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Welcome to TV Tuesday here on Bewitched Bookworms,  and we’re bringing you a new feature where we share our favorite television series with our fellow Bookworms and with you,  our lovely readers.

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I Dare You To Watch is a feature where one of the Bookworms picks one of their favorite television series that at least one of the other two Bookworms hasn’t had the chance to watch yet. After explaining what they love so much about this show, the newbies will watch an episode (preferably episode 1 of season 1) and will come back in two weeks and give their verdict. Did they like it? Will they be checking out more episodes? Did they go on a Netflix binge?

It’s Heather here today and I’m recommending and daring Danny and you all to watch:

Finding Carter

I saw the advertisements for Finding Carter while watching Teen Wolf on Mtv last summer, and I love my dramas, so I knew that I had to give this new show a shot. The ads were full of teenaged angst, rebellion, a dangerous kidnapper, a super bad boy, and a family that was walking on egg shells to make a daughter that they never got to know feel welcome. I eagerly awaited each new episode last summer, and I was not disappointed!

Finding Carter


About Finding Carter Season 1 :

The series follows Carter, a young girl who has a perfect life with her single mother Lori. After a prank lands Carter in jail, it reveals that Lori had abducted Carter as a child. Now, Carter returns to her biological family and must navigate through her new life while vowing to be reunited with Lori. However, Carter’s biological mom, Elizabeth, is determined to find Lori and punish her for kidnapping her child at the age of 3. Meanwhile, Carter’s father, David, is secretly writing the sequel to his hit book about Carter disappearing. Also in Carter’s family is her goody-two-shoes twin sister Taylor, and her constantly overlooked younger brother Grant.


The reasons why I love Finding Carter and want the other Bookworms and fellow readers to watch:


  • The drama and angst are so high, but I love it so much! Carter is the bad girl twin, and she slowly corrupts the good twin Taylor.
  • Parents that are just as flawed and messed up as the teenagers. And they make just as many mistakes as the kids do, even though they think they are hiding their problems from everyone, the truth eventually comes out.
  • Crash is the hottest and baddest of bad boys, but damn is his back story tragic.
  • Backstabbing so called friends and family that you would hope you could count on all add to the drama.
  • So much betrayal and heartbreak on all fronts…
  • The cast is phenomenal and everyone has so many layers. With Alexis Denisof (of Buffy fame) as the dad, Cynthia Watros as the mom, and even the mom from Family Ties as the grandma, there’s a lot of actors to recognize in this drama. The younger actors are great as well.

Finding Carter Cast

  • The twists and turns as Carter tries to adjust to life with her real family are realistic. She rebels and acts out while trying to find a new life for herself.
  • Season two is airing right now, and some big bombs have already dropped. I’m super excited to see where this season goes.

The first season is up on Mtv and HuluPlus for your binge-watching pleasure. Season 2 is now airing on Mtv on Tuesdays at 9pm CST/10pm EST! 





Who is with us? Who hasn’t watched Finding Carter and takes this dare? Watch the first episodes with us and then we can discuss how we liked it! 



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