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The Bookworms Turn 1!

It’s true! Today’s the day, one whole year ago,that we posted our very first post here at Bewitched Bookworms,introducing ourselves and giddily jumpinginto the exciting world of book blogging! And what a year it’s been! We’ve fallen in love with so many books!!!!We’ve reviewed almost 200 books!And were introduced to books we didn’t even know […]

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Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge

*waves* Hi Girls! And? how is it going with reading from Dusk Till Dawn? I have to say I sucked a bit, yesterday I fell asleep on my couch – I guess it was the Red Wines fault… Anyway I finally managed to finish Mockingjay!!! Which means I read 400 pages – still it seems […]

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Yes, we have spruced the place up!

Hello, dear reader! In case you’ve stopped by and noticed the little changes here and there around our blog, no, you’re not seeing things. We did indeed change the font for our post titles, add a sharing bar at the bottom of all of our posts (go ahead and show your love for us on […]

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Summer Book ContestWINNERS!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!!! And without further ado, here are our winners: The Signed Copy ofAll Unquiet Thingsis…… Patsy! The Super, SummeryClam Shell Book Thongis…… Jean! The Mockingjay InspiredNecklaceis…… HeatherKegler! A Copy of The Reckoningis…… Jillian! And now for our Mystery Prizes!!!The Printer’s Row Literary Fest was fantastic.Out of the myriad […]

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Kindle – iPad? for the love of eBooks!

Are you a classical reader? Meaning you love the smell of a new book when you open it, and you just love to hold a real book that you can put in your shelf? Or, are you among those who read eBooks and love the possibilities you have with a eBook reader? Beginning of the […]

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Summer Book Contest!

Whenever I’m lucky enough to go to a book signing, I (Pushy) seem to be incapable of NOT picking up an extra signed copy to give away on the blog. This is probably why my husband doesn’t encourage me to go to too many book signings. I do have a mortgage to pay after all…. […]

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The100 (now almost 200) FollowersContest Winners!!!!!

First off, thank you so much to everyone who entered!!! There were SO MANY entries that I think next timewe’ll need to use a form to tabulate.Woot for that!!! Now on to our winners! The Signed Copy of The Dead-Tossed Wavesis…… Ladytink_534! The Hard Copy of Undead and Unworthyis…… KG The Cute, Springy, Purple Bagwith […]

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