Let’s Fall In Love

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I am such a girl.
Before you say duh let-me-‘splain.
See I *heart* reading a looot.
(Can I get another duh?)
Pretty much any book will do me.
(*giggles* do me…)
But it’s the romance I crave…
maybe crave doesn’t described it best.
hm… how about need, want, desire, require, long for,
have to have or I will go bat shit crazy!
Hm… ya feel me?
And it seems this desire hits me hardest
just as summer is turning into fall.
I don’t know why.
I don’t question these things I just go with it.
Lately I’ve been drowning in a sea of romance novels.
Ones that make me swoon.
Ones that make my heart flutter.
Ones that make me want to tear out my hair and scream!
What’s that?
You want to know what a few of them are?
Oh, okay if you insist! 
November of the Heart is your classic rich girl meets
not so rich boy and they fall in love.
But as per-usual when reading a LaVyrle Spencer book
there is a beauty to the story that is beyond compare.
While the story broke my heart at times,
it also sent my heart soaring!
Truly one of my favey fave romance novels!
There is just no way I could have a list of 
romance novels and not include Julie Garwood!
Prince Charming has always been one of my favorites
of her novels. If I’m honest I’d have to admit that
it was because I fell hook line and sinker for the male
lead, Lucas. Plus, I loved the setting.
This is classic Garwood at her best!
Have you ever imagined simply
walking away and starting over fresh?
Going to a place where no one knows you?
That is exactly what Samantha does!
She walks away from her high profile life as a lawyer
and straight into a new life working as a maid.
Some might find this deeming but it turns out to be just
what Sam needed to slow down and find true love.
This is my favey Kinsella novel!
I love, love, love, adore, love, this book!!
For so many reasons.
All of which I can’t put into words at this moment in time.
So here’s my Goodreads review:
Meg, despite all her harshness, is an extremely lovable character. Her voice is strong, both emotionally stirring and flat out hilarious. John and Meg’s banter is fantastic and had me giggling like crazy. And their growing attachment and flirting made my heart flutter and my stomach bottom out countless times.

I couldn’t put this novel down and read it in one sitting, turning the pages as fast as I could! I teared up, laughed out loud, had my breath catch, and snickered often. And as the novel moved forward I became emotional invested in the characters and longed for them to heal and be together.

This is a story about two people who are hurt nearly beyond repair, find one another, and search out healing in a very screwed up unconventional way… It’s wonderful!
You got all that? 
And I told you that I love this novel?
Did I mention I’ve read it 4 maybe 5 times in the last few weeks?
Okay, I think we can move on then.
  Sarah Dessen is becoming yet another 
must read author in my humble opinion. 
Picking just one book to recommed was hard,
because frankly I have loved every one I’ve read so far.
    Since I just finished reading this novel yesterday 
it’s the freshest in my mind.
Here’s why I loved it:
1. Sweet yet screwed up protagonist with an angsty secret.
2. A not-so-bad-boy bad boy male lead who is obsessed with 
music, is honest to a fault, and is a serious dork.
3. A respectful portrayal of  the protagonist screw-up but loving family.
Annnnnnd so much more. 
Oh and can I get a WOOT for easter eggs?
Seriously Dessen is awesome when it comes to the easter eggs 

   In conclusion
What can I say?
I love the warm fuzzies I get when 
I read about that first kiss, especially
those moments building up to it.
And if that makes me wrong,
then I don‘t want to be right.
Until next time —
Yours truly, 


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