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It’s Danny here today sharing my ….

Super Six Books with the Most Original World Building

I am super excited today about this topic because there are some amazingly creative bookish worlds out there! I had again a hard time picking the below Six but I think I choose some amazing ones! I cannot wait to hear about yours!!


OoOOo The Lunar Chronicles are amazing and I think the world building here was outstanding because Marissa Meyer managed to mingle so many genres and came up with this fantastic series. Not only do we have wonderful classic retellings, but also we have SciFi and Fantasy mingling perfectly in this world. SuperSixSunday2_Crewel

I think, one of the first things I thought while reading Crewel was : brilliant and awe inspiring! Crewel again come with a fantastic blend of genres, waving ScFi, Dystopia with some magical aspects. The whole concept of this world is fascinating and I love the description of the world these characters live in! Switching from a high tech world back into a very apocalyptic setting was something I didn’t expect at the end of Crewel – Now I am excited to finally read Altered!


Oh My God Guys! I just saw City of Bones (The first book in this amazing series) in the movies and HOLY FREAKING AWESOME, this world is so sooo incredible and amazing and I would just love to live there! I mean I loved these books already for so long, but now seeing it on the big screen reminded me why I loved it so much!

A contemporary setting with magic, Angels, Demons and all other supernatural creatures you might thing off. Then in addition this hot, gorgeous tattooed ( well not really) kick ass characters, characters relationships so full of incredible emotion makes this world so outstanding in my opinion!

SuperSixSunday4_Iron Fey

Well, It is  definitely not a secret how much I adore Julie Kagawa and one of her strength is world building. Especially The Iron Fey world is my favorite Fey related world. It is colorful, magic but also sometimes violent and gruesome. But then, there are characters so unique like the car Grimalkin, Iron Horse and more. She creates all kind of wonderful characters that range from a funny trickster like Puck to the brooding bad ass hero like Ash. This series and world will always be one of my favorites!°

SuperSixSunday5_Lotus War

Jay Kristoff created with The Lotus War a world unlike anything I have ever read! With a colorful blend of Fantasy, Steampunk and Dystopia and set in a lust Japanese environment is not something you come across so often. Even more, we have wonderful strong kick ass characters and the most unique and incredible creature ever: the Griffin Burru!


Oh Laini how I love thee! I remember reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone and being so overwhelmed with this lush story that I found myself being mesmerized and in bookish heaven. A classic Angel and Demon story uniquely blended in a high Fantasy backdrop but with contemporary elements. I do not think I have the right words to describe this world and creatures, but Laini Taylor created so many unique creatures that I am in awe of her imagination! I love when authors go beyond the usual and create something completely new!

Honorable Mentions

Sadly, I could only pick 6 so I had to leave out some I truly wanted to add, but then decided against them because they are obvious choices, and books I keep talking about so often that I do not want to bore you with talking about the same books over and over! So here are my favorites:

  • Harry Potter – No need to say anything right?
  • The Fever world by Karen Marie Moning – I think I find a reason to add this series to all my Super 6 Posts…

So these were mine Super Six Books with the Most Original World Buildings and now I cannot wait to hear about yours!

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20 Responses to “Super Six Sunday – Most Original World Building by Danny”

  1. I totally agree about the Iron Fey saga! That’s such a great world that it definitely deserved a spin-off. I have yet to read another faerie book that can really comapre to Julie Kagawa’s. And TMI definitely is a rich world considering there’s so many books for that series and spin-offs. Great picks! I love this feature 😀

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  2. Penny

    I love this post, the font of the numbers and the pictures are so pretty!
    I agree that the Lunar Chronicles world building is definitely AWESOME, and I think u must not have read The Grisha Trilogy, because if u did, u would have put it on top of the list. It even has a language invented for it, and special dishes and special powers and okay I know I’m babbling. But it is awesome.
    I tried reading The Iron King but sadly it wasn’t to my liking 🙁

    Reply »

    Danny 9/8/2013

    So happy you like my post. I had tons of fun putting it together. And of course I’ve read The greisha series and I love it to pieces. But I thought that I have his series in nearly all my post, hehe. Oh and oh I’m so sad you didn’t like the Iron King. Maybe you start with the lost prince which is a spin off and far edgier than the first books.

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  3. Oh great choices! I have read the Crewel books yet, but the rest I have and totally agree with you! I love when worlds are completely unique!

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    Danny 9/8/2013

    Ah Candace you must read Crewel!! Loved this book so much! It’s incredible unique and so wonderfully creative.

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  4. Ohhhh I’m gonna have to check out some of these series! The only one I’ve read books form is the Mortal Instruments. I’m definitely wanting to read Cinder now. So many people have been telling me how fantastic it is! Great picks. 😀

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  5. I think #s 1, 2, and 6 definitely have some of the best, most unique world building. Laini Taylor creates such gorgeous worlds in all of her writing. Gahhh. I love Daughter of Smoke and Bone. The Lunar Chronicles is pretty fantastic in creating this alternate dystopian world. I need to reread Crewel to get ready for Altered’s release, but I do remember thinking that the idea of the weavers was very interesting.

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  6. I haven’t even started the Lunar Chronicles or Crewel, but I know all the other worlds! (except the Fever series…soon). But I agree with all the worlds absolutely. I love them all and would have chosen them as well. Awesome post!


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  7. I love the Lunar Chronicles world…I do need to try the Iron Fey series since I really enjoy her Blood of Eden books. And you know I have the Mortal Instruments books but I doubt I will read them anytime soon they just aren’t screaming out to me.

    I was impressed with the Crewel worldbuilding but not the overall story itself I’m sad to say. Maybe I”ll like book two better.

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  8. Definitely the Lunar Chronicles. The annoying thing is that I had another series that I was thinking of when I read your post the other day and now I can’t remember it. I’m sure it will come to me. Also (but not what I was thinking of) the Vampire Empire series by Clay and Susan Griffith. You’ve read that right?

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  9. I do really like the Lunar Cronicles and the world is really awesome that she created for that series. It is a blend of future and past mixed together and I think that is what makes it work.

    I also love love love The Daughter of Smoke and Bone. That is a great series and the world building is laid out so beautifully.

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  10. I think this is my first time coming here; this blog’s design is so lovely, ladies! I love it so much <3

    I agree with Danny's choice of #6 Daughter of Smoke and Bone with all of my heart. There are lots of stories about angels and demons, but the world building that Laini Taylor created was superb and I always treasure everytime I'm being inside her world while reading the book. Haven't read The Lunar Chronicles but already promised myself to read it soon! There are so many positive reviews about the series. Great post, Danny! 🙂

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  11. i’ve had the lunar chronicles and the daughter of smoke and bone on my TBR list but i haven’t gotten around to reading them…

    maybe you’d like to try Nalini Singh: she made two superb and fantastic worlds in her Psy/Changeling series and her Guild Hunter series…

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