Super Six Sunday – 6 Things to Recognize Me By at BEA (Danny’s BEA2U Special)

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Welcome to our  newest edition of Super 6 Sundays!



Super Six Sunday is an original bookish meme hosted at Bewitched Bookworms and inspired by “Top Ten Tuesday” from The Broke and The Bookish . You can see the weekly schedule of themes here.

I’m quote excited to see so many people participating! So , check back later and visit the other Super Six Sunday posts to spread the love!

It’s Danny here today sharing my ….

6 Things to Recognize Me By @ BEA

–  Danny

I know I know – all post are about BEA these days and I can imagine that it might be boring for those who cannot go. I apologize – but then, I’m so freaking exited to go that I just can’t help me!

So, today I’m going to share 6 Things about me, besides  the pictures I  already posted, here are some super random personal things that also might help to regonize me!

1 – I’m probably wearing a scarf!

I’m addicted to scarfs, I own more scarfs than I own shows! I love scarf, so badly! So, even though it might be hot, I might very well still wear a scarf.. Here is my recent buy – which I’m very much in love right now!



2 – No Heels!

Oh my lovely lady friends who can wear heels and look awesome and sexy! Well, I just can’t wear them! It’s not like I can’t walk in them, I just have bad feet and they hurt so badly already after 30 mins wearing them! So even it you meet me in the evening – me is wearing flat comfy shoes. Yeah and they are not sexy!

Here are me recent cutie comfy shoes I bought for BEA:



3 – I’m always wearing a Trollbead Bracelet

I don’t wear much jewellery, apart from Bracelets. I love all kinds of Bracelets but my favourite ones are Trollbeads Leather Bracelets, which I own in all kinds of color combinations!

This is my favorite one these days:


The silver bead is called “angel feathers” and it’s my homage to all the paranormal books I’m reading and loving so much!  

4 – You might find me in the line for Jaenine Frost, fangirling!

I was so freaking excited to see that one of my favorite authors of all times will be at BEA! So, you might find me in the signing line for her, being all bouncy and fangirly!


5 – You might find me outside for a “Vaping” Break!

So here’s the thing. I’ve been smoking for a very very long time! But in Janaury this year I stopped smoking (YEAH ME!) and switched to eCigarette!!  It’s much much better for my health and I am at the lowest Nicotine level right now and soon will also get rid of the nicotine! Btw, this is not called smoking anymore but called vaping!

Still, law in New Yorks treats vaping much like smoking, even though it does not smell at all, and also is no risk for people around us.. So, I will still need to go outside for a break and vape:)

So, if you see someone who looks suspiciously like me and stands outside having a weird device in hand, it’s probably me!


6 –  You might find me surrounded by these wonderful, amazing ladies!!

Jenny, Pam and Cathy are just my favorite people and we will most definitely hag around on the floor – a lot! So if you see any of these beautiful ladies, I won’t be far!


Pam, Pushy (sniffles, not coming this year), Me, Jenny and Cathy! 



So, want to share 6 random things about you? If you are at BEA – how do I regonize you ?  





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