Sunday With the Bookworms {12} … with Inferno Park, I’ll Give You The Sun, Hart of Dixie and Bridgerton Goodness!

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Welcome Friends! Do you have a Coffee or a Tea? Then sit down and chat a little bit about your week with us!

Like every week, Heather, Pushy and Danny are sharing what they read and other exciting things happened in their lives!


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Heather’s Week

The week has been hectic with my son starting all-day kindergarten, but he’s adjusted well and loves school. I’ve gotten used to packing his lunch and getting his things ready at night for the next day again. It’s amazing how much energy it takes to get back into the swing of that kind of routine again. Saturday and Sunday have been spent at our local motocross track where my son and husband are both racing this weekend. My husband is a veteran at this by now, but this is my son’s first set of races, so I’m understandably nervous about him racing–even if he still has the training wheels on his little dirt bike.

But my reading life was consumed by Inferno Park this week. This book is my favorite horror novel by J.L. Bryan so far, and he’s written so many great books that have blown me away. But this one was super creepy, so well planned out and thoroughly researched, so enigmatic…I just loved it. This abandoned amusement park dug it’s hooks in me and didn’t let go until I felt like I was a part of the story. It even inspired my Picture This Friday post featuring abandoned amusement park photos.  I can’t recommend this book enough to everyone!

I also finished up The Fever by Megan Abbott. I really loved this audiobook and I’ll be reviewing it soon, but the scientist in me wasn’t very happy with the lack of an answer in the end. I like to know why things like a mysterious sickness sweeping through the girls of a high school happen! Finally, I read another book that sucked me in immediately, Beyond Hollywood Strip by Shamron Moore for the TLC Book Tour that I’m posting a review and giveaway for this Monday. This is an entertaining insider look at what it’s really like to be an actress in Hollywood.

InfernoPark TheFever beyondhollywoodstrip

Pushy’s Week

What a whirlwind week!  My crazy work project, and the fact that my husband was home with the kids, meant I was working as much as possible this week!  Gah!  Still, I managed to go out and meet my friends for our book club meeting.  They LOVED The Selection series, although with my crabby pants on this week, I didn’t enjoy the wedding as much as I had hoped.  I’m not saying who America marries, though…… *wink*.  But we chose a new series to read and *happy dance* it’s Julia Quinn’s The Bridgertons series!!!!!!  *ENORMOUS HAPPY SIGH!!!!*  Yes, this is the 30th or something time I’ve read the series, but it just gets better each time.  Very happy!!

the duke and i

Danny’s Week

In the beginning of the week, I’ve had some technical problems with the Blog here.. I hate it when things go wrong and for whatever kind of reasons out feed was not being updated anymore! I wondered, why there are no comments on the post anymore? *sniffles* But then… I found out that Feedburner was being super weird and thank Goddness Ashley (Nose Graze) the Coding WonderWoman rescued me once again! So this really got me so grey hairs!

In terms of reading, I’ve been a little slow. Reasons for this? *cough* Wade *cough* – see below!

But, I finished the latest book in the Chicagoland Vampire Series and started the cutes and most wonderful book! I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. I’m halfway through and I LOVE IT SO FREAKING much!!! I think this screams for a Pre-Squee next week!

    I'll Give You the Sun

And… I became obsessed with a new TV show! After watching all these supernatural shows, I needed something easy for the heart! With some boy drama, and just some heart and .. I started watching Hart of Dixie. Ohhh … this show is so cute! It’s exactly what I was looking for and now I’m hooked and want my own WADE so badly!

  of-Hart-Of-Dixie-November-Sweeps-Posters-rachel-bilson-26207833-700-884 Wade-hart-of-dixie-2


So how was your week? Anything exciting and new happen in your life? 

Which books are you reading right now? Any series you love, just discovered or are obsessed over? 






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  1. I went back to work (school) this week and I’ve been reading the same book (Heir of Fire) ALL WEEK. That never happens. I need to get organized and get my reading rhythm going! I find I’m not enjoying the book as much as I think I should (based on the first two) and I think it’s because I can’t get any quality time with it. My goal is to finish it TODAY (It’s LOOOONG.)
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