Sunday with the Bookworms {10} … with Virgin, a Birthday and School Preparations

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Welcome Friends! Do you have a Coffee or a Tea? Then sit down and chat a little bit about your week with us!

Like every week, Heather, Pushy and Danny are sharing what they read and other exciting things happened in their lives!


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Pushy’s Week

This week has TOTALLY KICKED MY BUTT!  The little foxes came back from vacation, I’m in the process of transferring them from their old school to their new one, the construction on the house completed (most of it) in earnest and I got a new project at work that is going to have me insane through the end of the year.  So, what’s a foxy girl to do but escape into some books?

I mentioned last week that I’m rereading The Selection series for my book club meeting next week, so I’ve moved onto The Elite.  I’ve also been sneaking off to read Virgin on my phone when I have a few spare moments at work.  Don’t tell on me!  I just need to focus on something other than liquidity ratios once and a while!  🙂

elite virgin

Heather’s Week

My home life is completely insane just like Pushy’s with preparations for my son’s start at kindergarten next week. We had a picnic at his school on Thursday where we got to meet his teacher and his classmates, which was really fun. With the school supplies bought, his meals all planned out, and my day off approved from work, we’re all set for his new beginning. Plus, my husband’s nephew has been visiting since Wednesday, so having an extra boy in the house has meant more video games. It’s been crazy.

And also like Pushy, I’ve been reading stuff on my phone on my lunch breaks and whenever I get a chance at work to break up the relentless flow of work that’s never ending. But in my case, I’ve read two complete fan fictions this week along with the updates of the works in progress that I keep up on. Like I said last week, I finished up Lexa Cain’s Soul Cutter. I really enjoyed this YA horror novel. I started listening to the audiobook of Megan Abbott’s The Fever. This story of a contagion that makes a few girls fall ill, focusing on one family and a high school has me really interested so far.I also started reading J.L. Bryan’s new YA horror novel, Inferno Park. There’s a contest on Goodreads to win a copy of Inferno Park going on through October 1, 2014.

SoulCutter InfernoPark TheFever

Danny’s Week

It’s been my B-Day week so I truly had a wonderful week and have been spoiled by my parents and my husband! Especially my hubs always know what makes me happy and got beautiful Orchid, an amazing and wonderful Trollbeads Braceletes (People who know me, know how insane in love I am with Trollbeads!!) and.. because I love treating my skin with luxurious products, e got me this super new Phillips Face Cleanser.  Ladies this is so awesome! If you ever though about getting something like this, do it! My Skin is so smooth after using this!

IMG_2252 IMG_2254


And since we got to spend last weekend at my parents I had lots of reading time in the train and I go to read some amazing books this week!


I finished Silver Shadows and OMG it was so fanatic!!! Then, I read the latest book in the Kate Daniels series and .. Holy Freaking Amazing, this one was the best book yet! Read a Review from Mary at The BookSwarm , she definitely hit the mark in her review! and then finally, I started reading The Perilous Sea  the sequel to The Burning Sky – a book I fell so so much in love with!

So how was your week? Anything Exciting happened in your life? Which books are you reading right now? 





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