Kindle – iPad? for the love of eBooks!

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Are you a classical reader? Meaning you love the smell of a new book when you open it, and you just love to hold a real book that you can put in your shelf? Or, are you among those who read eBooks and love the possibilities you have with a eBook reader?

Beginning of the year I would have answered right away, “Classical Reader” no doubt! Love the smell of a book and the first thing I always did when I got a new book was open it, take a breath and let my fingers glide over the pages. Then, hubs bought me a Kindle and my reading life changed! Completely! This was one of the best presents ever! Honestly, his present was also quite selfish – when we go on holidays a huge part of our luggage consists of book and they are heavy! I always take a huge amount of books with me, but with a Kindle this time would be over! No more heavy books in the luggage.
I think it took only a day before I was irrevocable in love with my Kindle. Storing more than 1000 of books in one device and the possibility to finish a book, go online and download the next. No delivery time –!
Two weeks ago it happened that I got an iPad. It wasn’t planed but there it is. I wrote a post on my personal blog about why the heck this girl here now also has an iPad.
Anyhoddle, the question I got most was ” Is it better than the Kindle? What do you do now with the Kindle?” Well, after two weeks of heavily testing I can give you now an honest answer about those two devices and can compare them better! And, here we go!
Kindle! Love points:
  • super light and easy to hold. The weight is even less than a paperback!
  • the screen! The screen is awesome, this eInk technology makes it possible to read also outside in the bright sunlight. Imagine yourself lying on a beach somewhere in the world, holding the Kindle and read. Awesome!
  • Battery last forever! Due to the new screen technology the battery can last a month with daily reading in the evening, or a week with constant whole day reading!
Kindle! Meeeh points
  • You can only read Kindle format books. This certainly is a limiting factor, although softwares like calibre can convert most of the formats into the Kindle format, unless they’re not locked to prevent the distribution
  • Black and White screen. No colors
iPad! Love points
(only talking about the eReader function!!)

looks like a Twilight fan here, hu? *giggles*
but the iPad looks soooo stunning!

  • The iPad definitely wins in the style category. I mean, it looks plain awesome! (Specially for an apple freak like me)
  • Illuminated screen: Reading in the dark. Hubs loves that, since I don’t need additional light to read.
  • Ready ANY possible format out there. There is a Kindle app, so you can read your Kindle books on the iPad also. Then we have a B&N app, so you can read any book available at Barnes and Noble and not just amazon. Plus you can shop in the new iBook store. This gives you endless possibilities and you are not limited to the device/company where you got your eReader.
iPad! Meeeh points
  • It’s really heavy for a eBook reader. Compared more to a really huge hardcover book
  • Battery, 10 hours maximun.
  • Screen: The screen is awesome when you read inside, it’s big and shiny and beautiful but reading outside in the sun? Not working. This is the biggest complain I have.
In Summary:

I love them both, each one for a different reason. And the spoiled girl here is happy to be able to choose on which one I want to read my books. If you want to a plain eBook reader then I can say wholeheartedly : buy a Kindle, you won’t be disappointed. If you want an eBook reader that can more than just read books and looks incredible stylish ( and you don’t care about outside reading) go for an iPad!
I’m happy to have both, when I’m reading outside on the balcony I have my Kindle with me. But, when I read in the evening in bed – I read on the iPad because I don’t need additional light for it. Hubs is incredible happy about this, since he hates it when we go to bed and I have my light switched on for at least an hour. With the iPad, no need to disturb him anymore.
My final Verdict:

Truly bewitched devices, both of them. Together they just complete each other, and I truly don’t miss holding a book, although I thought this would happen in the beginning. But now, I the whole world of eBooks is open for me!

For completeness, I found a review about that compares all the eReaders out there at the Kindle Vixen, so if you are interested in another eBook reader you can read her review.

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7 Responses to “Kindle – iPad? for the love of eBooks!”

  1. I don't think I would ever get a Kindle or any reader to read books. However, it definitely has its advantages! If I traveled a lot or something, it would be really helpful. The idea to have so many books in one gadget is pretty amazing too. But I'm the one who gets really dizzy reading stuff online. And I also spend way too much time online already — at work at school and at home haha — so I love to have my reading time computer-less.

    Oh and it also doesn't hurt that an iPad/Readers looks pretty.. not that that matters! haha 😉

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  2. Oh with the new screens you eyes won't hurt when reading on a Kindle. I also spend all my time online and I hate reading on the computer, but the Kindle screen looks more like a book page – amazing!!

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  3. mscaboo

    I have the Barnes and Noble Nook, and I love it! I still buy paperbacks, but the Nooks keeps my bookshelves under control. It's super easy to use, and you can read any ebook available in any B&N store for a hour for free. It's also hooked up to our local library system, so you can check out ebooks from the library and read them on the Nook. I love having a physical bookstore I can go to that is connected to my e-reader. They also have coupons to use at the store, and a free download every Friday. And, of course, a staff that will help with any questions. I'm very happy with my Nook.

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  4. I have a Sony Reader Touch to read review copies and I like it but traditional books are the way to go for me. It looks like it has some sick glare, though. That would irk me out. The Sony has some slight glare but it's not as bad as that. And isn't an iPad basically reading on a computer screen? That would bug my eyes. While I like my Sony, I can't even imaging abandoning my books!
    My recent post Things I've Learned from Books + 58

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  5. I love my Kindle and you can also read pdfs. You just have to adjust the orientation so the text is a reasonable size. Having said that, there had better be an Ipad in my Birthday Stocking this year! I want both and don't miss "real" books at all. If I am at the gym, beach, on vacation, etc., and finish a "real" book I cannot make another or the next in the series materialize in my hand! I can with my Kindle. In one year I Have seen the number of Kindles explode from one other person on a plane last June to every other seat in first class in March. Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
    I don't know wat I will do with my Ipad, but I want one!

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