Friday’s Five TV Series that surprised me ! ….because I didn’t want to watch it at first…

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Happy Friday Everyone and now that weekend is upon is I wanted to share my Top 5 TV series that completely surprised me, because I didn’t want to watch them at first, but ended up binging them!

SuperSixSunday_1Orphan Black

For some reason I wasn’t completely sold on the show. But then, it hit Netflix (Germany) and I gave it a try! And… of course, I ended up being completely enthralled by this show. It’s a fantastic SciFi Show with lots of amazing biology/genetic related topics and future vision. But I think the show lives from the  amazing  Tatiana Maslany, who plays so many different roles so incredible convincing that she deserves her Emmy Nomination!

Orphan Black

SuperSixSunday_2The Fosters

Oh this turned out to be such an adorably cute show, with lots of heart and tears. A Gay couple lives together with their colourful blend of own kids, adopted kids and foster kids. It’s a show that is emotionally capturing and right up my alley!

SuperSixSunday_3Switched At Birth

Another show that has been around for quite a while, yet I never really cared to watch. However, it’s such an amazing show and I LOVE how they incorporated ALS in this show and it doesn’t feel weird or complicated at all. It’s such a beautiful language and the show makes a great effort showing real life struggles of deaf people!
switched at birth


Another great family series that I do not love as much as the other shows, but still made it on my watch list.

Sense 8 SuperSixSunday_5

This series is so unlike every anything I have ever seen!! This is a show that you need to binge watch, because the  pacing is quite slow and you need the first few episodes to really understand what is going on. It’s also SciFi, but this is such an emotionally intriguing show that it took me by complete surprise by how amazing it really is. I’ll definitely need to write a full post about this show because there is so much to talk about!


 Please now tell me about the TV series that surprised you! I’d love to head about them 
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5 Responses to “Friday’s Five TV Series that surprised me ! ….because I didn’t want to watch it at first…”

  1. I haven’t watched any of these yet, but they all sound AWESOME! Plus I’m super into Sci-Fi, so Sense 8 is definitely on my watch list.
    A show I’ve been watching since it came out, when I was a little ‘un, is Primeval. It’s a dinosaur Sci-Fi that I really love, I cant even explain why I like it so much; the acting isn’t great, the storyline is a little weak, yet IT’S SO AMAZING!
    Happy weekend!
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  2. For along time I was sure Sense8 was nothing for me. Until the other day when I tried the first episode and LOVED it. I’m only half way thru the first season, so I have one and a half wonderful seasons to look forward to and a Christmas special to top it all off. Wonderful 😉
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