Beautiful Darkness Book Discussion:Overview and Contest

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We adore talking about books. Come on, that’s why we’re part of a book blog after all, right? But we truly adore the feeling we get when we’ve fallen (yet again) in love with a fantastic book and get to gush about it to someone who feels the same way. Or find out why someone absolutely doesn’t feel the same way (we’re interested both actually).

Danny: You mean you didn’t LOVE it?!?! Are you out of your mind?
Pushy: I just didn’t get the emotional arc of it the way you did!
Hey, am I burning this shirt?!?!

Back in our Twilight days, before this blog was even a twinkle in Danny’s eye, we all enjoyed the occasional book discussion. We participated in them on the Twilight books in the lead up to the movie releases and for non-Twilight books (shocker, I know!). We even did discussions on fanfiction. Let’s face it, we like to dissect just what it is we love about what we love. *cheesy grin*

Then at the very beginning of this year, fragile little human hosted a book discussion in an effort to get us all to read a book she was super excited about: Beautiful Creatures. To say that we were all exited by the prospect was an understatement. And by the end of the two month long discussion, we were all converts. This was one amazing book!

Well, six or so months later, the sequel is out and fragile has generously agreed to co-host the Beautiful Darkness Book Discussion with us right here! WOOT!!!

So, what is this book discussion going to look like, you ask? Allow us to explain:

Each Tuesday for then next few months we will post a very brief recap of the highlights for what new and interesting things we learned in the chapters covered and a single discussion question will be posed for the week. During the next few days we’ll be looking to YOU to tell us what you think and we’ll be here giving you our thoughts as well. Then on Sunday, we’ll do a brief recap of the discussion.

In the words of the inimitable Cutie: Easy. Peasy. Extra Cheesy!

So we hope you’ll stop on by. Here’s what the schedule looks like:

11/2/2010: Week 1 (Recap)
Before: Caster Girl (pg. 1-3)
Post by Pushy, Danny & Fragile

11/9/2010: Week 2 (Recap)
2.15: Perpetual Peace (pg. 4-17)
4.17: Burnt Waffles (pg. 18-24)
4.17: Lemons and Ash (pg. 25-34)
5.1: Falling (pg. 35-40)
Post by Heather

11/16/2010: Week 3 (Recap)
5.16: The Call (pg. 41-56)
5.17: All That Remains (pg. 57-68)
6.12: The Girl of My Dreams (pg. 69-87)
6.12: The Lake (pg. 88-93)
Post by Pushy, Danny & Fragile

11/23/2010: Week 4 (Recap)
6.12: Caster Boy (pg. 94-107)
6.14: Bookworm (pg. 108-121)
6.14: Beneath the Paper (pg. 122-133)
6.15: Southern Crusty (pg. 134-148)
Post by Suz from I Adore Books and Film

11/30/2010: Week 5 (Recap)
6.15: Tunnel of Love (pg. 149-166)
6.15: Unmistakable (pg. 167-175)
6.15: Wayward Soul (pg. 176-192)
6.15: Exile (pg. 193-204)
Post by Nely from All About {n}

12/7/2010: Week 6 (Recap)
6.15: Vexed (pg. 205-219)
6.16: Revelations (pg. 220-238)
6.17: Inheritance (pg. 239-249)
6.17: Keeping (pg. 250-262)
Post by Uhyesplease

12/14/2010: Week 7 (Recap)
6.17: The Arclight (pg. 263-271)
6.17: Jump (pg. 272-287)
6.18: Outer Doors (pg. 288-302)
6.18: Through the Looking Glass (pg. 303-319)
Post by AH

12/21/2010: Week 8 (Recap)
6.19: Bonaventure (pg. 320-331)
6.19: Scars (pg. 332-344)
6.19: Down Below (pg. 345-359)
6.19: Bad Girl (pg. 360-370)
Post by Greta and Uhyesplease

12/28/2010: Week 9 (Recap)
6.19: Consequences (pg. 371-382)
6.19: No One Special (pg. 383-391)
6.20: Common Thread (pg. 392-402)
6.20: No One’s Son (pg. 403-415)
Post by Drea from Book Blather

1/4/2011: Week 10 (Recap)
6.20: Sea Change (pg. 416-417)
6.20: Out of the Light (pg. 418-427)
6.20: Flesh and Blood (pg. 428-438)
6.20: Army of One (pg. 439-449)
Post by Amber from Eyes of Amber

1/11/2011: Week 11 (Recap)
6.20: Dark Fire (pg. 450-461)
6.20: Seventeen Moons (pg. 462-471)
6.21: Darkness and Light (pg. 472-479)
6.22: The Way Back Home (pg. 480-486)
Post by Cutie

1/18/2011: Week 12
6.22: New Blood (pg. 487-494)
6.28: Sunrise (pg. 495-500)
After: Siren’s Tears (pg. 501-503)
Post by Pushy, Danny & Fragile


Of course we’re going to sweeten the deal with a contest!!!!!

That’s right, for every good faith comment during the discussion you will get an entry into our Beautiful Darkness Book Discussion Contest where we will be giving away:

Two signed copies of
the paperback edition of
Beautiful Creatures
and some assorted swag
provided by
Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Two signed Beautiful Darkness posters

A Beautiful Bracelet
inspired by the Caster Chronicles
by Mary Tippett Designs

Five prizes means five (5!!) lucky winners!!!! We hope you enjoy these prizes as much as the discussion!

So on to the important stuff….rules:

  1. You must be a follower to enter.
  2. You must post a comment on the discussion posts (not the recaps) that answers the weekly discussion question. As much as we love hearing how much you love us, or Kami and Margie, or Danny’s blog design, you’ll need to answer the week’s discussion question in good faith to get your comment counted as an entry.
  3. You must live on the planet Earth (yes, this means the contest is international…*wink*)
Entries will be accepted until the discussion ends with the final discussion recap post on January 23rd. We’ll post the list of five lucky winners on January 25th.

So what are you waiting for?
Come and read Beautiful Darkness with us,
grab our button and comment away!

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18 Responses to “Beautiful Darkness Book Discussion:Overview and Contest”

  1. I choked on my tea when I read "live on the plant Earth" I laughed so hard. In fact, this comment is delayed because I ended up falling over, from laughing so hard that I've been passed out for an hour. Yep, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Oi… I finally was able to come by. Gosh, sorry I took so long!! Exciting! Very exciting! What a great line-up you guys have and what awesome giveaways. I grabbed the button post and I plan on doing a post over the weekend to show some PR love. πŸ˜€


    Reply »

  3. Oh that would be awesome! Thanks so much and again thanks so so much for participating! The prized we have are so cool, but we got them all from Magi and Kami who are just incredible lovely and generous. Honestly, I wish I could enter too!

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  4. Isalys

    Oooh, this is great πŸ˜€ Count me in!
    I read Beautiful Creatures & loved it. Last week I got Beautiful Darkness and I'm ready for it. I'm grabbing your button and adding it to Book Soulmates!


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  5. @Aleetha – it's absolutely not too late to join the discussion!!!Β  And you can still get extra entries in the contest by posting comments on the discussions from weeks past.Β  Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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