Super Six Sunday – Danny’s Bad Bookish Boyfriends

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Welcome to our  newest edition of Super 6 Sundays!



Super Six Sunday is an original bookish meme hosted at Bewitched Bookworms and inspired by “Top Ten Tuesday” from The Broke and The Bookish . You can see the weekly schedule of themes here.

I’m quote excited to see so many people participating! So , check back later and visit the other Super Six Sunday posts to spread the love!

It’s Danny here today sharing my ….

Super Six Bad Bookish Boyfriends

Oh this is an exciting topic this week!!! How I love these bad boys in YA… so swoon worthy, full of bad kick ass awesomeness! And this time I wanted to focus only on YA and leave out all the adult bad boys which also rock big time, but this week? Only the young ones…


Holy hottnes!!! Cole Holland is such a bad boy and he’s kick ass for sure! I feel in love with him hard core already in Alice in Zombieland and fell a little harder in Through The Zombieglass. He is full of attitude and has serious hard shell, but with Alice? He’s different and that’s why we can love him so bad!


Kaidan Rowe – Son of the Duke of freaking lust! Hello??? Can there be any boy more sedctive than this one? And.. holy badness when we meet him in Sweet Evil he’s … not so nice! Totally the impersonation of a bad boy, but I love him so bad!


The Darkling is just bad. When we meet him in Shadow and Bone we were all waiting for his redemption and for a single good spark in him. So far? There is nothing particularly good about him, yet still I love this character so much! I think I never fell for a villain as hard as for The Darkling and I still hope that Leigh Bardugo will show us a good side about him. Read that Leigh? We want hope for our Darkling!!


*sigh* Patch was one of my first bad book friends … He’s mysterious and we never knew if we could trust him or not and I loved this about him above all else! He definitely was not the nicest boy and has something sinister about him.But then, we see the light in him and that is when we fall for him! Dark, Seductive and utterly mysterious!

SuperSixSunday_BadBoys_5_Dante Walker

Dante Walker is bad when we meet him! He’s not a nice boy and never was, there was not much goodness about him untill he meets Charlie. I loved how Victoria Scott made us fall in love with this hardass with this bad attitude and bad thoughts. But then? We see glimpses of his soul where goddness is and that is when we hope for him to turn!


Oh I think Daemon is a boy you either love or hate. I did love him right from the start. He is so full of himself and he is an incredibly jerk and an ass! but then, he slowly melts when falling hard for Katy and when he’s loosing a little of is assholery we melt for him too!

 So yes those are my Top 6 Bad Bookish Boyfriends and I had a hard time picking just 6, we must definitely revisit this topic with room for more! And, I definitely need a day to talk about my adult bad boookish boys where I can add Barrons (*gasps*) and Ryodan… 

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12 Responses to “Super Six Sunday – Danny’s Bad Bookish Boyfriends”

  1. They all sound good and although I own a few of the books they’re in, I have only read the Lux series where Daemon is in and he is tough one to love but hilarious. I can’t wait to read Origins, what will Daemon do next? The synopsis is so great, I’m so excited.

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  2. Somehow I just new Kaidan would be on both our lists? I wonder how I could have known that? I almost, ALMOST, put the Darkling on because of obvious reasons given he’s so attractive and dark and mysterious, but I swapped him out at the last minute for Greyfriar. AND COLE! We both left different Cole’s off our lists. I’m not sure how I could have forgotten him!

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  3. Kristin

    I’ve only read Hush Hush (wasn’t really into it, though maybe someday I’ll pick up the next book in the series) and the Lux series, though Alice is in my TBR pile and skipping closer to the top now, as is The Collector.

    Since I am probably one of the few people out there who doesn’t have a blog, I’m listing mine here. I’ve finally stopped my “Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!” scream about your rating of The Dream Thieves and have to add Ronan to my list, I’m thrilled he’ll be getting more time in the sequel and still want to read it but am a little worried now. I also love Cassel (Curse Workers), Kaleb (Hourglass), Chris (Strange Angels), Beck (Demon Trappers) and, of course, Daemon.

    I vote HELL YES!!! for an adult version of this post, one for contemporary and one for paranormal. Awesome meme!

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