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Yesterday I had already the wonderful Jade on my Blog sharing an exciting post “Playful, Dashing, and Dominant” and today she has 10 Interesting Facts about The Assignment that will make you want to read The Assignment ASAP! woot! 


10 Interesting Facts About The Assignment


Jade A. Waters

Fiction stories—while fiction—are often based on some kernel of truth in the author’s world. The size of the kernel fluctuates, of course; it might be that the author has modeled an aspect of the protagonist after herself or someone she knows, twisted a reality, or simply drawn from something she overheard or saw in real life. My new release, The Assignment, has many muses and drew from a whole lot of kernels in my head. So today, I’d like to share 10 interesting, behind-the-scenes facts with you. I hope you enjoy them!


  1. Dean Sova’s home is loosely modeled after a vacation home I discovered on an online rental board for Montara, California.

Maya Clery’s romantic lead, Dean Sova, is a highly sought-after and talented architect, so I wanted him to have a nice place and needed some visions of where he might live. I viewed all sorts of rentals in the Half Moon Bay Area, and the one that inspired his fictional home costs an average of $569 per night. I have yet to vacation there, but I feel like it should happen—even though the version I created for Dean seems twice as nice.


  1. The trail Maya runs on leading out to Bay Farm Island was plotted using Google Maps. But because I like my facts straight, I checked it out in real life mid-draft, and even ran a part of it to see all the sights along the way. It’s a pleasant route. There’s even a dramatic tree at the intersection of trails—though it’s not covered in graffiti.


  1. It was on that very same run, walking back to my car, where I discovered a coastline perfectly suited for a later scene.

Hint: it involves rain.


  1. The ties and knots involved in Maya’s shibari adventure were demoed to me by a woman who formerly taught the art.

The woman is a friend, so the entire demo was filled with laughter, homemade cookies, and tea. Also, I suspect the ties look a million times better on Maya in that particular scene than they did over my jeans and T-shirt in real life, but the experience was fun nonetheless.


  1. It was imperative to me that Maya not be an incredibly young woman, and that Dean be older than the erotic romance novel norm. 32 and 39 felt like a happy compromise.

As a woman in my thirties, I notice there seem to be a lot of erotic romance novels with younger protagonists and romantic interests. In particular, highly successful and wealthy young male romantic leads tend to be paired with their barely twenty-something heroines. I wanted my characters to have lived a bit and to have experience, because the thirties (and beyond) are awesome. I also needed Dean to not be ridiculously rich. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area—which is expensive—but he’s definitely not loaded.


  1. The Jack London Square restaurant in which Maya and Dean have their first date was inspired by a real life restaurant formerly located in the Square.

I accidentally walked in one time and the decor stuck with me, but I never did get to eat there before they closed down. It smelled super good. I think I missed out.


  1. There are four songs that make me think of Maya and/or Dean every time I hear them.

I’m rarely, if ever, inspired by music when I write—I can’t even listen to it when I work because it distracts me. But sometimes, after the fact, certain songs hit me as soundtrack-apt. Staind’s live version of “Outside,” for example, reminds me of Maya and overcoming her past. The three other songs that make me think of both Maya and Dean are “Closer” by Kings of Leon, “Cosmic Love” by Florence + the Machine, and Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse.” Each reminds me of a different love scene.


  1. My personal favorite scene is the one involving rain.

Sorry, no spoilers, but I’ve always had a thing for rain.


  1. I gave Maya the same piano I watched my mother play on when I was growing up.

My mother was an amazing pianist, and I was fortunate to hear her play whenever we kids could convince her (she was very shy about it). In the scenes where Maya plays, I hear the tunes my mom used to play for us in my head.


  1. The Greek side of Maya’s Greek-Irish heritage was a tribute to both an old friend and a vacation to Greece.

The friend was pure Greek and proud of it, and the vacation was enlightening. I’ve long admired many aspects of Greek culture and heritage that I learned through both. I sadly lost contact with the friend many years ago, and when I went to Greece, I only made it to four stops there (Athens, Ios, Santorini, and Rhodes)—but I’m sure I’ll be back one day.


A giant thank you to Bewitched Bookworms for hosting me today!

Danny: Thank YOU Jade for this fantastic post:)


The Assignment by Jade A. Waters


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  • Miniseries: Lessons in Control
  • Category: Erotic Romance, Romance, BDSM, Carina Press Romance Promise
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About The Assignment

What would you do if someone offered to fulfill your wildest fantasies?




Dean Sova is everything Maya Clery craves. From the first touch, their connection is intense. After leaving her troubled past behind, Maya thought she was happy—she is happy—but meeting Dean forces her to acknowledge dark needs she longs to explore yet has never had the courage to face.

Her perfect match, Dean encourages Maya to set loose the submissive urges inside her in a series of assignments intended to open her mind and test the limits of pleasure…but Maya isn’t sure she can fully let go of her inhibitions.

What would you do if someone offered to fulfill your wildest fantasies?

The answer seems obvious. You take the offer and hope the price isn’t too high.


About Jade A. Waters

Photo by Daisy Rose Coby

Photo by Daisy Rose Coby

Jade A. Waters is an erotica author in Northern California. Author of the Lessons in Control series, releasing from Carina Press beginning December 2016.

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