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Oh guys! I can’t tell how excited I am … in a few short weeks it’s finally time again for BEA 2014! Sadly, I have to go alone this year as neither Heather nor Pushy can come with me. *insert sad face*

Nevertheless, our popular BEA feature BEA2U shouldn’t be missed this year.


This year, it will be my 4th BEA , crazy hu?

Sure enough, you can find tons of useful tips and a tricks surrounding BEA and we also posted our share of Tips. You can find down below a summary of BEA related posts here at the Bookworms.

Again, I can’t believe it’s again time for BEA and at the same time, I am sad that neither Heather nor Pushy are joining me this year.

But there is Jenny and we are already planning like crazy and I can’t wait to meet up with her and hug her and Pam and Cathy! Ever since we meet 2011 we’ve been friends and actually become closer and closer. One of the perfect examples of how you can find friends online that will become very fast an important part of your life! 


We are here to talk about BEA and having been there 3 times already, I am happy to answer any questions that you might want to ask! So please below you will find a form where you can add your question and next week I am going to answer them.

Now, I want to briefly share what I am most excited about this year!

  • Meeting new Friends! 

I am looking forward getting to know new people! Each hear I meet someone I didn’t know before with whom I then simply *click* Love when that happens! So, please please please say Hello when you see me!! I don’t bite, I just speak with a weird accent! 🙂

  • Jeaniene Frost 

SQUEALS !!! Finally I got the meet the Mastermind of Bones! How I freaking love the Night Huntress series and I always wanted to meet her! Now, she will be at BEA with her new New Adult paranormal series about which I am so so so excited!! –  The Beautiful Ashes 

  • Josephine Angelini 

I’m so so happy she will be at BEA! Not only did I love her Goddess Series, but she was also the first Tour Kismet Book Touring launched their business with, and for this I will never forget her! I’m excited that I am finally having the chance to meet her!  – Trial by Fire 

  • Heather Demetrios 

Her Debut – Something Real totally took my by surprise by how much I loved it. So when I saw that she’s going to be at BEA with her new (incredibly awesome looking book) Exquisite Captive I was squealing!

  • Becca Fitzpatrick

Her hush,hush series still is one of my favourites and Crescendo was my first ARC back then when we started blogging! Meeting her will be amazing!

  • BookCon

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 20.35.09So this might surprise many people as I hear a lot of complaining about this event. I personally think that BEA is creating something super awesome for this last day at BEA! BookCon was the Power Reader day before, but since then has been completely reinvented!


This event promises some absolutely outstanding authors, and awesome panels that will ad a whole new level of excitement to BEA. Have a look at the Guest List and don#t tell me that this is not an impressive line up!! James Patterson, John Grisham, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Stan Lee and so so many more!

Also there are panels I am so edited to attend:

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 19.16.59

This Macmillan Event sounds awesome!

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 19.17.53

Those ladies just create the most amazing stories!!

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 19.18.03

THIS IS MY PANEL! Sorry for the caps – but I am ridiculously excited for this panel.. Authors: Cora Carmack, J. Lynn, Jeaniene Frost, May Chen, Sarah MacLean

Description: (from BookCon)

Tattoos. Motorcycles. Big pointy teeth. What makes a bad boy so bad? And why do we love ‘em so hard? Readers everywhere are taking their romantic and new adult fiction with a jagged little edge…and we have to wonder: has the era of the enlightened heroine been supplanted by the re-emergence of the alpha male? Or is the take-charge female finally ready to give up a measure of control? Join four of the biggest names in popular fiction, Cora Carmack, Jeaniene Frost, J. Lynn (aka Jennifer L. Armentrout) and Sarah MacLean, as they talk about the overwhelming appeal of domineering men – and what this all means about the women who love them!

And the have a Book Swap Speed Dating Event – how fund does that sound!


 Alrighty! So, will you be there at BEA? If yes, I’d LOVE to meet you! What are YOU most excited about? And if you stay here, will you do Armchair BEA? 




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4 Responses to “BEA2U 2014 – Getting Excited & Submit Your Question!”

  1. I am super nova excited for BEA! I hope I get to see you there- I met you at my very first BEA in 2012, in line for the first day. You were so friendly and helpful and you and your friends really helped set the tone for my awesome BEA adventures! Also, your accent is not weird- it’s delightful!

    This will be my third year going, but I know it’ll be a completely different experience, as was last year. I learn a little more each time I go. Last year I was more relaxed (which I think comes from knowing that you just can’t get all the books no matter how much you want all the books), I took more breaks, sat in on some panels, and explored on my own. I can’t wait to see what this year brings!
    Kate @ Midnight Book Girl recently posted..Short and Tweet Review of The Good, The Bad And The WitchyMy Profile

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    Danny 5/10/2014

    Oh that makes me so happy and especially first days are so important!!!
    Just like you, I also get more and more relaxed with each day. I remember that I brought way too many books the first year and every year I brought home less and less. Many books I know I will get anyways either on NetGalley or Edelweiss, so I usually just bring those that I want to have signed:)

    Last year, I just went with the “flow” and let myself drift. I had a few signings that were on my MUST HAVE list other than this I just wandered around!

    I hope I’m going to see you there! Will you also be at Blogger Con?
    Danny recently posted..BEA2U 2014 – Getting Excited & Submit Your Question!My Profile

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  2. I had no idea what BEA was and had to google it- I’m so jealous! I’d love to go to this. It sounds like a bit of a madhouse, but a blast also.

    Hope you have fun, and can’t wait to read the follow up posts!

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