Hooray for Fridays!!!!

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Yay for Fridays!!! The week’s almost over and it’s time for a whole love of Blog Love and Networking!

Let’s start with Jen’s Blog Hop.

Each week there is a new question to answer, which is fun and also helps to get to know each other better. This week’s question is from Ivan at Ivan Bookworm:

If you were given the chance to spend one day in a fictional world (from a book), which book would it be from and what would that place be?

Cool question, Ivan! I think I would have to pick Julia Quinn’s Regency England, specifically during her Bridgerton series. What a lovely time to be alive (and wealthy, and in a family that didn’t consider a woman a piece of property, hmmm….did I choose well?)! I love the elegance of the era. The balls and the dresses and even the formality of manners, something I occasionally think might be nice to have in this carefree era we live in. Plus, if my life was being written by Ms. Quinn, I know I’d be in for laughter, love and absurdly good times!

Parajunkee is also running a Follow Friday meme that we love.

This week’s question is from Ninja Girl at Ninja Girl Reads:

Can you tell us FIVE quirky habits or things about you? We all have them…

Ok, five things about me….

  1. I am a neat freak with a very mess house. Yes, I know this is ridiculous. I should just clean my house, but….*shrug* I’ve learned to live with the psychological pain and use that time for reading.
  2. I was born at home. Yup, my mom planned to do a home birth back in the 70s and it was quite the event. The fire department showed up. It was a whole big thing. Plus, my mother tells me the story of my birth EVERY year! It’s one of my favorite traditions.
  3. I have a sister who’s 13 years younger than me. I adore her! She is smart and funny and so NOT me but so PERFECT nonetheless.
  4. I met some of my best friends on the internet. I just love that because my computer can talk to a million other computers that I got to meet such wonderful people like my Bookworms and all of you! Technology can be very useful sometimes, no?
  5. I started college planning to be an international affairs major and wound up with a degree in Art and Art History. Yup. I actually changed my major on a dare from a boyfriend. BEST. DECISION. EVER!!! Because? It’s how I met my husband (aka Love of my FREAKING life!)

So that’s me. What aobut you?

Finally, we’d love to take the opportunity to welcome all the new faces and the old ones too! *waves* Glad you are here and we hope you like it here at the Bewitched Bookworms.

To get an impression about us, this was what we were up to at the Bookworms last week:
  • The Starcrossed tour kicked off on Monday with an awesome playlist post! Check it out and follow the tour for your chance to win a Kindle3!

And don’t forget!! If you like audiobooks: hop on over to our Audiobook Challenge for 2011! It’s going to be great fun and a great way to enjoy books even when you can’t have one in your hands. Check it out!!

Now go and get lost…in a book!

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15 Responses to “Hooray for Fridays!!!!”

  1. cutie

    Five quirky things about me? Hm….

    1. I dance every night before bed time. 2. I make up silly songs about ordinary things and sing them to my kids. 3. On long family road trips I whine, complain, and ask my kids "Are we there yet?!" 4. I am not a fan of self help books. In fact, they are the one "genera" I refuse to read. 5. I laugh through my nose when I think something is super funny. It's the weird dorky sound I just can't explain.

    Rambling comment over and out!

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  2. Darkfallen

    HAHAHAs yes I am too a neat freak with a messy house!! Glad to see I'm not alone;) I try to concentrate on the book I'm reading and not the path of destruction the 2 yr old as left behind him….or the hubz for that mater;)

    And nice pick…I almost pick Soulless for that reason. The balls and tea time would be most awesome. Well that and the fact that I would get to spend some time with a Scotish Wolfy Hotty! *waggles eyebrows*

    Come check out ours, and see what we've been up to this week! http://paranormalwastelands.blogspot.com/2011/05/

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  3. Darkfallen

    Oh hahahas I started college as a med major….made it through pre-med…well twice if you count the fact that I took it in highschool too…..then got bored….and dumped it all. Yep you heard right…I'm by far the dumbest smarty pants you'll meet!
    But hey I'm happy:)

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  4. Greta is Erikasbuddy

    You were born at home?!! Me too!!!! and so was my brother.

    Do you know what that means?

    I was thinking about the whole "Show your birth certificate garb" with the president and junk and I thought about it… I don't have one of those footprint certificates of live birth becaues I wasn't born at the hospital.

    Meaning… I could never run for president because I don't have the right documentation.

    Praise BOB! THe world is safe from my rule (cuz I'm pretty sure if I ever got elected for president then it would just inflate my ego and I would more than likely go all Pinky and the Brain and shoot for world domination)

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