Danny’s Bookish Vacation

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Hey Friends!

I’m sure some of you might have noticed my absence those past couple of weeks. Well, I’ve been on a 3 weeks vacation in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Virgin Island (St.Thomas).

Truly, it has been fanfreaking amazing. Hawaii is so breathtakingly beautiful and has to many different landscapes. Oh and don#t get me started on the boys surfing on the beach… *swoon*

So, I though I share a few images with you. But since we are a Book Blog, I also wanted to talk a little about the books I’ve read. Funny enough, some of the books I read actually took place in some of the locations I was- it was quite a coincidence!!

In summary, I read 14 books!

Let’s start with the first Stop-Over in London, right when we started our trip.

Reading in London

I started reading The Dark Heroine with the first flight from Munich, heading for a layover in London when I realized this book is actually set in London!


Reading in Las Vegas

Next on the trip was Las Vegas for New Years Eve. When we were in Vegas I read Nobody But Us. A Road Trip book where two teenagers are on their way to Last Vegas!


It was freeeeezzzzzziinng in Vegas!!! And, we were totally prepared for Hawaii and warm… therefore.. see my blue lips!

Reading in Hawaii

As we spend in Hawaii the most time, I actually read most of my 13 books while we were there. But, one totally stood out and needs to be mentioned. Honestly, I got it when I saw on amazon that it’s set in Oahu, which is where we were too!



But, I cannot let you go from Hawaii with a few more images…

IMG_1250 IMG_1258 IMG_1275

Seriously, I have never seen sooo many Rainbows!!!

In the end we visited 3 of the Hawaii Islands: Big Island, Maui and Oahu!

Unfunny Moment: I dropped my iPhone! and of course it totally cracked! I must admit, it was not even the first time. I also dropped my iPhone 3S… Needless to say I was devastated! After Apple was not able to get me a replacement since it’s a German NetLock phone, I got it repaired somewhere else. At least we found someone who did it.. I was thinking to be without my phone for 2 weeks…

Reading in Miami

Ok, here I’m cheating now as we only spend a few hours in Miami on our trip over to the VIrgin Islands. But since Ten Tiny Breaths is set there, I needed to include it here..


Reading in the Caribbean

We spend the last 4 days on the beautiful Island on St.Thomas! And it was an amazing end of a phenomenal trip! While there, I read a book made of awesome! And again, I need to cheat a little because the Book is set in the Bahamas, but. since this is all part of what we call the Caribbean I thought it’s not a too big stretch:)


Unfunny Moment: I forgot my Kindle in the airplane!! My brand new Kindle Paperwhite, which I just got before Christmas! It was not even a year!!!! I was crying and angry at myself.. *sniffles* But… luckily the found it in the plane and my little Precious is now on its way to me!

So last but not least the honorable mention of the other books I read, but couldn’t be placed and locationally matched:)

Other Vacation Reads




Alright, so this has been an awesome vacations. Lot’s of amazing places, lot’s of great books!!!! I’m still waiting for the “real photos made of awesome” – the ones I shared were the ones I took with my Phone! I’m going to share some more awesome ones once I have them!

Happy Saturday!!… and … I’m back! 🙂

Much Love,

danny Siggy

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16 Responses to “Danny’s Bookish Vacation”

  1. Oh Danny! I wish I was in the UK when you had that layover in London! That’s where I normally am (and I am now), but I was in California for Christmas. How cool would it have been if I met you in London??

    I love all the books you read and I think it’s so cool how you matched them to the places you went!! And wow, those photos are all gorgeous!! What an amazing trip. 🙂
    Ashley recently posted..Stacking the Shelves (39)My Profile

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  2. Forgetting your Kindle? Dropping your iPhone?! Oh wow, I would’ve gone crazy. 😀 But it still looks like you’ve had an amazing time. ♥ And yay! for getting to read so much during your trip. I’m going to London in March, so I might have to write a list of books set in London that I want to read around that time (even though I doubt I will have a lot of time to read while in London). 🙂
    Carina @ Fictional Distraction recently posted..Waiting on Wednesday #84My Profile

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  3. Oh wow! What a fantastic trip. 🙂 You have several on your extensive list I want to read. I have Flat Out Love on my Kindle waiting… I’ve been wondering about Crow’s Row and Losing it.

    I’m so very envious of your vacation and your reading! LOL Welcome back!
    Lori L. Clark recently posted..Book Review: SpeechlessMy Profile

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  4. Hey sweet girl. I have missed your face! You made me so jealous! I have wanted to to Hawaii since I was a little girl and still haven’t done it, but I have been to Germany at least 🙂 I am going to Hawaii once Risa and Mateus are a bit older. You got in some fab reading. Oh I see Flat Out Love up there. I loved that book! Welcome back!
    Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings recently posted..The Sunday Post: 32nd EditionMy Profile

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  5. Viki S.

    What a trip! Thank you for sharing it with us. I can’t imagine a 3 week vacation. We’ve never gone away for more than 5 days.

    Again – thank you. I love your photos.

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