My Friday Love {2}

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Welcome to our new feature and meme :
where we want to share with you what we loved this week
in the world of blogging, books and more!
Pushy here!! *waves*
Well, I have to admit, the thing I loved most this week was…


I live in the Midwest and for any of you who aren’t under the heat dome

That’s pretty much the epicenter of Hell these days.
I live in Hell-lite:
All the glamorous sweating of Hell, but not QUITE as hot.
Fun times!
Watch out for those pitchforks!!

But that means every moment I spent this week,
in my air conditioned house
(thank you, baby Jebus!)
goofing off on FacebookLinkand chatting up my Tweet-hearts
was precious, precious time!

But, in all seriousness,
My Friday Love this week goes out to…

And more precisely the love that poured out,
particularly via Twitter’s hashtag, #ThankUBorders.

I was sorry to see my local Borders close a few months ago,
and even sadder to see any physical bastion of books disappear this week,
but I loved the love that was out there on the interwebs for the bookstore
and people who loved it.

Danny here *waves* 

My Friday Love is
a review from Sleight found at Paranormal Indulgence
I love when someone else loves a book that I’m super excited about..
And Asher really wrote a wonderful review…
(Sleight review at Paranormal Indulgence) 

Sleight laid the groundwork for something epic, and acts as a wonderful start to this magic-ridden, humorous, and intriguing series!

AVRA-K Book 1
by Jennifer Sommersby
amazon (Kindle and paperback)

And My Second Friday Love goes to C.C Hunter, author
of the fabulous “Shadow Falls” Series.

Don’t they look super pretty??? 
(I just got this week an ARC for Awake at Dawn and I Loooooved it) 

She not only posted the cover for her the third book,
but also she also reposted an interview I did with Derek and Lucas
(my original post) and truly, this was the funniest and most awesomenesst interview ever!

So, now let’s hear what Your Friday Love is!
You can participate by creating your own post
and add your link below, or of course you can simply leave
a comment and tell us what you loved!!
Much Love!
…and get lost in a book!

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  1. Greta is Erikasbuddy

    My Friday Love was spending all day Tuesday at the dollar theater going to see Thor and X-men First Class. Squee diddles to comic book movies!!!

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  2. hrose2931

    I was reading Ripple yesterday. All day! Well, first I finished a review book and wrote the review and then allowed myself to read Ripple so I didn't see this meme or surely you know I would have joined in. So, give me a week to get in the groove and I'll do it next week. I am having a very hard time getting back into the blogging routine!

    My recent post Happy Birthday To Me by Brian Rowe

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