YA Books that deserved a more epic Cover!

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I guess that there are many people out there, who like me, love a good and amazing and awesometastic cover!

Many times I picked up a book because it has an amazing cover! And then, there are the books that I think deserve an more amazing cover, because the book is so amazing that it just need the touch more epic!

Now don’t get me wrong – covers are also something very subjective. Covers I love might be covers you don’t love as much and vice versa. So this post just expresses my personal feelings!

Exquisite Captive

by Heather Demetrios

Damn, I absofreaking loved this book so so SO much! It’s absolutely fantastic and for me, it’s one of these books that stayed with me for quite a while!


Why a more epic Cover? 

The cover is fine, it’s ok – but it’s not EPIC! It’s not a cover this phenomenal story deserves! There is so much amazing things going on in this story, so many elements one could have played with to make this cover completely pop and stand out. Now, it has a girl and a cuff – yes, it’s fine for the story too, but I personally think one could have done much better. A cover that makes the book stand out in the shelfs and plays more the Jinnie theme.

Chasing Power

by Sarah Beth Durst 

I am just reading this book right now and it’s SO MUCH FUN! There are powers like Telekinesis and Teleportation, which reminds me completely of the movie JUMPER. Then, there is also this amazing story that plays a more Indiana Jones feelings with treasure hunting and ancients magical secrets.


Why a more epic Cover? 

Actually, the cover is totally cute, I really like it, but at the same time I think it does not speak about what to expect between the pages. It does not play with the storyline at all, which I think is sad! Again, I think one could have done this book much more justice!

White Hot Kiss

by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Like with most books from Jennifer Armentrout, I absolutely love White Hot Kiss! It’s YA Paranormal in perfection and I loved the whole world building with Gargoyles and Demons so so much!

White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L Armentrout

Why a more epic Cover? 

When I first saw the cover I thought “Oh sure, New Adult Romance” and then after reading the synopsis I was confused since the cover does not at all give me a paranormal feeling! Why not play with the Gargoyle theme? It’s so unique so why not use this? Or why not use the familiars? Because, the tattoos actually spring to live if needed! Hello? That is way cool, yet nothing is implemented in the cover and I only think about romance when I see the cover.

Sweet Evil

by Wendy Higgins

I am such a huge huge fan of this series and I adore Wendy Higgins! It’s about demons and sins and it’s sensual and amazing. It’s an incredible sexy Young Adult paranormal story that is right up my alley and will be my all time favorite series!

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Why a more epic Cover? 

Kai  on the cover is just not hot enough – ( sorry model dude! ) and well, it’s just a couple in fancy dresses standing there.. So how do we know what the theme of the book, where is the sexy hot Kai I know from reading? I don’t know, but I am sure one could have done much much better. Playing with the theme, playing with the paranormal aspect and just generally put in more love into these covers!



Just to be clear, I love love love all these books I just mentioned and all the opinion about the covers above are my own personal opinion and I am sure some of you will disagree with me! 

Actually, I’d love to hear what you think. Do you think these covers are epic enough? And do you also have some books you think deserve an more epic cover? Let me know!



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6 Responses to “YA Books that deserved a more epic Cover!”

  1. I only know about Exquisite Captive and White Hot Kiss, even though I haven’t read them I have heard of them. And I agree that they could do with different covers. I’ve been seeing Exquisite Captive a lot lately, and I think I would be a lot more interested if it weren’t for that cover. And I totally thought White Hot Kiss was an NA book too! From that title and that cover. It just doesn’t seem like some paranormal book or whatever. I only found out when I actually started reading reviews. This was very interesting, and I do wish that all books had good covers that represent the content well. 😛
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  2. With the exception of the Chasing Power cover, which I love, I am totally with you. Especially that Exquisite Captive cover… ugggh. The cover, which could have been totally amazing based on the subject of the book, is enough to make me avoid reading the book. I’m glad to have read some good reviews to counteract its boring-ness.
    Teen Underground recently posted..Teaser Tuesday!My Profile

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  3. I actually really like the cover of Chasing Power. It’s very clean with excellent use of white… umm, black space. I also really like that font for some reason.
    I definitely agree with you on the other covers though. White Hot Kiss and Sweet Evil have such cliche covers. I’m really tired of *almost* kisses and girls in dresses. The Photoshop job on Sweet Evil isn’t the best…
    Dana @ The Nerdy Journalist recently posted..TGIF Weekly Recap | Oct. 10, 2014My Profile

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