Super Six Sunday – Books I Wish I Lived In/I’m Glad I Don’t Live In

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Hello, all!!!

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Welcome to the latest installment of Super 6 Sunday!


Super Six Sunday is an original bookish meme hosted at Bewitched Bookworms and inspired by “Top Ten Tuesday” from The Broke and The Bookish. Check out the weekly schedule of themes here.

Super 6 Books I Wish I Lived In/I’m Glad I Don’t Live In

The best part about a good book is loosing yourself in its pages….
Sighing along with every kiss, thrilling along with every twist and turn, screaming in horror as the monster’s hand wraps around the MC’s ankle…
It’s all so exciting….

But it got me thinking…while I would LOVE to live in some books’ worlds, there are others that well……I’d have to take a pass on! 😉

Here’s my list…

SuperSixSunday_1the duke and i

So obviously I’m starting with a world I would LOVE to live in.  The gowns…the parties…the romance….. *sigh*
I could DEFINITELY get used to the life of a Regency socialite!


And here’s the flip side of that.
As magical and fascinating as the world of the Grisha trilogy is…as much as I love Alina and Sturmhound and *epic sigh* the Darkling….
I’m going to take an ENOURMOUS pass on this world.
Hello????  Monsters waiting in a big swath of darkness ready to devour you?  War erupting everywhere?  No way to know who to trust?
Send me back to England for some tea, please!


Oh how much I want to live in this world of Entwined!!!
I remember the first time I saw the cover for this book, when I was but a blogger of a month or so and I was desperate to read this book.
And BOY did it live up to my hopes for it.  Magical and poetic and oh so romantic!
I SO want to be Azelea (even having to deal with Keeper) or Bramble (oh, Lord Teddy’s so sweet!) or any of the other 10 princess….plus MAGIC!!!!!!

SuperSixSunday_4the hunger games

I don’t think anyone will be surprised to find this in the NOT wanting to live there category.  Love Katniss…love the drama….but I have two thoughts for you:
I like to volunteer in my real life….
I have 3 kids that could be reaped at some point in the not too distant future…..

SuperSixSunday_5museum of thieves

Oh, Goldie!  Even though you live in a world where children are all but wrapped in bubble-tape to protect them…I love how you changed it!  I would love to live in a world where such magical, amazing things happen…

SuperSixSunday_6the stand

Pretty much every world dreamed up by Stephen King is a no-go for me, but this book, the first dystopian future book I ever read, tops the list of worlds I never, EVER want to try out!

So those are MY top 6 books that I desperately DO and DON’T want to live in.  What about you?

Which worlds do you long to slip into?  Which ones are you ever so thankful that you only visit via your imagination?

Can you narrow it down to only 6???

Let us know!

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