than one without.

    I think you’re blog shows your personality the most because you do most of the reviews and commenting. I always forget it’s not just you. But I love the middle grade reviews. And the adult ones.

    Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

    Reply »

    Danny 7/2/2013

    Gosh, I LOVED New Moon so much tooo!!!! Gosh and yes I know I’m not that old, but sometimes I feel like this 🙂

    And thank you so much for saying this Heather I hope that some of my personality shoes on the blog here as I truly put a lot of heart inside here. Heather and Pushy just do not have the same amount of time – but I love that we are all doing this together!
    Danny recently posted..Come Alive by Karina HalleMy Profile

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  8. It was fun getting to know you better Dani. I used to love rainy weather until I moved to Portland and now it gets old, but I know what you mean about a rainy day and reading. That was me before kids. I didn’t think I wanted kids either but then I met my nieces and it changed. I had Risa at 35 and Mateus at 37 so you never know!
    Heidi recently posted..The Sunday Post 52nd EditionMy Profile

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    Danny 7/2/2013

    I’m always waiting for the moment when I think – Ok I want kids now! but so far it never really came up to be honest.

    And yes I can imagine that living somewhere where it rains constantly makes you appreciate rain much less:)
    Danny recently posted..Come Alive by Karina HalleMy Profile

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  9. This is such an awesome post! I love the Marry Me youtube video. It made me tear up as well. I could never get a tattoo. I’m so scared of needles. I faint. Even just thinking about a tattoo makes me shiver. And I’m spoiled too. I blame my parents and my husband. Or maybe just the universe – I’m so awesome that the world is just meant to revolve around me. 😉 Miss you!

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    Danny 7/2/2013

    Gosh this video just makes me cry sooo much! This is so damn cute and romantic!!!

    Haha!!! yeah for being spoiled, it actually is something I very much appreciate to be honest:)) Miss you too!!

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  10. You just MADE my morning. I hadn’t seen the lip dub proposal and it made me cry!! It was so wonderful she is such a lucky woman that all those people did that for her and for him to propose!

    I only have one tattoo also – I got it right before I went to “war”. I think its like a tradition with soldiers to get one if they are sent off.

    me too – couch potato all the way!! I would rather sit and home and read then go out ….I do like going out but man I just want to READ!!!

    It was so awesome learning more about you Danny!
    pabkins recently posted..Review: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. ValenteMy Profile

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  11. I love this post! I definitely feel like I know you a little better. I am your mirror image couch potato in the states! LOL. I am perfectly happy to not leave my house, or my couch. No one understand it. My husband convinced me to sign up for a bowling league with a friend of mine just to get me out of the house once a week. I bowled for two weeks and quit. Not that I don’t like bowling once in a while, but I’d rather be at home. 😀
    Toni @ My Book Addiction recently posted..Review: ReVamped & ReAwakened by Ada AdamsMy Profile

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  12. Omg, I’m totally the same! For some reason, books with no romance in them just don’t interest me.

    And I love the rain! I hate how it’s described as being bad. Imagine your own country without it, and it’ll look like my country-which is in the middle the desert decorated by dusty palm trees.

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