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Hey, Friends! It’s Sunday and if you came here for a new edition of Super 6 Sunday we have to disappoint you. We loved doing this feature over the past year, but we decided it’s time to move on. We Bookworms have been friends now for more than 5 years, and we realized that we are not doing posts together anymore.

Well, that’s about to change! Every Sunday we are going to share what we’ve been up to this week, what we are reading, watching on TV or other exciting things that happened in our lives.

So, have a coffee with us and let’s chat about our week!


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Danny’s Week

This week has been busy at work for me, and finally the summer has arrived in Germany so I spend my evening chilling outside on my balcony with a glass of wine and my Kindle!

Right now I am devouring Heir of Fire by Sarah J.Maas and damn guys, it’s So so SOO good!! My emotions are a whirlwind and I’m constantly on the edge of tearing up! It’s epic and I don’t want it to end!

Then, I always have some audios I’m listening to and I started the audio from Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones. I absolutely love love love this series so badly and Lorelei King is outstanding with her narration and Charley’s Voice is spot on!

Heir of Fire Sixt Grave

And then of course, The World Cup has begun! Being German, I think it’s imprinted in my genes to love Football (Yes, I am refusing to use the word soccer now! ) And during the World Cup we are all watching football every day!


Apart from the German team, I am rooting for the Netherlands and The Belgium Team, who are you favourites?

Heather’s Week

My week has been super insane with work as usual, but I get to end my twelve hour day including commute by coming home to my 5-year-old son and my two nephews (ages 7 and 4) who are staying with us for the summer. They always want to do something as soon as I get home, so we’ve been picking right up with reading, video games, crafts, bike riding, and movies. I actually got them to watch and like the old Disney movie The Sword in the Stone, which is one of my favorites.

sword in the stoneOn the bookish front, I read and absolutely loved Janet Gurtler’s 16 Things I Thought Were TrueThis was one of the first one that had me tearing up several times throughout the book in a long time. I started reading Marcus Sakey’s second book in the Brilliance saga, A Better WorldI usually listen to audiobooks at work too, but since I finished up a few last week I’ve had to catch up on all of the podcasts that had built up. I’ll be starting a new audiobook this coming week.


On the television front, I finally finished up season one of The 100 on the CW, and the season finale certainly ended on a shocker. Now I’m just watching the remaining new episodes of season two of Beauty and the Beast when they air on Mondays, and eagerly awaiting the new seasons of True Blood and Teen Wolf that start at the end of June.  And when I get a chance, I’ve been catching a new episode of season two of Moonboy on HuluPlus. Yay for the light television schedule and DVR’s!

Finally, my sister bought us last minute tickets to see comedy troupe Kids in the Hall on Friday night at the Chicago Theatre. I’ve been a giant fan of theirs since 1990, so I was super excited to see them do skits in person. They were excellent, and I didn’t even mind driving into Chicago after I’d been there all day for work!

Pushy’s Week

This week’s actually been pretty good for me.  It’s always busy, the little foxes just got out of school for the summer so life just took an 8-week turn for the crazy and expensive, but as that’s sort of the baseline, things are good!

I’ve just finished up reading Wally Lamb’s We Are Water.  MAN, WAS THAT INTENSE!!! So I was thrilled when my bookclub girls had asked for something light and summery this month.  We’re reading (re-reading) The Syrena Legacy trilogy by Anna Banks which means as of right now I’m all snuggly with Emma, Galen and the team.  *sigh* Good times!

We Are Water Of Poseidon Grim

 Both of those are in audio form (shocker!) but I am reading one other book fairly regularly on my Kindle.  It’s a short story compilation, Grim, which has been ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT!!  I’m very much enjoying it!

Beyond the books and the kiddos, the hubster and I do get to watch some TV and we’re into House of Cards right now.  My hubs is a political junkie and I love me some good, Shakespearean style intrigue, so this series suits us both.

house of cards

What about you?  What’s kicking off your summer this week?

So what are you reading this week? Share your week with us! And of course, we (or maybe just Danny wants to know) your favorite Football Team! 


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  1. Heir of Fiiire!! I need to start Sixth Grave already, I love Charley and Reyes!
    And World Cup!! I’m supporting Spain but I’ll have to look for a back up, cause I’m afraid we won’t make it past the quarter finals this time (going back to our usual standards before the winning streak!).
    Pili recently posted..Showcase Sunday #37!!My Profile

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  2. I agree Heather the end of the 100 was sooooo good! And I can’t believe you watch Moone Boy too! (I think you spelled it wrong though, so you might want to correct it 🙂 )
    Lina recently posted..Review: ‘Catch a Falling Star’ by Kim CulbertsonMy Profile

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    Heather 6/16/2014

    Eh, that’s what I get for typing fast with a five year old glued to my side ;). I’ll fix the spelling when I get the chance, but it’s a good show. Glad you watch Moone Boy and The 100 too.
    Heather recently posted..Adorable Best-Friend Romance – On the Fence by Kasie WestMy Profile

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